After The Divorce: What About Your Rings?

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You remember the day he proposed to you. And you remember your wedding day. Your rings held special significance for you throughout your marriage, but you found you no longer wanted to wear them after your divorce. On top of the emotional pain, you may be like so many other women, experiencing some financial trouble and wondering whether you ought to sell your engagement and wedding rings.

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What will you do with your wedding rings after divorce?

There’s a lot of emotion surrounding this decision. On one hand, you know that selling your rings will bring in some much-needed money and you’ll no long have them there as a constant reminder of your failed marriage. On the other hand, it can be difficult to let them go – especially if you’ve already considered pawning them only to find out that despite the prices paid by famous TV pawnbrokers, you may be offered just a few hundred dollars locally.

One of the most important pieces of advice for women who are going through the emotional ups and downs that accompany divorce is this: Sell those rings and make room for new, wonderful things in your life. What if you want to begin a relationship with someone special? Why keep thinking of the past when you really ought to be looking toward the future? The rings are reminders of your past. They represent the very same emotional baggage that you so desperately want to eliminate.

The good news is that are more options for selling your wedding and engagement rings today than ever before. The traditional route entails going to a jeweler or pawn shop and offering your rings for sale. This might get you some fast money, but you are not likely to get even close to what your rings are worth. And if these sellers are in your own town, you might have to endure the emotional pain of seeing them displayed in a window downtown! The second – and easier – way to sell your wedding and engagement rings after a divorce is to use an online auction site that specializes in selling jewelry like the rings that represent your old life. You don’t have to do any work or take your rings anywhere in hope of unloading them. Instead, you simply go to the website, enter a little information, and see if you like the initial offer you receive. If so, you can move forward with the auction.

The site’s name – Worthy – is easy to remember. It’s a new online auction house that provides free appraisals and sells your rings for you within about 24 hours of the auction starting. In addition, you are likely to get much more for your wedding and engagement rings than anyone local will give, which will allow you to treat yourself or take care of some financial issues. Pay off your car or buy a new one, get ahead on your mortgage payments, or take yourself and the kids on vacation to ease the stress and bring life back toward normal. If you’re like so many women who need to a place to sell their rings, give Worthy a try. It really is effortless, and will help you in more ways than one.

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