Midlife Dating After Divorce

Dating after divorce is about not rushing into a commitment

It’s natural to feel intimidated about dating after divorce. Aside from it probably being something you didn’t expect to engage in again, it may have been a long time since you dated someone other than your spouse and you may also feel that your dating skills need a refresher. My current guest, Carol Round has […]

What Do Kids Think Of Their Parents Dating After Divorce?

You can be a dating role model for your children

Getting back into dating after divorce can be scary enough. Thinking through the potential impacts on your children makes it even more intimidating and I’ve met plenty of people who are content to just put it off. But maybe we’re not giving our children enough credit. My current guest, Fiona McGlynn was eleven years old […]

Finding Love After Divorce

Finding love again after divorce

Online dating seems to be the norm these days whether you’re dating the second-time around or never-married. With all the chatter, news coverage and advertisements for online dating, it’s easy to overlook the many other ways of meeting new people. My current guest, Missy was 35 years-old when she divorced. That was almost four years […]

Second marriages are different

Despite experiencing divorce, people do remarry

 About seventeen percent of the U.S. population gets married twice. That’s relatively low considering seventy-nine percent get married once and about fifty percent of those end in divorce. Given the trauma of divorce perhaps it’s not surprising but some of that may depend on timing. My current guest, Lois Tarter was over fifty when her […]

5 Photo Secrets To Make Your Dating Profile Stand Out

Online dating profiles are key to creating the impression you want

By Matthew Evans Online dating is everywhere.  From the college crowd to seniors (including the 83-year-old friend of my colleague who met her new husband on Match.com), meeting people online is more widely accepted than ever. Whether you’re contemplating joining a dating site or already have, your profile is the key to meeting the person […]

Chemistry Is More Than Physical Attraction

Chemistry is more than physical attraction

Online dating is pretty much a given for anyone looking to start dating after divorce. Plenty of people are successful finding a long-term partner but there are people who find a partner the old-fashioned way. Stacey, my current guest has been divorced for about two years. She tried online dating but ended up meeting her […]

Divorce, Menopause and Dating

Divorce may coincide with other major life events

Divorce is an upheaval on its own. The changes and uncertainty are emotionally draining not to mention renegotiating your relationship with your STBX and guiding your children through the transition. However, life has a way of throwing multiple challenges to us at the same time and if you’re dealing with divorce you may also find […]

Finding Love Unexpectedly After Divorce

A sandheart is a symbolic blending of two lives for a marriage ceremony

People take all sorts of approaches to dating after divorce: online dating services, singles meetup groups, volunteering, sports training events to name a few. Some people are very conscious and deliberating about dating while others are look more for companionship. My current guest, Tina Swithin used an online dating site but was looking more for […]

There Is No Need To Rush To Date

Dating after divorce is about you being ready

A common question about dating after divorce is how long to wait before starting to date. The answer is quite simple but it isn’t a set period of time; it’s when you’re ready. My current guest, Kimberly was in her early forties when she got divorced and with a young daughter she was in no […]

When Do Red Flags Become Dealbreakers?

Differences in values are relationship dealbreakers

Not all differences between you and your partner are red flags for the sustainability of your relationships. Differences can add to the richness of your relationship and to your enjoyment of life. So how do you distinguish between a simple difference, a red flag and a dealbreaker? My current guest, Sandy Weiner is now a […]