Not Done Yet Pink Tribute Shirt Giveaway

Not Done Yet Breast Cancer Awareness

I've written before about the ndy© not done yet shirts and how I love their messaging, so when they contacted me about running a giveaway for their new Breast Cancer Ribbon tribute shirt I said yes, without hesitation. They kindly sent me a shirt and with some unknown synchronicity it arrived the same day as a reminder to schedule my mammography. So yes, before I could start … [Read more...]

Co-Parenting 101: Helping Your Kids Thrive in Two Households


Author, blogger and radio show host Deesha Philyaw knows first-hand the challenges of co-parenting but firmly believes a successful co-parenting relationship with your ex is just as vital to your child's well-being and health as nutritious food and proper exercise. Psychological studies and plain common sense both point to the fact that children are happier, healthier, and … [Read more...]

The D-Word: Divorce Through A Child’s Eyes

See divorce through the eyes of a child

Divorce coach, blogger and author Tara Eisenhard has experienced divorce both as a child and a spouse and she's now packed her experience and wisdom into The D-Word, Divorce Through A Child's Eyes. The D-Word is written for parents who are facing divorce and ideally they would read this before talking to their child about divorce. It follows 12-year old, Gina through a … [Read more...]

Children and Divorce Video Review and Giveaway

Children and Divorce video from Professor Child

The Holiday season is here. We're in the thick of it and along with all the shopping, the travel, the family get-togethers and the festivities, there are couples who are resolutely keeping the lid on their decision to divorce because they don't want to spoil the Holidays for their children. That's just one example of the many ways parents do their best to put the interests … [Read more...]

Been There. Not Done Yet Review and Giveaway

Been There. Not Done Yet

Back in August when I was at the BlogHer conference in New York I attended a PR event hosted by the BoomBox Network. There, one particular product caught my eye - a line of T-shirts with the inspirational messages, "Been There. Not Done Yet." and "live age-lessly." Just recently I caught up with ndy® creator Carol April and asked her the story behind the T-shirts. She … [Read more...]