You divorce your spouse not your in laws

Another aspect of life after divorce is your relationship with your ex’s family. This is obviously influenced by the relationship you’ve had with them during the marriage and I think also by the duration of your marriage. It’s also a two-way street – both parties have to want to keep the relationship alive and both […]

Exploring the outdoors after divorce

Judy learning to rappel

Talking to Judy about her divorce got me thinking about the difference having children still at home makes to life after divorce. I’m not going to say that one is harder than the other but there are definitely different challenges. For one thing, when you still have children many of your activities are tied to […]

An opportunity to travel

When Judy’s marriage ended, she knew had to do something to increase her income and she ended up finding the job that was meant to be. Another area that was a challenge for her, and is for many newly-single people, is travel and vacations. When you’re used to traveling with your husband, it’s not that […]

God’s Plan After Divorce

Since My Divorce

After Kristi left her marriage, she made a list to start her new life. It was a list of everything she would look for in new relationship that she didn’t have in her marriage. And soon she was in a relationship that she now says was very similar to her marriage. She remembers very clearly […]

What sustains you?


When I was approached by Hanes about an Earth Day and Arbor Day giveaway, it got me thinking about how vital it is for me to be outside enjoying my surroundings. It is part of what sustains, rejuvenates and calms me and that was especially true in the months following my divorce. I’ve lived in […]

Relishing life after divorce


Yesterday, the Divorce Encouragist (@dvrcncouragist) shared how adjusting to less money after divorce was a challenge. I think having less money after divorce is the one universal truth about divorce – is there ANYONE who has more money after divorce? I think it’s an easy assumption that if you have less money, it means doing […]

Big plans for the future

Hood To Coast Race

One of the typical questions I ask during an interview is, “What has been your most significant accomplishment since getting divorced?” Student Mama has been separated for just five months and isn’t divorced yet so we modified the question and she answered with two big goals for this year. Here they are: *** I’m going […]

A world of discoveries after divorce


When Heather-Marie divorced she said she was determined to keep her lifestyle – she had enjoyed traveling with her husband and wilderness camping and wanted to keep doing those activities. Buying a dog enabled her to feel secure and she drove from Colorado to New York, with her dog, camping along the way. I thought […]

Keeping your lifestyle after divorce


Married couples do things together. They do fun activities together, they do home projects together, they do household chores together, they make decisions together, they go on vacations together. And that’s part of the beauty of being married – you have a companion. Well, when divorce happens, that companionship goes and for some people that […]

The freedom of a RV


Yesterday, when I introduced Elsi Dodge, I mentioned she enjoyed driving a Winnebago around during the summer months. That immediately conjures up an image of freedom – going where you want, on a schedule that suits you while still enjoying the comforts your own home. It sounds so appealing – there are so many parts […]