How Do Children React to Divorce?

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Infographic reproduced with permission from Toronto Divorce Law

Are You Wondering How Does Shared Parenting Work?

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One of the top concerns for parents getting divorced is how does shared parenting work. The good news is that there is no rigid plan or formula that you have to follow for shared parenting. That does mean it’s up to you and your STBX to figure out what works for your family which always […]

How Do I Minimize My Child’s Anxiety During Divorce

child's anxiety during divorce|divorce support|Since My Divorce

By Nancy Samalin You may be wondering, “How do I minimize my child’s anxiety during divorce?” Watch your words! As a parenting educator having worked with so many well-meaning, loving parents for so many years, I believe it’s a divorced parent’s single biggest responsibility. No matter how much anger and disdain you may feel toward each […]

How Do I Parent With My Ex After Divorce?

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Your marriage is over but you and your ex have children together so your relationship continues and it will continue for a very long time. You may ask, “How do I parent with my ex?” My current guest Bill has three daughters who were all teenagers when his marriage ended two years ago. Since then […]

Parenting After Divorce Is Not About 50/50 Shared Parenting Time

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These days, it seems that negotiations on parenting after divorce start with 50/50 shared parenting time. While both parents do need to be actively involved, 50/50 shared parenting time is more about meeting the parents’ needs than the child’s. My present guest, Bill has been divorced for a little more than a year and was […]

Telling Your Adult Children You’re Getting Divorced

Telling your adult children about your divorce is still challenging

Telling your children you’re getting divorced is never easy no matter their age. It’s not a matter of being easier or more difficult than telling young children, it’s simply that the issues, the concerns and the reactions are different. My current guest, Candi has three adult children who were in their late twenties/early thirties at the […]

Stepchildren Making You Crazy? 5 Ways To Manage Conflict In Blended Families

by Kim Abraham LMSW and Marney Studaker-Cordner LMSW Recently, I was sitting at lunch with a friend, swapping stories about our families. I shared that I was concerned about how my adult stepdaughter was doing—she was facing a difficult situation thousands of miles away from home. “Well,” my friend said, “You don’t have to worry about […]

Could Your Child’s Health Condition Cause Conflict With Your Ex?

A sick child can create additional conflicts for separated parents

By Robert Kornitzer Co-parenting following a divorce (or following the split-up of a non-married couple) presents unique challenges to both parents.  It also poses unique challenges to third parties like doctors or teachers who are involved in the parents’ lives.  The problems that are created may on their surface appear to be insignificant or even […]

Divorce Is A Business Arrangement

Treat your relationship with your ex as a business arrangement

Divorce means the romantic, intimate relationship between you and your spouse is over but if you have children, then you will continue to have a relationship for many years. That means figuring out how to make that relationship work is beneficial to all, and especially to your children. My current guest, Kyle Bradford has been […]

Your Parenting Schedule Has To Evolve With Your Child

parenting plan

Not surprisingly, most married couples haven’t considered writing down their approach to raising children. So when it comes to getting divorced and having to put together a document that specifies how you and your STBX will share your parenting time, it is overwhelming, confusing and alarming. There are lots of opinions about what’s right and […]