Homecoming, Tailgating and Co-Parenting

This weekend is Homecoming at my daughter’s college and while I’m not a football aficionado, I’ve always enjoyed live sporting events.So when my daughter invited me to join her and her boyfriend for his fraternity’s pre-game tailgate, and his mom invited me to join her and her friends in the stands, I couldn’t say no. […]

After The Divorce: What About Your Rings?

selling your wedding rings | divorce support | Worthy.com

Sponsored post by Worthy.com You remember the day he proposed to you. And you remember your wedding day. Your rings held special significance for you throughout your marriage, but you found you no longer wanted to wear them after your divorce. On top of the emotional pain, you may be like so many other women, […]

7 Tips To Avoid Overdosing Your Sick Child

read the warning label on your medication

I am a member of the BOOMboxNetwork.com and am sharing this post on behalf of the American Gastroenterological Association (AGA). I received compensation for my participation. The opinions are my own. The facts were provided by the AGA. Taking care of a sick child is one of the more serious responsibilities that comes with parenthood […]

Are You Ready To Sell Your Wedding Rings?

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Hidden Assets: Turning Unwanted Jewelry Into Good Fortune Sponsored Post by Michael Lebowitz, WP Diamonds Years ago, divorcées who wanted to sell their jewelry had little option but to visit local jewelry stores and “see what they could get” for those pieces. And indeed, some might be tempted to take the same approach today. Why? […]

How To Choose The Right Online Dating Site

Free and paid online dating sites offer different experiences

By Matt Hughes Sponsored by Lovestruck.com You’ve had a tough time of it recently, but you’re back on your feet and ready to open up and look for love again – but how do you know which dating site is right for you? There are a few things you should take into consideration when attempting […]

Why Do You Still Have Your Engagement Ring?

Do You Know Why You Still Have Your Engagement Ring?

Marriage is about making a public commitment to another person and perhaps there is no symbol more public than your wedding and engagement rings. Similarly, removing your wedding rings tells the world that that commitment is no more. But then what? What do you do with these symbols of marriage when it’s all over? In […]

Is Selling Your Diamonds Online Smart?

It's now safe to sell your diamond online and you will get a fair price.

There is an emerging trend among divorced men and women, heightened by the recession and the recent increase in the value of precious metals and stones: selling old engagement rings. Once the domain of pawn shops for the cash strapped and auction houses for the wealthy, the trend, led by online pioneers like The Diamond […]

Staying Safe On A First Date


Online dating is becoming the way to meet people. It’s something that’s just more convenient for lots of people, whatever they’re looking for. It’s a way to reduce the awkwardness of approaching singles and to filter matches according to what’s important to you. Whether you’ve arranged a date with a fellow veggie or you’re just […]

What Hearing Loss Has to Do With Christmas

Speak Up About Hearing Loss

I’ll forgive you for wondering where on earth I’m going with this but give me a minute because truly, hearing loss, and especially untreated hearing loss has a lot to do with Christmas. I always associate the Holidays with family get-togethers and while on the surface that’s supposed to mean happiness and joy, most families […]

Turning First Dates Into Meaningful Relationships


The adrenaline and excitement of a first date can be fun, but most people don’t want to be planning first dates forever. At some stage the goal is to try and get to know somebody on a deeper level, find the things you love and share in common and hopefully develop into a meaningful relationship. […]