What You Need To Know About A Legal Separation

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Even though your marriage may be deeply troubled and being with your spouse has become a living hell, divorce may not be in your vocabulary. There is however another option that may work for you: a legal separation. Here’s what you need to know about legal separations. Let’s start with an understanding of what is a legal separation. It’s different from the physical … [Read more...]

Do You Want To Avoid The Pain Of Divorce?

I recently attended my daughter's college graduation where Shreve Stockton, author of The Daily Coyote was the commencement speaker. She encouraged the graduates to make decisions based on their truth. That seems obvious but that's often not the approach we take in practice. Too often our decisions are based on avoiding pain. She got me thinking that many people go through the … [Read more...]

Summer Reading: Divorce In Classic Literature

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Guest Post by Battrick Clark Solicitors Anyone browsing Amazon for summer reading would be forgiven for thinking that divorce is some sort of recent fad in literature. There’s an ever-blurring line between ‘divorce fiction’ and self-help writing, and many authors are using the novel form as a way of exploring the complex cocktail of emotions that divorce entails. Perhaps … [Read more...]

Podcast: Who Will Get Custody Of The Family Dog?

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Are you wondering who will get custody of the family dog in your divorce? You're not alone. With over 63 percent of American households owning pets, including more than 44 million dogs, it's a question that more and more couples are facing and it's  a question that can become every bit as contentious as issues around shared parenting time. As a lawyer, mediator and … [Read more...]

How To Survive With Your Alcoholic Spouse In Recovery

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Having your spouse admit their drinking problem is a significant milestone; having them commit to recovery is another. While it may have taken months or years to get to this point, realistically it's going to be another eighteen months, two years before you can do any sort of meaningful work on your relationship. That begs the question, how will you survive your … [Read more...]