How Do Children React To Divorce?

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Telling your children about your divorce is one of those conversations you dread having and you’ll never forget it. How children react to divorce starts with that conversation. Antonio Borello’s two children were both under aged six when Antonio and his wife were separating. Their reactions were quite different. Here’s Antonio: My son was probably […]

Your Ex Can Still Be Part Of Your Family

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People are often surprised when divorced couples stay connected and stay friends but if it’s something you both want, your ex can still be part of your family post-divorce. Antonio Borello and his wife were married for about ten years and together for three years before they got married. They were friends and partners for […]

How To Reduce Post-Divorce Conflict

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The amount of post-divorce conflict is a major determinant in how well children cope with their parents’ divorce. Fact. Knowing how to reduce post-divorce conflict should therefore be a priority for any parent whose marriage is ending. Psychologist and family therapist, Antonio Borello has been divorced for three years. His two children are now aged […]

Who Needs A Handyman After Divorce?

Judy Nelson

Guest Post by Judy Nelson In every marriage there’s a division of labor, certain tasks you take on, certain tasks your spouse does. Living alone after divorce means there is no longer someone to share those tasks. You’re responsible for them all and that can be intimidating. You might not know how to do them […]

Should I Blog About My Divorce?

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Therapists and coaches often encourage clients to write about the end of their marriage to help process their emotions. Given how wired our world is now, the logical question then is, “Should I blog about my divorce?” My current guest Liv writes a blog Live By Surprise – she started blogging after her divorce and […]

Are You Ready To Trash Your Dress?

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Guest post by Joelle Caputa I trashed my wedding dress to celebrate my divorce, but dress trashing actually originated with newlyweds! Let me explain. “Trash the dress” is a style of post-wedding photography. Typically, newlyweds re-create their elegant wedding day look and pose for photos in a contrasting environment. For example, a husband and wife […]

5 Tips To Manage Family Stress During The Holidays

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We’re deep into the Holiday season and yes, the socializing is fun but truthfully, some of these social occasions, especially family ones, can be demanding and anxiety-inducing. You might be looking for tips to manage the family stress during the Holidays. This is particularly true if you’re experiencing divorce … If you and your spouse have […]

Is Having No Children Harder To Accept Than Getting Divorced?

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People don’t have children broadly from choice, inability, not having met the right partner or when a marriage ends before there are children. Except when having no children is by choice, it can be a devastating disappointment and with the end of a marriage one question people ask is, “Is having no children harder to […]

What Will You Learn From Your Spouse’s Infidelity?

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There is always learning in the end of a marriage provided you’re interested in understanding what happened, why it happened and your role. So what will you learn from your spouse’s infidelity?  Gregory Smith was 26 years-old when he divorced following his wife’s affair. His marriage had lasted just over two years. Experiencing infidelity had […]

Thanksgiving After Divorce: Being Thankful For What You No Longer Have

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Rachel Gladstone for I arrived in this country in my late-twenties and within a few years I’d embraced Thanksgiving as my favorite holiday. Having children of my own helped me learn more about the origins of the festival. Their art projects, their writing assignments and classroom parties came with a heavy emphasis on being […]