What Will You Learn From Your Spouse’s Infidelity?

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There is always learning in the end of a marriage provided you’re interested in understanding what happened, why it happened and your role. So what will you learn from your spouse’s infidelity?  Gregory Smith was 26 years-old when he divorced following his wife’s affair. His marriage had lasted just over two years. Experiencing infidelity had […]

Thanksgiving After Divorce: Being Thankful For What You No Longer Have

Thanksgiving after divorce | divorce support | Since My Divorce

Rachel Gladstone for DivorcedMoms.com I arrived in this country in my late-twenties and within a few years I’d embraced Thanksgiving as my favorite holiday. Having children of my own helped me learn more about the origins of the festival. Their art projects, their writing assignments and classroom parties came with a heavy emphasis on being […]

Being Prepared for Thanksgiving Makes It More Enjoyable

Thanksgiving and divorce | Divorce support | Since My Divorce

Thanksgiving is just a week away. That could mean you’re looking forward to it with excitement or dreading it or even a mixture of both. This is especially true if you’re newly-separated and are still figuring out how to collaborate with your ex but the challenges of celebrating Holidays after divorce continue as children grow […]

The Surprising Lessons From Divorce

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Unlike a marriage or the birth of a child, divorce is not one of life’s major events that anyone wants. It’s emotionally and logistically challenging and in the moment, it seems never-ending. You doubt yourself and doubt that you’ll survive. Yet, you will get through this. You may even grow from the surprising lessons from divorce. […]

Developing A New Career After Divorce

Changing career after divorce | divorce support | Since My Divorce

There is inevitably less money after divorce and that means adjusting your lifestyle and/or increasing your income. It can also mean developing a new career after divorce. Wendi was a nurse when she met her husband who was a physician. After their marriage she helped run the medical practice for much of their 22-year marriage. […]

How To Recover When Your Spouse Has Cheated

Recovering From Infidelity | divorce support | Since My Divorce

One or both spouses admit to infidelity, either a physical or an emotional affair in some 41 percent of marriages and when the affair is admitted or discovered, most marriages end. Some 31 percent of marriages do continue.* Whether or not the marriage continues, being cheated on is devastating and it takes hard work to […]

What Do Wedding Anniversaries Mean After Divorce?

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If I Were Still Married … By Janna Qualman If I were still married, today would be my 15th anniversary. I would wake hopeful, if cautious, thinking this would be the day it’ll all come together. Romance and gratitude and sentimentality would bring clarity, would fuse into a new level of appreciation for me, recognition of […]

The Hardest Thing About Getting Divorced

Ending your marriage is never easy but the hardest thing about getting divorced varies from person to person. My interviewee David has been divorced for about seven years now and for him, one of the hardest things has been the disappointment. Here’s David: I will certainly say that at the point in time when we […]

Hungry For Change – How Self-Love Can Give You A Better Post-Divorce Body

Weight gain after divorce | divorce support | Since My Divorce

By Joelle I watched a documentary last weekend called Hungry for Change, about the poor state of nutrition in our country. Even though it was a film about food, it was also a look at the human body/mind connection, and how easy it is to fall into a vicious cycle of self-loathing that only makes […]

Like It Or Not, Divorce Will Change You

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As with life’s other major events, you won’t come through divorce the same person you were before the end of your marriage. Like it or not divorce will change you. Wrapping up this series with Lisa Thomson, Lisa reflects on the impacts divorce has had on her. For her, the changes are for the better. […]