8 Divorce Cliches You Need To Be Prepared For

By Mikalee Byerman for DivorcedMoms.com Going public with your divorce is a major milestone. It’s loaded with stress and anxiety and can result in hours of lost sleep. On hearing your news, many people will respond with one of these 8 divorce cliches you need to be prepared for. Knowing what to expect ahead of […]

Divorce Courts Don’t Care About Cheating

By Maria Schwartz, Esq for DivorcedMoms.com Most marriages where there’s been infidelity end in divorce sooner or later and a common reaction of the victim spouse is to want the cheater held accountable for their actions, to be punished for the pain and hurt they’ve wrought on the family. The harsh reality though is that […]

Is An Emotional Affair A Reason To End Your Marriage?

By Danielle Jacobs for DivorcedMoms.com As a divorce coach and mediator I come across many situations involving infidelity. It’s a complex subject with much debate about what constitutes being unfaithful, why people are unfaithful and whether it’s possible to salvage a martial relationship afterwards. One topic of debate is emotional affairs. When does a friendship […]

How To Protect Your Financial Assets During Divorce

Protect your assets during divorce | divorce support | Since My Divorce

By Reid Elkus Divorces take a toll – not only emotionally, but financially. There are steps you should follow to protect your assets during divorce process and also to ensure that the division of assets is fair and the settlement makes sense financially. Take Steps to Protect Your Assets Sometimes, especially if a particularly hostile […]

Will My Divorce Turn Into A Legal Battle?

Legal Divorce Battle | divorce support | Since My Divorce

Fortunately for most of us, our divorces are not worthy of any media coverage but that doesn’t mean they can’t get as nasty as some celebrity divorces. If you’re in the beginning stages of divorce, trying to figure out which legal process will work best for your situation, you may be asking yourself, “Will my divorce […]

What To Expect In Divorce When Your Spouse Is A Controlling Person

divorcing a controlling spouse | divorce support | Since My Divorce

People are often hesitant to research divorce before they’ve made the decision to end their marriage and yet, the more realistic you are in understanding what divorce means both from a legal and a practical standpoint, the better positioned you are to make that decision about your marriage. You especially need to know what to […]

You May Get Less Support When You Initiate Divorce

initiating divorce |divorce support | Since My Divorce

When you go public with your divorce, don’t be surprised when friends ask who wanted it or who chose it and then be prepared. You may get less support when you initiate divorce. Today, I’d like to introduce you to Lisa Thomson who was married for 18 years. Although Lisa was divorced in 2005, she […]

When Your Wife Says I Want A Divorce

Spouse wants a divorce|divorce support|Since My Divorce

When your spouse says, “I want a divorce” it can be shocking and painful even if you’ve been talking with each other about ending your marriage or if you’ve been quietly considering it. My current guest Bill was married for twenty-three years. With the strain of the failure of his wife’s business, her bad money […]

Is Your Spouse Getting Into Debt?

Is your spouse getting into debt?

Differences over money management styles are a common factor in many divorces and it’s not unusual to discover your spouse getting into debt without your knowledge. My current guest, Bill was married for twenty-three years and money troubles definitely factored into their divorce. His wife had started her own business but when that needed more […]

Whose Fault Is Divorce?

Whose fault is divorce

When you’re trying to make sense of the end of your marriage, you might ask, “Whose fault is divorce?” but it really isn’t that simple. Today, I’d like to introduce you to my next guest, Bill who is a longtime supporter of this blog. Bill and his wife were married for 23 years and had […]