You Will Know When It Is Time To End Your Marriage

You will know when it's time to end your marriage

It may not be particularly helpful or constructive advice but you will know when it’s time to end your marriage. Something will happen and it may not be significant to anyone else but to you it’s a sign. It says, “I’m done.” My current guest, Lois Tarter had been married for about 25 years when […]

Getting Help From Al-Anon

Wanting to be happy in your marriage is not wrong

We all know that marriage isn’t easy. There are periods when the relationship needs lots of work and isn’t fulfilling and hopefully these are outweighed by periods of blissful harmony. What do you though when our marriage seems like plain, old hard work all the time? My current guest, Stacey was unhappy for many of […]

Divorce Is An Option

An argument with your kids could be the catalyst for divorce

The vast majority of people I talk to work hard at their marriage. They respect their vows. They look for ways to resolve the challenges. Many of them held the view that,  ‘divorce is not an option.’  Then something happened. In the moment of that something, they see for the first time that divorce may […]

Knowing It’s Time to Leave Your Marriage

A health scare may help you decide to end your marriage

Today I’d like to introduce you to another brave and courageous lady who goes by the name Two Kids and A Fish. Her story is one of escaping domestic violence and doing her best to break the cycle of violence so her daughters don’t suffer the same fate. Two Kids and a Fish met her […]

Knowing It’s Time to End Your Marriage

You'll know when it's time to leave your marriage

Esther Adler didn’t leave her abusive marriage earlier in part because she didn’t realize she had options, she didn’t see or wasn’t ready to accept that she was being emotionally abused. I asked her what happened to change that, how did she know it was time to end her marriage? Here’s Esther: [contemplate1] I bartered […]

It’s Over – The Moment of Realization

In a single moment you'll when it's time to leave your marriage

Many women have shared how there was a single moment or incident when they knew their marriage was over, when they knew they had to leave. Here’s IronSpineSally’s moment: For me, it was a conversation that we had on the couch, where he told me he resented me for pretty much everything. I remember that […]

The courage to leave


When Andrea hired a private investigator to follow her husband she didn’t think she’d find out anything new: the women’s underwear was evidence enough that he was cheating. So when the PI told her she was married to a crossdresser, she didn’t believe him yet it soon became clear to her that it was time […]

Finding signs of cheating

When Andrea’s friend said she thought Andrea’s spouse was cheating, she couldn’t believe it. She knew the marriage was in deep trouble: he was restricting her access to money, they were fighting, there was no intimacy and his behavior was just plain odd. Truly, he was so difficult to live with, Andrea just couldn’t imagine […]

The Reason for the Sexless Marriage

A sexless marriage

After their disastrous, supposedly romantic getaway to New York, for Lisa the marriage was over but may be not for her husband. He made a last attempt to keep her in the marriage by finally telling her why it was a sexless marriage. Here’s Lisa: We got back from New York and I called my […]

When is enough enough?

Vasectomy Reversal

When I’m interviewing a guest, I usually start by asking them to give the background to their marriage and divorce, just basic details like how long they’ve been divorced, how old they were when they got divorced, how many children they have and so on. The question that most people struggle with is the length […]