Do You Know The Risk Factors For Breast Cancer?

Breast Cancer Awareness

October is breast cancer awareness month and I learned a few risk factors from this infograhic from Estroven that I was not aware of previously … did not know that height increases your risk … did not know that 85 percent of breast cancer diagnoses occur in women with no family history of breast cancer […]

What Happens To My Health Insurance After Divorce?

health insurance after divorce | Divorce support | Since My Divorce

If you have health coverage through your STBX’s employer then high on your list of priorities is understanding what happens to your health insurance after divorce and how you can get coverage. It’s best to start researching this as soon as you know you’re getting divorced because while you definitely won’t be eligible for coverage […]

How Do I Get The Most Money For My Diamond Ring?

Selling your diamond ring after divorce

This is a sponsored post. Many divorced women are left with a diamond engagement ring which they no longer have any wish to keep. The good news is that diamond might actually be worth a decent amount of money and so you might ask, “How do I get the most money for my diamond ring?” […]

The Woman’s Holistic Guide to Divorce Giveaway

The Woman's Holistic Guide To Divorce

Author, Wendi Schuller created The Woman’s Holistic Guide To Divorce as a result of her own experience navigating through a difficult, traumatizing divorce. This guide provides suggested solutions to many challenges ranging from dealing with attorneys to saving on cosmetics and holiday gifts when your budget needs stretching. Throughout the broad and eclectic array of […]

Blogher ’14 Conference

BlogHer '14 Conference

Taking a break from Kyle’s story to share this! Ladies this is for you … Writing about your divorce is therapeutic. Blogging about your divorce can be even more empowering because you can develop a community of support.* And that community can endure—I’m still in touch with a number of bloggers who were blogging about […]

Untying The Knot


5 Secret Divorce Preparations To Consider

A P.O. Box is essential to secret divorce preparations

Deciding to divorce isn’t always about thoughtful, frank discussions with your spouse. Often times it’s about introspection and detailed research on your own, conducted in secrecy. And if you do conclude that ending your marriage is the best option, continue working in secrecy to prepare for your divorce. There are any number of reasons why […]

Love And Laughter For Valentine’s Day

Sending love and laughter for Valentine's Day

Don’t let Valentine’s Day get to you … this time after the end of your marriage is about loving yourself. One of the best ways of doing this is reviving your sense of humor. So this Valentine’s Day I’d like you to, Laugh Laugh loud Laugh often Laugh like no one is listening And then […]

Does Divorce Mediation Work?

A common concern with divorce is the cost and specifically the legal fees. I believe everyone should seek professional legal advice – it’s the only way you’ll know your rights and obligations. Armed with that information, if you and your STBX are committed to reaching an agreement then mediation may be a viable alternative.  Having […]

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year

Welcome to the new year! Wherever you are in your divorce journey, it will be a year of change. I wish you strength and courage … to change your life … to take one step after another … to believe in yourself … to discover who you are … to laugh and smile, again … […]