Developing A New Career After Divorce

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There is inevitably less money after divorce and that means adjusting your lifestyle and/or increasing your income. It can also mean developing a new career after divorce. Wendi was a nurse when she met her husband who was a physician. After their marriage she helped run the medical practice for much of their 22-year marriage. […]

Career Becomes More Important After Divorce

The decision to be a stay-at-home needs to be weighed against the possibility of divorce

Once a couple has a child, they also end up deciding if one parent should or is able to become a stay-at-home parent. I do believe that life is altogether easier if there is a stay-at-home parent but there’s always a price to pay in terms of future earning potential, career development and your long-term […]

Divorce Can Lead to a Good Life

A hobby might lead to a new career and happiness after divorce

I’ve mentioned that my current guest, Rhoda writes the awesome Southern Hospitality blog where you’ll find lots of inspiration as well as practical advice for a wide range of  home decorating and improvement projects. Lots of bloggers make some income from their blogs but not many are actually able to turn their blog into a […]

Building the life you want

Marjorie Bostwick

Although Marjorie’s divorce is not final and she’s still working with temporary custody arrangements, she is hard at work building the life she wants and being the person she was meant to be. Here’s Marjorie: [contemplate1]I met a lot of single moms in the jail who are there because either a boyfriend or a husband […]

Being the leader you never knew you were


Three years ago, Carolyn had left her husband, was living on her own with her two children and going to school at night to get the math credit she needed to get into college which for her, was scarier than becoming a parent. Today, she’s in the second year of an associate’s degree nursing program […]

There’s more to life than your GPA


Once Carolyn proved to herself she was not only capable of succeeding in college but succeeding at a very high level, she realized there was more to life than getting A’s. You can certainly be proud of a high GPA in college, but Carolyn has found that scholarship funders look beyond academic success and more […]

Going to school is scarier than becoming a parent

Michael Oh

I’m honored to introduce you to my next guest, Carolyn. Carolyn first shared her story in early 2010 and I encourage you to spend a few minutes reading that for background. In a nutshell, Carolyn’s husband was cheating with her best friend and when Carolyn confronted them, he wanted them to work out an open […]

Going back to school as a single mom

College lecture

Once Jen realized she was going to have to support herself and her children financially, quite possibly forever, she knew that low-paying jobs weren’t the answer. If you’re already working as many hours as you can, the only way to grow your income is to increase your pay rate. For Jen, that meant going back […]

Guiding Others Through Divorce

Carlos Phillips

I have two more posts in the series with my guest, Carlos Phillips who’s been divorced now for about ten years. During that time he’s learned to forgive himself and his ex, to be the rock star dad and to fall in love again. He’s taken all that experience and turned it into a book, […]

A job that was meant to be

Picking up Judy’s story, you’ll recall that her twenty-eight year marriage ended when she came home to an empty house . She never felt it was about her but more about his untreated medical problems. His job situation had been very unstable for a few years and when they did divorce he wasn’t working. So […]