Reader Question: Should you talk to your ex about dating?

I recently got this question from a reader: My counselor asked if my ex and I, who have been divorced for about 8 months, had discussed how we would handle dating with the kids. That's a conversation I couldn't even imagine having! How would you even open the discussion? Since I have not dated yet, it's not a topic I've broached with my ex and he hasn't raised it with me, … [Read more...]

Reader Question: What’s the etiquette with grandparents?

A reader recently wrote and asked this question: For the last couple years, I have sent two cards with pictures of the kids to their grandparents on my ex's side. He emailed me recently and is very angry that I have sent pictures and has asked me to discontinue this odd behavior. What is the etiquette regarding grandparents? Seems like they would still want contact with the … [Read more...]

Is this custodial parent being impossible?

With the last few posts in Julia's story being about child custody issues, here's a timely question from a reader who needs your help: [contemplate1] It has been six months since I decided to end my 15 years marriage. The choice to divorce was mine, I wasn't happy. I already had two affairs that were both work related. My husband never forgave me and I don't blame him. Our … [Read more...]

Is it hurtful to want a divorce?

From time to time, I get readers contact me and ask me for my opinion on their situation, if I think they should get divorced. While I believe the decision to divorce is a very personal one and one that only the people involved should make, the perspective and guidance of others can be helpful. So typically I will respond with my thoughts. I'm in a correspondence with a … [Read more...]