Parental Roles: How To Set Healthy Boundaries With Your Child

by Debbie Pincus MS LMHC People talk a lot about the need for “boundaries,” but what does this word really mean? As a parent, you can think of a boundary as the line you draw around yourself to define where you end and where your child begins. This isn’t always easy. And let’s face it, kids […]

Will Your Kids Understand?

Your children may come to understand why you divorced

How your children will react to your divorce is a common and valid concern. Many of us hope for some indication that they understand the situation, even if the specific details behind the breakup are not shared. That acknowledgement can lessen any guilt about the end of your marriage and can also be reassuring that […]

7 Tips To Avoid Overdosing Your Sick Child

read the warning label on your medication

I am a member of the and am sharing this post on behalf of the American Gastroenterological Association (AGA). I received compensation for my participation. The opinions are my own. The facts were provided by the AGA. Taking care of a sick child is one of the more serious responsibilities that comes with parenthood […]

Would You Vacation With Your Ex?

Would you vacation with your ex after divorce

Vacationing with your ex would probably raise a few eyebrows and have friends and family wondering exactly what was going on but for some people, there may be good reason to take that family vacation together. My current guest, INRIS and his ex are both from the East, both still have family there and so […]

The Model Post-Divorce Family

Parents should be free to attend their child's activities during their non-parenting time

Used to be that kids whose parents divorced came from a ‘broken home,’ from a ‘broken family.’ Thankfully, I hear those terms less and less because we’re all realizing that divorce doesn’t break a family. It rearranges it. So today’s post-divorce family looks and behaves very differently. INRIS has been divorced now for about three […]

Where To Live After Divorce: Location, Location, Location

Where you choose to live after divorce has a profound impact on your child's life

At some point in the divorce process, either you or your STBX or even both of you are going to have to move and the Realtors are right: it’s all about location. Except that it isn’t about property value. Where you both choose to live will have an enormous and profound impact on your children. When INRIS and […]

Even Through Divorce Your Child Still Loves You

Your child love you unconditionally

As parents, we do what we believe to be best for our children. We try to shield them from life’s challenges and from growing up too fast. And when we divorce, we still try to shield them but inevitably they see the less gracious sides of us, they see us at our most vulnerable.  My […]

How To Help Your Children Cope With Divorce

How you parent after divorce impacts ho well your child adjusts

It’s not divorce itself that adversely affects children but rather how you and your ex handle the divorce and treat each other afterwards.  My current guest, Fiona McGlynn is a child of divorce and a living testament that divorce doesn’t have to be a life-changing, traumatic event. Here’s Fiona: As children, we didn’t feel as […]

A Child’s Experience Of Two Homes

Siblings support each other during divorce

If you’re getting divorced and have minor children, then chances are you will have to come up with a parenting plan as part of the legal process. You and your STBX will have to agree how your child will divide their time between you. That means your child will have two homes. My current guest, […]

When Your Child Learns Of Your Divorce

Telling your children about your divorce needs to be done well

When you’re ending your marriage, chances are you’ll spend hours agonizing over how to tell your children about your divorce. And so you should. It’s a hard and difficult conversation. Do it well, and years down the road, they likely won’t remember the specifics. Do it poorly, and they’ll remember it forever. Today, I’d like […]