Til Divorce Do Us Part – A New Musical

Til Divorce Do Us Part - a new musical

Today I’d like to share with you a new musical that is currently playing in New York City – til Divorce Do Us Part. It’s scheduled to run through April so if you’re visiting NYC in the next few weeks this would be a fun activity AND if you share your divorce story with them […]

5 Secret Divorce Preparations To Consider

A P.O. Box is essential to secret divorce preparations

Deciding to divorce isn’t always about thoughtful, frank discussions with your spouse. Often times it’s about introspection and detailed research on your own, conducted in secrecy. And if you do conclude that ending your marriage is the best option, continue working in secrecy to prepare for your divorce. There are any number of reasons why […]

Love And Laughter For Valentine’s Day

Sending love and laughter for Valentine's Day

Don’t let Valentine’s Day get to you … this time after the end of your marriage is about loving yourself. One of the best ways of doing this is reviving your sense of humor. So this Valentine’s Day I’d like you to, Laugh Laugh loud Laugh often Laugh like no one is listening And then […]

Does Divorce Mediation Work?

A common concern with divorce is the cost and specifically the legal fees. I believe everyone should seek professional legal advice – it’s the only way you’ll know your rights and obligations. Armed with that information, if you and your STBX are committed to reaching an agreement then mediation may be a viable alternative.  Having […]

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year

Welcome to the new year! Wherever you are in your divorce journey, it will be a year of change. I wish you strength and courage … to change your life … to take one step after another … to believe in yourself … to discover who you are … to laugh and smile, again … […]

Merry Christmas To You!

Merry Christmas

From me, to you.

A Lifeline for Holiday Overeating

Season For Soulful Eating

If you are one of the millions of women who struggle with food or body image, the food-focused holiday season can be a recipe for disaster – leaving you feeling overstuffed, undernourished and demoralized. And it’s a proven fact that strategies like restricting or depriving yourself, trying to adhere to impossible food rules, or punishing […]

Rescuing Family Dinners With Campbell’s Soup

I have a confession to make. When my kids were young we didn’t have weekday family dinners. In fact, it wasn’t until they were both in high school that I actually succeeded in cooking a single meal every night that everyone would eat! You probably wouldn’t guess it, but I do place high value on […]

5 Ways To Know If Divorce Is Right For You

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Monster Sound From Monster

Monster sound from monster headphones

I know exactly when my pair of  N-Tune HD Headphones with Attitude arrived. It was the morning of Tuesday, September 17 but when the box arrived I didn’t open it. I couldn’t remember having ordered anything and I put it aside. My mind was elsewhere. The night before I’d discovered my basement had flooded. I’d […]