Parental Roles: How To Set Healthy Boundaries With Your Child

by Debbie Pincus MS LMHC People talk a lot about the need for “boundaries,” but what does this word really mean? As a parent, you can think of a boundary as the line you draw around yourself to define where you end and where your child begins. This isn’t always easy. And let’s face it, kids […]

5 Tips To Preparing Your Separation Agreement

Having a formal agreement during your marital separation is smart

Guest post by Brandon Bernstein A separation agreement is a legally-binding contract between two spouses which dictates an array of chiefly financial terms and obligations when a couple agrees to live separately. This most commonly precedes a divorce, but that’s not always the case, either. While a separation agreement is never a legal requirement for […]

The Legal Divorce Process: DIY, Unbundling Or Full Representation?

There are many options for getting divorced

By Howard Iken There are an increasing number of options available for how to get divorced today ranging from full representation by an attorney to doing in yourself. Each comes with pros and cons and knowing these will help you choose the approach that is best suited to your situation. Is A Pro Se Divorce […]

5 Ways To Make Your Valentine’s Day Victorious

Make Valentine's Day your Victory Day

By Rebecca Zung, Esq. Hearts … flowers … candy … romantic dinners … If your Valentine’s Day does not include any of the items on that list because you have either experienced divorce or are experiencing it now, there is great news for you!  Decide that “V” Day means “Victory Day” this year and every […]

3 Ways To Make Mediation Work For You

Mediation can work if you're looking for fair and balanced.

By Joe Dillon As a divorce mediator, I speak with many couples who wonder if mediation can really work for them.  Concerns range from “what if we don’t get along?” to “do we have to have everything figured out before we come see you?” and everything in between. The good news is mediation can help […]

How to Select A Divorce Attorney

Divorce means redefining what family means to you

By David Crum Getting a divorce is emotionally and financially challenging, even when all parties involved cooperate fully. A divorce is not an end-all solution. You and your spouse will still need to communicate, especially if children are involved. For these reasons you want to be well-informed when choosing the attorney to represent your case. […]

9 Ways To Get Through The Holidays With A Defiant Child

by Kim Abraham LMSW and Marney Studaker-Cordner LMSW Do you have a picture of what the holidays should look like? Most of us do whether we admit it or not. When the reality doesn’t match the expectation you have in your head, it feels awful. Parents of acting-out kids know this firsthand, because the reality so […]

The Single Parent Juggling Act: 5 Tips To Help You Manage

by Debbie Pincus MS LMHC There’s a famous quote about Ginger Rogers that says, “She did everything that Fred Astaire did, only backwards.” In some ways, being a single parent is similar, except you’re doing everything other parents do, only solo. It’s important to remember that children naturally fight to get what they want. To not be […]

Moving Past Rejection

Christina Rasmussen's book of Second Firsts

By Christina Rasmussen Rejection. She comes into your life always unexpected. Her footsteps are always so quiet, as if she is bare footed. When you see her, you notice her arrogance at first. Then her beauty. Oh she is breathtaking. Her visits are short but so memorable. But when she shuts the door behind her, […]

3 Ways To Help Your Kids Adjust To Two Homes

you can help your child adjust to two homes

By Adam When parents get divorced and one moves out, it’s not only strange for your children; it’s hard for them to go sleep in a new place that is but isn’t home. You may want to get rid of the pictures of your ex but having them around could help your kids.  If you’re […]