Podcast: How Do You Tell Your Children About Your Divorce?

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Telling your children that your marriage is over is a conversation most of us dread. Do it well and in years to come they likely won't remember the details; do it badly will make it a defining moment. So how do you tell your children about your divorce? In this episode of Conversations About Divorce psychologist Dr. Azmaira Maker joins Mandy to discuss: The best time … [Read more...]

Podcast: Should You Forgive Your Ex’s Child Support Arrears?

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How consistent is your ex in making their child support payments? Is your ex behind in their payments? Do you wonder if you should forgive your ex's child support payments? Kimberly Seals Allers was owed $38,750 in child support and she decided to go to court to ask the judge to forgive the debt. When she wrote about her decision for the Motherlode blog, she received  about … [Read more...]

Are You Scared Divorce Means Not Being A Mother?

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A stunning 80 percent of divorces in the U.S. involve women who are under the age of thirty. Many of them have not had children and the end of their marriage means facing the possibility that divorce means never having children. You could be scared divorce means not being a mother. In my experience, men have the same desire to be a parent but their biological clocks are not … [Read more...]

Podcast: Shared Parenting After Divorce – Is 50/50 Parenting Fair?

Parenting After Divorce | divorce support | Since My Divorce

Getting divorced with minor children usually means shared parenting. These days, the negotiations focus more and more around a 50/50 split. So is 50/50 parenting fair? When I divorced in 2007, our parenting plan started with a template from my attorney. That draft provided for at the time, fairly traditional shared parenting with our kids spending every other weekend with … [Read more...]

How Do You Protect Your Kids From An Alcoholic Parent

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Living with an alcoholic spouse is a challenge but as a parent, being under the same roof means you have a greater ability to safeguard your children. Once you separate and your children are shuttling between two home, the question becomes how do you protect your kids from an alcoholic parent. There could be bizarre behavior, angry moods, missed appointments, no meals and much, … [Read more...]