Coming Back To Your Faith After Divorce

Returning to your faith after divorce can be an important part of your recovery

Going through divorce can shake you to the core, turning your life upside down and inside out. It’s no wonder that so many people report feeling lost and uncertain afterwards.  My current guest, Kyle Bradford had a Christian upbringing which he pulled away from in college. He didn’t come back to his faith until he […]

Discovering God After Divorce

Keep your faith through divorce

We often hear how different religions don’t support divorce yet many people turn to their faith during the end of their marriage and afterwards for much-needed support and guidance. When I was setting up this interview with my current guest Carol Round, she said that she would not be able to do the interview without […]

Accepting Help During Divorce

Accepting help during divorce means admitting you're vulnerable

Many people going through divorce are reluctant to ask for or accept help. Three main reasons for this are fear of being judged, desire for privacy and a need to prove yourself capable. However, most people would benefit from help while ending their marriage and being open to that help is often a growth opportunity. […]

Staying With Your Faith

Keep your faith through divorce

Divorce seems to go against the teachings of many religions. For people of faith struggling with their marriage that can create a significant moral dilemma: how do reconcile divorce with your faith. That’s an issue my current guest, Missy had to confront. Here’s Missy: You cannot separate who I am from my faith in God. […]

Confronting Divorce And Your Faith

Divorce doesn't mean giving up your faith

Divorce often means not only confronting the issues between you and your spouse but also the issue of divorce and your faith. If you particular faith community doesn’t support divorce, it doesn’t mean giving up your faith altogether. My current guest, Suzy had always found comfort in her faith observing their strict no physical intimacy […]

Taking Care Of Yourself After Divorce

Taking care of yourself will help you cope with the trauma of divorce

With all the change, disturbance and activity that comes with divorce, it’s often easy to overlook one key activity: taking care of yourself. When you take care of yourself, you’ll be better able to cope the upheaval and better able to take of those who who are still depending on you such as your children […]

Keeping Your Faith in God Through Divorce

Reading the Bible may help you through divorce

Rhoda said there were two reasons she always knew she’d get through her divorce: her parents and God. She moved back home with her parents after she was financially ruined by her ex and her parents helped her buy the home she’s now renovating. I wondered if facing divorce again and having to start over […]

Finding your God through divorce

Finding your God through divorce

When Lisa and her husband separated, she was outcast by her family because of their religious beliefs about divorce. She never got the chance to explain the reason why she wanted to end the marriage. As tragic as that is, Lisa has come to find her own God who is much less judgmental than the […]

The power of prayer


I believe that all divorces are traumatic and emotionally difficult but there are some divorces that are especially challenging, like Debbie who found out her husband was a pedophile, like Kay whose husband came out as gay after twenty-five years and like Barbara who was left with virtually nothing when her husband left to be […]

Divorced But Still Married Says The Catholic Church


After 48 hours of terror, Vivianne realized her children’s safety is more important than her wedding vows and she left her husband. Many of the women I’ve talked to have struggled to accept that they broke their wedding vows, regardless of the circumstances. It was hard for Vivianne who is a Catholic and raised by […]