5 Tips To Preparing Your Separation Agreement

Having a formal agreement during your marital separation is smart

Guest post by Brandon Bernstein A separation agreement is a legally-binding contract between two spouses which dictates an array of chiefly financial terms and obligations when a couple agrees to live separately. This most commonly precedes a divorce, but that’s not always the case, either. While a separation agreement is never a legal requirement for […]

Don’t Let Your Spouse Define Who You Are

Divorce will impact your self-esteem

Defining your self-worth or tying your self-esteem to your spouse makes confronting a troubled marriage even more difficult. Sometimes, working on your self-esteem first will give you the courage to address your marriage while other times, divorce will force you. My current guest, Carol Round was married for 28 years and has been divorced now […]

Do You Just Want Out From Your Marriage?

Ending your marriage is easier when you're willing to walk away

Negotiating your financial settlement with your STBX can be stressful, upsetting and just plain difficult but there’s one thing you can do that may make it easier. Ask yourself, what is it that you’re willing to walk away from? Regardless of the law, regardless of what you might be ‘entitled’ to, what is it that […]

What Will You Learn From A Separation?

Sometimes leaving your marriage means leaving a note

Deciding to end your marriage is a difficult decision often fraught with what-ifs and doubts. This is when a separation can be helpful. My current guest, Carol Round was married for twenty-eight years. During that time, her husband had repeatedly talked about divorce. In fact, it seemed like a seven-year cycle but he never pursued […]

Are You Sticking Out Your Marriage?

Is your marriage the marriage you want?

All marriages have their ups and downs, their good times and bad times but what happens when there’s more bad than good? When the sadness outweighs the joy? When the work outweighs the pleasure? Will you have the courage to make a change or will you stick it out in the hope that things may […]

The Legal Divorce Process: DIY, Unbundling Or Full Representation?

There are many options for getting divorced

By Howard Iken There are an increasing number of options available for how to get divorced today ranging from full representation by an attorney to doing in yourself. Each comes with pros and cons and knowing these will help you choose the approach that is best suited to your situation. Is A Pro Se Divorce […]

Doing What Is Best For Your Children In Divorce

Doing what's best for your children can help you avoid poor divorce-related behaviors

Divorce doesn’t bring out the best in people. To start with, breaking up isn’t a situation that most of us are comfortable or familiar with. That can mean we don’t always know how to behave,and that can lead to reactions that are reflexive, knee-jerks. Then, the legal process of dividing everything means that instead of […]

Making Your Appearance In Divorce Court

Visit the court before your own appearance

If you’re filing your own divorce, then chances are you are going to have to appear in court and probably more than once. Given that courts are governed by formal procedures, if you’ve never done this before it’s going to be scary.  My current guest, INRIS and his wife agreed they would handle their divorce […]

Mediators Can Be Biased

Mediation can be an effective mechanism for settling your divorce

Mediation can be a cost-efficient and effective mechanism for negotiating your divorce settlement and parenting agreement especially when you and your spouse are committed to working out an agreement. As a disinterested third-party, mediators are neutral or are supposed to be. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. With a very limited budget and few assets, […]

The Pressure To Settle Your Divorce

As you get close to the end of divorce negotiations the pressure to settle increases

Regardless of how you pursue your legal divorce, whether that’s through the traditional approach, the collaborative approach, mediation or by yourself, by the time you get to the last few remaining issues, there’s tremendous pressure to just settle. That pressure comes from the threat of trial if you don’t settle, the need to avoid more […]