Are You Ready To Sell Your Wedding Rings?

At WP Diamonds, each diamond is expertly valued

Hidden Assets: Turning Unwanted Jewelry Into Good Fortune Sponsored Post by Michael Lebowitz, WP Diamonds Years ago, divorcées who wanted to sell their jewelry had little option but to visit local jewelry stores and “see what they could get” for those pieces. And indeed, some might be tempted to take the same approach today. Why? […]

The Economic Realities Of Divorce

Does money protect you from divorce? Do you think the lack of money contributes to divorce or are there other factors? What difference does having money make to the quality of a marriage? The “Do Economic Factors Contribute to Marital Stability?” infographic was brought to you by CashNetUSA.

Dealing With Less Money After Divorce

There's always less money after divorce

While every divorce is unique, there are some characteristics that hold true for everyone. One of those is that there is always less money after divorce. I was talking to a financial planner recently and he said that most people can cut their discretionary spending by thirty percent. That’s not to say that it won’t […]

Divorce: What Happens To The Mortgage?

If you and your spouse own your home, divorce means deciding whether to sell it or keep it.

By Kirk Chivas There are basically two options when it comes to the marital home: either keep it or sell it. Sell the Home Selling the home is often the quickest and easiest way to resolve the issue.  This has not been an option in the past as property values were crushed by the housing […]

How To Prioritize Your Financial Goals

Prioritizing your financial goals is about what's right for you and your budget

We get bombarded daily with competing messages about savings: your retirement, your child’s college education, a house deposit, for example. All of them may make sense but few of us are in a position to fully fund all of these at once so how do you prioritize these financial goals. Is there a magic formula […]

Financial Strategies for Divorcing a Narcissist

Divorcing a narcissist is not going to be amicable

In recent years, the word “narcissist” has crept into the popular vernacular to mean someone who’s conceited and excessively self-involved. But even though self-confidence can be expressed in a way that makes a person condescending and obnoxious, narcissism is something more. It is a real psychological disorder above and beyond being someone who’s merely full […]

Learning The Truth About Your Finances

The end of your marriage may force you take responsibility for your finances

Couples come to lots of different arrangements over handling the household finances and while these may play to their respective strengths, too often it means one partner is ignorant about what is really going. My current guest, Tina Swithin was married for about seven and half years and to the outside world had the perfect […]

8 Ways To Eliminate Your Money Fears

Divorce means having to take responsibility for your money

By The Cinder Girls  Roughly 90 percent of all women will be in charge of their family finances at some point in their lives. Since women are living longer, female investors face unique opportunities and challenges when it comes to growing and maintaining wealth. Managing money after a divorce or the death of a spouse […]

Why You Need Life Insurance After Divorce

A financial advisor will help you find the life insurance you need after divorce

As a divorced parent you may be questioning whether or not life insurance makes sense.  Do you know how much insurance you may need? Or how much can you afford?  Do you qualify for a policy?  There are different types of insurance as well as different products.  Let’s discuss life insurance and how it can […]

6 Ways To Avoid Trouble Completing a Divorce Financial Affidavit

Take completing your financial affidavit seriously.

The complete exposure of the private details of your married life to lawyers and judges who have considerable power over your future can be one of the most traumatic aspects of going through a divorce. It can make you feel vulnerable, anxious, resentful — even furious! However, where your finances are concerned, it is essential […]