The Key To Surviving Divorce Is Your Thinking

Jeannine Lee

By Jeannine Lee I am often asked, “If you could teach divorcing people only one thing what would it be?” No doubt about the answer to this question: To manage their thinking. Why? Because we make up stuff. We make up stuff about ourselves, about others, about the way the world works, about our future. […]

Discovering God After Divorce

Keep your faith through divorce

We often hear how different religions don’t support divorce yet many people turn to their faith during the end of their marriage and afterwards for much-needed support and guidance. When I was setting up this interview with my current guest Carol Round, she said that she would not be able to do the interview without […]

Forgiveness Is For You Not The Other Person

Forgiving your ex will benefit you

Feeling resentment towards your ex is very typical and for some people that resentment continues for many years after the divorce. The alternative path is forgiving your ex and although that’s not easy, it comes with very real emotional and physical benefits. My current guest, Carol Round has forgiven her ex and even prays for […]

Are You Ready To Sell Your Wedding Rings?

At WP Diamonds, each diamond is expertly valued

Hidden Assets: Turning Unwanted Jewelry Into Good Fortune Sponsored Post by Michael Lebowitz, WP Diamonds Years ago, divorcées who wanted to sell their jewelry had little option but to visit local jewelry stores and “see what they could get” for those pieces. And indeed, some might be tempted to take the same approach today. Why? […]

5 Ways To Make Your Valentine’s Day Victorious

Make Valentine's Day your Victory Day

By Rebecca Zung, Esq. Hearts … flowers … candy … romantic dinners … If your Valentine’s Day does not include any of the items on that list because you have either experienced divorce or are experiencing it now, there is great news for you!  Decide that “V” Day means “Victory Day” this year and every […]

Accepting Help During Divorce

Accepting help during divorce means admitting you're vulnerable

Many people going through divorce are reluctant to ask for or accept help. Three main reasons for this are fear of being judged, desire for privacy and a need to prove yourself capable. However, most people would benefit from help while ending their marriage and being open to that help is often a growth opportunity. […]

Staying With Your Faith

Keep your faith through divorce

Divorce seems to go against the teachings of many religions. For people of faith struggling with their marriage that can create a significant moral dilemma: how do reconcile divorce with your faith. That’s an issue my current guest, Missy had to confront. Here’s Missy: You cannot separate who I am from my faith in God. […]

Discovering Who You Are

Do you know what makes you laugh?

People often describe feeling lost ending their marriage. I describe it as jumping off a diving board into a deep water, getting twirled around and not knowing which way is up. My current guest, Missy was married for almost thirteen years. She was thirty-five at the time of her divorce and as her marriage was […]

Confronting Divorce And Your Faith

Divorce doesn't mean giving up your faith

Divorce often means not only confronting the issues between you and your spouse but also the issue of divorce and your faith. If you particular faith community doesn’t support divorce, it doesn’t mean giving up your faith altogether. My current guest, Suzy had always found comfort in her faith observing their strict no physical intimacy […]

Coping With Thanksgiving And Divorce

Thanksgiving and divorce is hard

Happy Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving and divorce don’t go very well together. If you’re in the throes of divorce, whether that means you’re weighing the decision to divorce, working through the legal process or recently separately and adapting to your new family arrangements, it can be a very difficult time. It can mean keeping up the facade […]