Wisdom From Divorce: Would You Get Married Again?

Even before the divorce is final many people already have an opinion about getting married again … If I could do it, I would just like to be a strong, single woman for the rest of my life. I would just like to have a few intimate male friends that I see every now and […]

Wisdom From Divorce: The Pain Of Never Having Children

Deciding to end a troubled marriage is agonizing and it can be even harder when it likely means you’ll never the children you always wanted. I just didn’t feel this was a marriage I wanted to bring kids into although I wanted kids. I haven’t had kids and I’m not going to have to kids […]

Staying Safe Is The Top Priority

Don't disregard abusive phone calls from your STBX

We all like to think we truly know our spouses and know how they will behave but unfortunately that’s not always the case. Divorce has a tendency to bring out the worst behavior. Sometimes it’s an isolated incident but other times it reveals very serious, even dangerous personality disorders. My current guest, Tina Swithin initially […]

Wisdom From Divorce: No Avoiding the Worst Jobs After Divorce

Antonia Ragozzino wrote a fiction book, Taking Out The Trash based on her experience of life after divorce: I was twenty-eight when my husband left me on Thanksgiving weekend. He used to take the trash out and I literally hated taking out the trash. I had this big beautiful house, this big long driveway and […]

I Don’t Need a Man To Be Happy

Living singly can be a rich and rewarding life

When I asked my current guest, Rhoda what was the most significant lesson she’d learned from her divorce she said, “…that I don’t need a man to be happy.” It seems such a simple answer yet it speaks to something I think many of us struggle with living in this very coupled culture. Here’s Rhoda: […]

Losing Weight: Is Self-Awareness King?

Find your feel good trigger to lose weight after divorce

Hey everyone, my name is Jeff Kappel. My cousin Sam, who is more like my brother, and I are both personal trainers. We have a deep passion for all things health and fitness, and enjoy helping people by adding more quality to their lives in any area we can. Personal training really ends up being […]

Going Offline During Divorce


Are social networks such as Twitter and Facebook part of your daily diet? They make it super easy to stay in touch but it’s also super easy to post an update you’ll regret later. Divorce coach Tara from Relative Evolutions says there are many reasons why people dealing with the end of their marriage should […]

Realities of Life After Divorce

Moving from a large city to tiny town is a big lifestyle change

Nancy B has been divorced now for some eighteen months and her life has changed. She’s gone from working with her husband raising a child in the LA area to being a single woman in her fifties, an empty-nester looking after her elderly mother in a small town in Minnesota. Even though Nancy B is […]

Praying for Help During Divorce

Divorce Advice: Praying for  Help

When Marjorie could no longer stay with her friend, she was still unemployed, and being barred from the marital home, she was sure she was destined for the homeless shelter. Then, she says she put her trust in God and her life started to turn around. Here’s Marjorie: [contemplate1] I did believe in God before […]

Getting Help After Divorce

Finding help after divorce

When Andrea decided to leave her marriage, she moved some five hundred miles back to her home town and was surprised by how much support she had. Here’s Andrea: I was really surprised at how supportive the people who love you are. When they know what’s going on, like the neighbors on my street, whatever […]