Been There. Not Done Yet Review and Giveaway

Not Done YetBack in August when I was at the BlogHer conference in New York I attended a PR event hosted by the BoomBox Network. There, one particular product caught my eye – a line of T-shirts with the inspirational messages, “Been There. Not Done Yet.” and “live age-lessly.

Just recently I caught up with ndy® creator Carol April and asked her the story behind the T-shirts. She explained that a few years ago she lost a dear friend to cancer. Carol remembers her friend as very clever and quick-witted. At the memorial service her friend’s daughter shared that whenever the family was becoming mopey Carol’s friend would brighten up and say, ” Give me a break! I’m not dead yet!”

Leaving the memorial service, Carol was thinking about how young her friend was, and how much more she had to contribute and accomplish in her life. And so, “Not Dead Yet!” became “Not Done Yet!” and Carol has been preaching the message ever since.

Carol says, “There were some 38 million people born in the U.S. after World War II that are just so vital and I just wanted to celebrate that.”

She believes there are many occasions that her message is suited for: a new career, marriage, divorce, retirement as well as illness and her message applies to men as well as women. I agree … I even think her message would work for election candidates whether or not they win. I could see Michelle Obama sporting one of these and maybe Mitt but probably not in public .. he seems to be a shirt and jacket kind of guy.

Carol gave me a couple of her T-shirts. I’m wearing a short-sleeved one in this picture – I’m on the left and on the right is Audrey Van Petegem who’s a co-owner of BoomBox and one of the writers at The Succulent Wife which highlights “serendipitous lifestyle finds.” To be honest, I don’t often wear T-shirts and especially ones with logos on them but I loved the message of this one, loved the feel of the fabric and appreciated the cut which is not the normal square box- it does actually have a shape to it. I also have a long-sleeved thermal T and that was super comfortable for travelling.

All the clothes are made in America which makes them a little more expensive however, ndy® is offering a 25 percent discount on all merchandise to Since My Divorce Readers. The promo code is NDY25OFF. You can see the full range of products at the Not Done Yet website.


This giveaway is now closed.

What does the message “Been there. Not Done Yet” say to you? Do you see your life after divorce that way?

  • Stillblondeafteralltheseyears

    I am so glad that I AM YOUR EMAIL SUBSCRIBER!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope I win!!

    • Mandy Walker

      I ‘m glad you’re a subscriber too! I love being able to offer these giveaways and I especially like these T-shirts.

  • Carol April

    Mandy — Thanks so much for your kindness and for sharing the story behind the ndy not done yet message! We’re so delighted to be giving away these high quality, American made tees and mug! Thanks to you and your readers for participating – we’re all in this together and we’re NOT DONE YET!!

  • Walker

    I don’t wear t-shirts often either, but a powerful message like that deserves to be widely broadcast!

    My life after divorce has been all about ‘reclaiming’ myself. I’m not finished yet, literally as the “me” was so hidden under the good wife, societal and family expectations and my fears over showing all of me that I’m still working on it.

    • Mandy Walker

      I’m right there with you, Walker. I feel more confident and content than ever and I know I’m nowhere near being done! I am however considering designating one day a week when I don’t have to learn anything new!

  • Kay Lynn

    I would love one of these t-shirts. Their products are awesome!

    • Mandy Walker

      I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you Kay Lynn. These are no ordinary T-shirts.

  • Janie Emaus

    What a wonderful idea. I’ve been married for 32 years, so I don’t have a life “after divorce” But I have a lot of things left to do in my life.

  • jwag57

    I saw all of their amazing merchandise at the party at blogher. Loved it all.

  • Mandy Wilson Weaver

    I just found out I won the coffee cup! Thanks so much for the giveaway and your inspiring blog! I am coming up on the 1 year anniversary of my divorce. It’s been a hard year but I’m “NOT DONE YET”! thanks again!

    • Mandy Walker

      I love doing these giveaways and being able to reward my readers! And I am so glad to hear you’ve embraced the “Not Done Yet” message.

      If you feel like it, it would be fun to see a picture of you with the Not Done Yet cup to my Since My Divorce Facebook page.