Podcast: How To Overcome Your Fears About Divorce

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Divorce may be seen with hindsight as one of life's great self-growth adventures but nobody volunteers for the experience. Even the thought of it is enough to keep many people away and for others, it brings a flood of dread and anguish rooted in fear. When we allow our fears to drive our decisions, those decisions are rarely the best or healthiest so it's important to learn how … [Read more...]

Podcast: Would An Attorney-Free Divorce Work For You?

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Getting divorced is an expensive business. Even for a pretty simple, co-operative divorce retaining an attorney to represent you can mean spending $10,000 - $15,000. For many people that's an obstacle but there are options. The important question to ask is would an attorney-free divorce work for you. Joining me for this episode of Conversations About Divorce is Jason Levoy. … [Read more...]

What You Need To Know About A Legal Separation

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Even though your marriage may be deeply troubled and being with your spouse has become a living hell, divorce may not be in your vocabulary. There is however another option that may work for you: a legal separation. Here’s what you need to know about legal separations. Let’s start with an understanding of what is a legal separation. It’s different from the physical … [Read more...]

Do You Want To Avoid The Pain Of Divorce?

I recently attended my daughter's college graduation where Shreve Stockton, author of The Daily Coyote was the commencement speaker. She encouraged the graduates to make decisions based on their truth. That seems obvious but that's often not the approach we take in practice. Too often our decisions are based on avoiding pain. She got me thinking that many people go through the … [Read more...]

Podcast: How Do You Tell Your Children About Your Divorce?

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Telling your children that your marriage is over is a conversation most of us dread. Do it well and in years to come they likely won't remember the details; do it badly will make it a defining moment. So how do you tell your children about your divorce? In this episode of Conversations About Divorce psychologist Dr. Azmaira Maker joins Mandy to discuss: The best time … [Read more...]