How To Survive With Your Alcoholic Spouse In Recovery

recovery and divorce | divorce support | Since My Divorce

Having your spouse admit their drinking problem is a significant milestone; having them commit to recovery is another. While it may have taken months or years to get to this point, realistically it’s going to be another eighteen months, two years before you can do any sort of meaningful work on your relationship. That begs […]

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Podcast: Is There An Easy Way To Divide Up Your Personal Assets In Divorce?

Home Inventory | divorce support | Since My Divorce

Is there an easy way to divide up your personal assets in divorce? Unless you’re willing to walk away from everything, probably not. Sooner or later, you and your STBX are going to have to go through your home and decide who gets what. Experts will tell you to put the emotions away and approach […]

Does Your Spouse’s Drinking Problem Mean Divorce?

drinking problems in a marriage | divorce support | Since My Divorce

Knowing how much your spouse drinks, even feeling that they drink too much, is not the same as seeing your spouse’s drinking as a problem. Once you do recognize that the alcohol is interfering with your relationship, you’ll inevitably wonder could your spouse’s drinking problem mean divorce. That can create a moral or ethical dilemma […]

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When Does Drinking Become A Problem In A Marriage?

alcoholism and divorce | divorce support | Since My Divorce

There are many reasons why marriages don’t last and usually it’s not just one. That’s what makes each situation unique. However, alcohol or drugs are often involved so you might wonder when does drinking become a problem in a marriage. Is it when the drinker recognizes they have a dependency? Is it when the non-drinker says […]

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Even Marriage Counselors Go To Marriage Counseling

Marriage counseling | divorce support | Since My Divorce

Getting couples or marriage therapy is a standard recommendation for anyone experiencing marital difficulties. It might seem surprising but even therapists go to marriage counseling and even marriage counselors get divorced. My guest, Antonio Borello is a psychologist and relationship therapist. He was married for about ten years and divorced almost four years ago and he and […]

Pregnancy Is Sometimes The Catalyst For Leaving

leaving your marriage | divorce support | Since My Divorce

The stereotypical view of pregnancy, especially for married couples is of a joyous, celebrated milestone but it isn’t always like that. Pregnancy is sometimes the catalyst for leaving a marriage. Today I’d like to introduce you to my next guest, Liv whose ten-year marriage ended about seven years ago. When Liv left, her son was […]

Is Getting Divorced Your New Year’s Resolution?

By Maria Schwartz, Esq for DivorcedMoms I know first hand what it’s like to go through the Holidays knowing your marriage is over but waiting until the New Year to get divorced. We’d told our children before Thanksgiving, had told close friends and family and had fortuitously spent Christmas apart as the kids and I were stranded […]

How Will Your Teenager Be Impacted By Your Divorce?

teenagers and divorce | divorce support | Since My Divorce

Most parents considering divorce are concerned about the reactions of their children. And that’s a worry not just for parents with young children. It’s important to consider how will your teenager be impacted by your divorce. Gregory Smith was divorced at age 26 but that wasn’t his first experience of divorce. His parents’ had divorced […]

Men Can Be Victims Of Domestic Violence Too

domestic violence | Divorce support | Since My Divorce

People who are struggling to decide if divorce is right for them often do so because they don’t feel they have a “legitimate reason.” That debate changes when there’s domestic abuse but it’s still not an easy decision since abuse victims also blame themselves for the abuse and feel it’s wrong to end the marriage […]

Are You Blaming Yourself For Your Spouse’s Infidelity?

infidelity support | divorce support | Since My Divorce

A very common reaction to the discovery of an affair is to start blaming yourself for your spouse’s infidelity and yet most experts will say it’s never the victim’s fault. Gregory Smith’s marriage ended after he discovered his wife was having an affair. While he no longer blames himself, he says there were things he […]