5 Ways Your Engagement Ring Could Make You Happy After Divorce

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Sponsored post by Farewell Diamond You can usually spot an engagement ring from a distance. They have a certain look to them and that look doesn’t magically go away when the marriage ends. Often what once brought joy and happiness sits neglected in a box buried in a drawer, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are still ways your engagement ring could make you happy … [Read more...]

Do You Worry More About Your Retirement After Divorce?

retirement after divorce | Divorce Support | Since My Divorce

It used to be that when I thought about retirement my focus was on how much I was saving, whether I was getting the maximum match I could from my employer and as long as those numbers were good, I didn't give it much more thought. Now I'm in my late fifties my focus has shifted. Now, I think about what retirement will actually mean, what it will look like and what sort of … [Read more...]

Remember to Thank Your Thanksgiving Hostess

Whether you're a house guest or dinner guest, a gift to thank your Thanksgiving hostess will always be appreciated. Personally, I think it's particularly thoughtful when you've asked what you can bring and your hostess tells you don't need to bring anything. You know the effort and the thought as well as the time that goes into preparing for guests and a surprise gift tells … [Read more...]

Time To Create Your Own Thanksgiving Traditions

The Holidays are often challenging for families with divorced parents especially in the early years following the end of the marriage. It's like learning a new dance. You have to figure out how to share parenting time and celebrations with your ex, which may mean adjusting your own traditions and rituals while taking into consideration your children's expressed needs and … [Read more...]

Homecoming, Tailgating and Co-Parenting

This weekend is Homecoming at my daughter's college and while I'm not a football aficionado, I've always enjoyed live sporting events.So when my daughter invited me to join her and her boyfriend for his fraternity's pre-game tailgate, and his mom invited me to join her and her friends in the stands, I couldn't say no. Even better, my son is also home on fall break which turns … [Read more...]