Podcast: What You Need To Do To Be In Charge Of Your Divorce

Getting divorce | divorce support| Since My Divorce

Regardless of whether it’s you or your spouse making the decision to get divorced and no matter how much you wish it wasn’t happening to you, the question you need to ask is what you need to do to take the charge of your divorce. While it is tempting to push it away, and let someone else deal with it for you, there is no escape: you’re going to have to cut through the … [Read more...]

Could You Survive A No Cell Phone Day?

No Cell Phone Day | Delfeayo Marsalis | Since My Divorce

When I was approached about reviewing No Cell Phone Day I will confess that I jumped to the conclusion that it was about getting your teenagers off their phones. While the concept could certainly apply to teenagers, No Cell Phone Day is a children's picture book that explores the idea of PARENTS and their children committing to a no technology day and how that could benefit … [Read more...]

The Great Escape: A Girl’s Guide To Leaving A Marriage

Writing About Your Divorce | divorce support | Since My Divorce

My most recent guest, Lisa Thomson kept a journal through her arduous divorce journey and then used that to write her book, The Great Escape: A Girl's Guide to Leaving A Marriage. She told me she was motivated to write it because at the time she was going through her divorce she couldn't find supportive resources. Thanks to the blogging world and self-publishing, there are more … [Read more...]

How Do I Get The Most Money For My Diamond Ring?

Selling your diamond ring after divorce

This is a sponsored post. Many divorced women are left with a diamond engagement ring which they no longer have any wish to keep. The good news is that diamond might actually be worth a decent amount of money and so you might ask, "How do I get the most money for my diamond ring?" To maximize the value of your diamond, follow these simple steps: Find A Diamond Buyer You … [Read more...]

Perfect Parents Do Not Exist: Forgive Yourself These 6 Parenting Mistakes

by Sara Bean, M.Ed. Guilt and parenthood just seem to go together. Maybe you lost control and screamed at your child today, or perhaps you’re struggling to give your kids enough—or you might be worrying that you’re doing too much. Whatever the cause, most parents experience guilt regularly. I’ve talked with so many people who were beating themselves up over something they’d … [Read more...]