Infidelity: It’s About Them Not You

Extramarital affairs are painful and challenging to understand

Many couples have to confront infidelity – one or both spouses admit to infidelity either physical or emotional in forty-one percent of marriages. It’s always painful and hurtful. Reconciliation is possible with hardwork. Without the hard, honest work the infidelity may continue and the relationship issues will undoubtedly continue. My current guest, Candi was married […]

What Will You Learn From A Separation?

Sometimes leaving your marriage means leaving a note

Deciding to end your marriage is a difficult decision often fraught with what-ifs and doubts. This is when a separation can be helpful. My current guest, Carol Round was married for twenty-eight years. During that time, her husband had repeatedly talked about divorce. In fact, it seemed like a seven-year cycle but he never pursued […]

Are You Sticking Out Your Marriage?

Is your marriage the marriage you want?

All marriages have their ups and downs, their good times and bad times but what happens when there’s more bad than good? When the sadness outweighs the joy? When the work outweighs the pleasure? Will you have the courage to make a change or will you stick it out in the hope that things may […]

Deciding To Divorce When Your Spouse Has A Mental Illness

The decision to divorce a mentally ill spouse is complex

Deciding to divorce when your spouse has a mental illness is a difficult, complex decision. It often involves first helping to get your spouse properly diagnosed and treated, and then figuring out the logistics of separating while also coming to terms with emotions of leaving someone who is sick. One of my readers, “Jeff” is […]

The Effects Of An Unhappy Marriage On A Child

You need to consider the effects of your marriage on your child as well as the effects divorce may have.

As parents, I think we are always concerned about the effects of divorce on children and we debate whether to stay together for the children. Another equally important consideration however is what effect is the marriage having on our children. My current guest, Fiona McGlynn was about eleven years ago when her parents’ ended their […]

Facing Infidelity, Again

reading your spouse's texts may reveal an affair

Some marriages do survive infidelity. It takes open, honest communication, commitment and a fundamental agreement about what being married means. What happens when you think you’ve got that mutual understanding and it happens again? The undeniable evidence of another extramarital affair slaps you in the face. That’s what happened to my current guest, Missy. Here’s […]

Sharing Your Marital Problems With Your Family

Sharing your marital problems with your family allows them to help you

People often keep the struggles between them and their spouse private but you reach the point where it’s time to share your marital problems with your family. How challenging this is depends on your relationship with them, the nature of the problems and how long you’ve been keeping them hidden. My current guest, Missy had […]

Trying To Save Your Marriage

Knowing and setting boundaries are fundamental to a marital relationship

Trying to save your marriage is a difficult and challenging time. While it can certainly mean working on your marital relationship, it often involves working on your self. Today, I’d like to introduce you to my next guest, Missy. Missy was married for almost thirteen years and she spent several years before the end of […]

Figuring Out Who You Are

If your souse stonewalls you, it's a red flag.

Getting divorced can mean a dramatic change in your lifestyle and if you’re weighing up your marriage, that can make it a difficult decision. There are always trade-offs and it’s a very personal decision that often starts with figuring out who you are. My current guest Suzy realized very early in her marriage that it […]

Covering Up For Your Husband

Are You Covering Up For Your Spouse?

I’ve come to realize that marriages are never what they seem from the outside. Husbands cover up for wives. Wives cover up for husbands. We cover up for ourselves and we make-believe that the marriages of others are the fairy tale marriages. When my husband and I split up, friends said, “We had no idea […]