Dating As A Parent After Divorce

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People say that dating after divorce is like riding a bicycle ... you don't forget how to do it. The trouble is that some of us were not very skilled at it first time around and then, dating as a parent after divorce is definitely different. More complicated. Antonio Borello has been divorced now for over three years. During that time he's dated a lot, he's been in a few … [Read more...]

Finding Love Again After Divorce

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Not finding love again after divorce is a common fear among people ending their marriages. While dating again may be intimidating and feel strange, there are many options today that make meeting new people easy. Liv was in her early 30's and pregnant when she left her marriage. With a toddler and an infant, adjusting to living alone and co-parenting with a difficult ex, … [Read more...]

Dating After Divorce Will Help You Get To Know Yourself

dating after divorce | divorce support | Since My Divorce

Dating after divorce is complicated. For one thing it can be hard to choose dates when you're not sure what you're looking for. However, dating after divorce will help you get to know yourself. Liv was in her early 30's when she left her marriage. That was seven years ago and since then she's remarried and had another child. In between leaving and get remarried, Liv learned … [Read more...]

Are You Waiting Too Long To Start Dating After Divorce?

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One common question about divorce is how long to wait before dating again. Some experts advocate waiting a year, while others, myself included, say it's up to you. Gregory Smith from MidLifeBachelor tells his readers to be careful of waiting too long to start dating after divorce. Gregory Smith was married and divorced in his twenties. Now in his fifties, he has not … [Read more...]

Taking The Fear And Stigma Out Of Online Dating

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Getting back to dating after divorce is a big step. These easy-to-follow take the fear and stigma out of online dating. By Ian Oliver It’s understandable to find online dating intimidating, desperate, and even scary especially if you have been out of the dating pool for a while. Like most things, it's the lack of familiarity and understanding that has probably created … [Read more...]