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Beyond Divorce by Jeannine leeDid you read the guest post from divorce coach Jeannine Lee about managing your thinking through divorce?

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The Key To Surviving Divorce Is Your Thinking

Jeannine Lee

By Jeannine Lee I am often asked, "If you could teach divorcing people only one thing what would it be?" No doubt about the answer to this question: To manage their thinking. Why? Because we make up stuff. We make up stuff about ourselves, about others, about the way the world works, about our future. We even make up stuff about our past. The thing is, we don't know if what we are telling … [Continue reading...]

Untying The Knot

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Divorce Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Have A Baby

Divorce doesn't mean you can't have a child

~Becoming A Choice Mom After Divorce Guest Post by Susan Herrara I will always remember the moment my ex-husband came home to tell me he didn’t want to be married anymore. Having come from a family with divorced parents, I was determined that it wasn’t going to happen to me. I had done all the right things to ensure my ex and I were a solid match. We had been together for six years before … [Continue reading...]

Wisdom From Divorce: Marriage May Not Mean A Happy Home

In the turmoil of the end of your marriage, it's reassuring to know that children of divorce can have happy homes too. The biggest factor in my divorces was my children and how it was going to affect them. I wanted my children to see a happy home and it didn't necessarily involve a marriage. ~ Kim Between the ages of 22 and 38, Kim Katz was married and divorced twice. She married for  third time … [Continue reading...]

Motherhood After Divorce

041914 Motherhood

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Parental Roles: How To Set Healthy Boundaries With Your Child

by Debbie Pincus MS LMHC People talk a lot about the need for “boundaries,” but what does this word really mean? As a parent, you can think of a boundary as the line you draw around yourself to define where you end and where your child begins. This isn’t always easy. And let’s face it, kids push the boundaries every day, all the time. They are wired to test us and see how far they can go; it’s in … [Continue reading...]