What You Can Learn From Your Divorce

Learning From Your Divorce|divorce support|Since My Divorce

Nobody chooses divorce because it will be “a good experience” but without a doubt you can learn from your divorce. And that applies to everyone. In this last segment with my current guest, Bill he reflects on what he feels is his most significant accomplishment since getting divorced. Here’s Bill: I think it’s probably different […]

How Do I Heal From Divorce?

healing after divorce|divorce support| Since My Divorce

Many people going through divorce ask, “How do I feel from divorce?” They started to realize they’ve lost touch with who they truly are and feel lost. My current guest, Bill was married for twenty-three years and has three daughters. When his marriage was falling apart he started to realize that he and his wife […]

Living Alone And Loving It After Divorce

Living alone after divorce is an adjustment

Divorce means you are no longer a couple. It’s just you and everything you do means going solo even if you do go with friends. That’s an adjustment and even the thought of it is scary. My current guest, Candi was fifty-three years old when she and her husband separated. They’d been married for thirty-five […]

The Impact Of Divorce On Your Extended Family

Divorce always has a ripple effect on family relationships

Divorce may be an event between two spouses but the ending of that relationship causes ripples throughout the extended family. Some relationships will be lost, some will continue and some may be revived. My current guest, Candi was married for thirty-five years. Her family was very supportive of her divorce and since she was never […]

How And When Will You Learn From Your Divorce?


When their marriage is in tatters and ending, nobody wants to hear that divorce is a learning opportunity and that they’ll grow from it. But with some time and distance, it’s true. Your divorce may become a pivotal moment in your development. My current guest, Kyle Bradford, has been divorced now for nine years. During […]

Coming Back To Your Faith After Divorce

Returning to your faith after divorce can be an important part of your recovery

Going through divorce can shake you to the core, turning your life upside down and inside out. It’s no wonder that so many people report feeling lost and uncertain afterwards.  My current guest, Kyle Bradford had a Christian upbringing which he pulled away from in college. He didn’t come back to his faith until he […]

Divorce Can Mean Losing Your Friends And Your Spouse

Invest in making new friends after divorce

Divorce is not just about breaking up with your spouse. Divorce is also about losing friends and that’s probably inevitable. My current guest, Kyle Bradford was married for almost seven years and when he divorced he lost many of his friends. Here’s Kyle: Losing your friends is a common occurrence with any divorce and I […]

The Key To Surviving Divorce Is Your Thinking

Jeannine Lee

By Jeannine Lee I am often asked, “If you could teach divorcing people only one thing what would it be?” No doubt about the answer to this question: To manage their thinking. Why? Because we make up stuff. We make up stuff about ourselves, about others, about the way the world works, about our future. […]

Discovering God After Divorce

Keep your faith through divorce

We often hear how different religions don’t support divorce yet many people turn to their faith during the end of their marriage and afterwards for much-needed support and guidance. When I was setting up this interview with my current guest Carol Round, she said that she would not be able to do the interview without […]

Forgiveness Is For You Not The Other Person

Forgiving your ex will benefit you

Feeling resentment towards your ex is very typical and for some people that resentment continues for many years after the divorce. The alternative path is forgiving your ex and although that’s not easy, it comes with very real emotional and physical benefits. My current guest, Carol Round has forgiven her ex and even prays for […]