Your Ex Can Still Be Part Of Your Family

Parenting With Your Ex | divorce support | Since My Divorce

People are often surprised when divorced couples stay connected and stay friends but if it's something you both want, your ex can still be part of your family post-divorce. Antonio Borello and his wife were married for about ten years and together for three years before they got married. They were friends and partners for a long time. While the level of conflict in their … [Read more...]

How Do You Make Parenting Decisions With Your Ex After Divorce

parenting decisions after divorce | divorce support | Since My Divorce

Making parenting decisions when you're married seems more organic, more transparent, there's more give and take, more compromise because you're functioning within the container of your marriage and you want that to work. The end of your marriage, means the end to that framework and you have to figure out how to make parenting decisions with your ex. Decision-making becomes more … [Read more...]

Accepting An Absent Dad

You can make your ex be the parent you'd like

When one parent is essentially absent after divorce, there are pluses and minuses. There may be fewer conflicts but there's less support for when times are tough, the lack of a role model/parent figure and less financial resources. But perhaps the most difficult challenge is accepting that your ex just won't/can't parent in the way you'd like and then getting your children to … [Read more...]

A Mentally Unstable Ex

Your ex's public image may be different from how he is in private.

If you're unlucky enough to have a difficult ex after divorce then one of the most perplexing, time-consuming puzzles may be trying to understand or rationalize their behavior. There's the argument that you shouldn't try. Just accept it for what it is because the only thing you can control is your own behavior and reactions. Conversely, understanding that there is a reason … [Read more...]

Your Ex – The Stranger in Your Life

Your ex - a stranger now

As you contemplate divorce or as your spouse tells you your marriage is over, you find yourself wondering who is this person you married. Who is this person you thought you knew? Divorce coach, Lee Brochstein it's a feeling that could stay with you for years to come. Here's Lee: [contemplate1] The first time your children are gone for a weekend, it is awful.  You wait and … [Read more...]