Taking The Fear And Stigma Out Of Online Dating

fear of online dating | divorce support | Since My Divorce

Getting back to dating after divorce is a big step. These easy-to-follow take the fear and stigma out of online dating. By Ian Oliver It’s understandable to find online dating intimidating, desperate, and even scary especially if you have been out of the dating pool for a while. Like most things, it’s the lack of […]

How Do I Minimize My Child’s Anxiety During Divorce

child's anxiety during divorce|divorce support|Since My Divorce

By Nancy Samalin You may be wondering, “How do I minimize my child’s anxiety during divorce?” Watch your words! As a parenting educator having worked with so many well-meaning, loving parents for so many years, I believe it’s a divorced parent’s single biggest responsibility. No matter how much anger and disdain you may feel toward each […]

How To Go From Divorce To Dating

Divorces are tough, but eventually you’re going to want to get back into the dating scene. Going through a divorce is one of the most difficult experiences you’ll face in life. Many recent divorcees, used to the idea of being in a long-term relationship, immediately start thinking about how they’ll ever get back into the […]

The Social Stigma of Divorce

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By Astro Teller and Danielle Teller When asked why all of her marriages had failed, anthropologist Margaret Mead is said to have replied “I beg your pardon; I have had three marriages and none of them was a failure.” This statement (apocryphal or not) highlights our social tendency to equate divorce with failure. Culturally, we […]

The Key To Surviving Divorce Is Your Thinking

Jeannine Lee

By Jeannine Lee I am often asked, “If you could teach divorcing people only one thing what would it be?” No doubt about the answer to this question: To manage their thinking. Why? Because we make up stuff. We make up stuff about ourselves, about others, about the way the world works, about our future. […]

Divorce Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Have A Baby

Divorce doesn't mean you can't have a child

~Becoming A Choice Mom After Divorce Guest Post by Susan Herrara I will always remember the moment my ex-husband came home to tell me he didn’t want to be married anymore. Having come from a family with divorced parents, I was determined that it wasn’t going to happen to me. I had done all the […]

Parental Roles: How To Set Healthy Boundaries With Your Child

by Debbie Pincus MS LMHC People talk a lot about the need for “boundaries,” but what does this word really mean? As a parent, you can think of a boundary as the line you draw around yourself to define where you end and where your child begins. This isn’t always easy. And let’s face it, kids […]

5 Tips To Preparing Your Separation Agreement

Having a formal agreement during your marital separation is smart

Guest post by Brandon Bernstein A separation agreement is a legally-binding contract between two spouses which dictates an array of chiefly financial terms and obligations when a couple agrees to live separately. This most commonly precedes a divorce, but that’s not always the case, either. While a separation agreement is never a legal requirement for […]

The Legal Divorce Process: DIY, Unbundling Or Full Representation?

There are many options for getting divorced

By Howard Iken There are an increasing number of options available for how to get divorced today ranging from full representation by an attorney to doing in yourself. Each comes with pros and cons and knowing these will help you choose the approach that is best suited to your situation. Is A Pro Se Divorce […]

5 Ways To Make Your Valentine’s Day Victorious

Make Valentine's Day your Victory Day

By Rebecca Zung, Esq. Hearts … flowers … candy … romantic dinners … If your Valentine’s Day does not include any of the items on that list because you have either experienced divorce or are experiencing it now, there is great news for you!  Decide that “V” Day means “Victory Day” this year and every […]