Fit4Love: How A Dating Coach Helped Me

Beign ready to date

Yay! I am now a graduate of the Fit4Love dating coaching program and I think I am the perfect poster child for this course. While I've only been on one date, I feel so prepared and confident which is definitely NOT how I felt when I started this back in August. More specifically: I've stopped blaming myself for my divorce. This is major progress. This is something I've … [Read more...]

Fit4Love: Online Dating Strategy

For the benefit of new readers, I'm currently participating in a one-on-one dating advice coaching program called Fit4Love. It's ten sessions which in my case have been spread out since early September. I'm on session nine and my coach, Sheila Paxton did spend a quite some time preparing me for my first, first date. If you had asked me even two or three weeks ago if I thought … [Read more...]

Fit4Love: The First First Date

Coffee is a safe, easy first date

Well, dear readers ... after three months of dating advice and preparation through the Fit4Love dating advice program, I have been on my first, first date in over twenty-four years! Fanfare please! It was pleasant, enjoyable and no where near as intimidating as I imagined. Getting Introduced I met my date through a friend. She knew I was divorced and when I saw her recently … [Read more...]

Fit4Love: Practicing Dating Skills


Relationship Skills I'm getting close to the end of my Fit4Love coaching program and even though I am feeling much more prepared for dating than I was, I know there are a few areas in which I'm still feeling very uncertain and my last online assignment was right on target. For this exercise, I had to go through a list of social effectiveness skills, dating skills and intimacy … [Read more...]

Fit4Love: Getting to Know eHarmony

In my last post about my Fit4Love dating advice coaching program, I shared that I'd decided online dating was definitely an approach worth trying. Well readers, I can now tell you that I am registered with eHarmony, my profile is live and I've spent a fair amount of time over Thanksgiving trying to figure out how it all works. Registering with eHarmony It must be my learning … [Read more...]