How To Take Care Of Your Mental Health During Divorce

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Guest post by Muna Saleem Going through a divorce is a tricky and complicated process that is compounded by the strong emotions and stresses that each party invariably brings to the table. But the mental health effects of a divorce go on long after the legal process has ended so it's important to know how to take care of your mental health during divorce. Whilst I am … [Read more...]

Summer Reading: Divorce In Classic Literature

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Guest Post by Battrick Clark Solicitors Anyone browsing Amazon for summer reading would be forgiven for thinking that divorce is some sort of recent fad in literature. There’s an ever-blurring line between ‘divorce fiction’ and self-help writing, and many authors are using the novel form as a way of exploring the complex cocktail of emotions that divorce entails. Perhaps … [Read more...]

5 Ways Your Engagement Ring Could Make You Happy After Divorce

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Sponsored post by Farewell Diamond You can usually spot an engagement ring from a distance. They have a certain look to them and that look doesn’t magically go away when the marriage ends. Often what once brought joy and happiness sits neglected in a box buried in a drawer, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are still ways your engagement ring could make you happy … [Read more...]

8 Steps For Determining Your Parenting Schedule

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Guest post by Jennifer Caughey Being confronted with a parenting plan for the first time comes as a shock to many divorcing parents. When you sit down to start capturing the logistics of your child's life you start to realize the complexities, the nuances and the needs that make your child uniquely yours. Then to document these in a clearly written, unambiguous document for … [Read more...]

Who Needs A Handyman After Divorce?

Judy Nelson

Guest Post by Judy Nelson In every marriage there's a division of labor, certain tasks you take on, certain tasks your spouse does. Living alone after divorce means there is no longer someone to share those tasks. You're responsible for them all and that can be intimidating. You might not know how to do them but that doesn't make you stupid. It just means you haven't had the … [Read more...]