Helping Your Child Accept Their Other Parent

Helping your child accept their other parent | parenting after divorce | Since My Divorce

The process of getting divorced often puts parents in opposing corners and that can bring out the worst behavior in any of us. What may have been hidden during the marriage is now exposed. However, you and your ex are both still parents and it’s your responsibility to help your child accept their other parent. […]

Changing Your Child’s Last Name

Changing child's last name | divorce support | Since My Divorce

The question of your last name is a common one for many women and even some men these days. But it doesn’t stop there. You may also have to consider changing your child’s last name. Wendi had been married for about 22 years when she and her husband divorced. During the divorce her children started […]

Sometimes Parenting Time Has To Be Restricted

Your child may feel many of the same emotions about divorce as you.

In the majority of situations, children of divorced parents do best when both parents remain actively involved but there are times when that isn’t advisable. Sometimes parenting time has to be restricted. When Wendi and her husband divorced their two sons were aged about 13 and 16. For her, 50/50 parenting was never an option […]

Are You Prepared To Be A Single Parent?

single parenting | divorce support | Since My Divorce

Few of us are prepared for parenthood and we’re even less prepared to be a single parent. David has three children who are now aged 17, 14 and 10. For the past seven years he’s been a single parent and he’s the first to admit that he wasn’t prepared. Here’s David: I think the most […]

Schools Don’t make It Easy For Single Parents

Your child's school after divorce | divorce support | Since My Divorce

Considering how common divorce is and how many of the adult population experienced divorce as a child, it’s surprising that schools don’t make it easier for single parents. David has been divorced for about seven years now and has three children who are now aged 17, 14 and 10 so he has lots of experience […]

How Do I Cope With My Ex’s No Rules Parenting?

No Rules Parenting | Divorce Support | Since My Divorce

Expecting your ex to follow the exact same parenting rules as you is unrealistic but when you’re the disciplinarian and they’re the fun parent, you could be left wondering, “How do I cope with my ex’s no rules parenting?” David has been divorced now for over seven years and his three children are now aged […]

Help! My Ex Has A Very Different Parenting Style Than Me

Parenting style | divorce support | Since My Divorce

You and your spouse may have had disagreements over parenting while you were married but now you’re divorced, they may have you screaming, “Help! My ex has a very different parenting style than me.” David was married for about twelve years and has been divorced now for over seven years. His children were aged 12, […]

Creating A Parenting Plan That Works Is Difficult

Parenting plan | divorce support | Since My Divorce

Anyone who’s been required to have a written parenting plan as part of their divorce knows that creating a parenting plan that works is difficult. My current guest David, has been divorced for over seven years now. He has three children. The parenting schedule he has now is not the schedule he had when he was […]

How To Make Living In Two Homes Work For Your Children

Living In Two Homes After Divorce | divorce support | Since My Divorce

While some parents do adopt a nesting arrangement so their children stay in a single home, the children of most divorced parents end up rotating between their parents. So the big question becomes how to make living in two homes work for your children. My current guest, David has been separated now for over seven […]

How Do I Stay An Involved Father After Divorce?

Involved father after divorce| divorce support | Since My Divorce

Divorce for most parents means seeing less of your child and that physical time apart may have you questioning how you can stay an involved father after divorce. Today, I’d like to introduce you to a new guest, David. He was married for twelve and half years and has been divorced now for about seven […]