Wisdom From Divorce: Find A Safe Place To Vent

It’s really important to allow yourself to feel your emotions during divorce. If you try to ignore them or squelch them, they’ll only come back later. The key however, is finding a safe way to express your emotions:

People in divorce should not drive in rage. You need to pull over and scream about whatever is going wrong. You need not to drive while you’re screaming. I was using the car as a place to vent and yell at things and scream and cry. I was really fortunate that I just backed into a parked car and nobody was hurt, my car wasn’t totaled but it was a wake up call. ~ Stacey

Stacey and her husband were married for over twenty years. Their divorce was a long time in the works and the divorce itself wasn’t easy. Stacey found help from Al-Anon and sought treatment for depression.

Cars may not be safe places while you’re driving but it feels safe to be inside them … normally, there’s no unexpected intruders and at least when you’re on your own, you have total control:) They’re also awesome places to listen to music REALLY loud. One of my favorites is Brandi Carlile’s The Story.

What’s your current favorite song?

  • http://www.planoattorney.net/ Roy

    It is extremely important to find that safe place to vent. It is equally important to find one or two friend (these are the really good ones) that will allow you to vent to them and offer sage counsel. Note, a parent and sometimes even best friend is not the best choice, these people tend to see things through your perspective. It is important to discuss your issues, in private, with someone who will be honest with you and when necessary help you adjust your goals to be realistic.

    That said, it is extremely important that the discussions be private. DO NOT SEEK NON-LAWYER COUNSEL VIA A PUBLIC FORUM! The worst nightmare of a trial lawyer is to have the other side show up in court with social media, blogs, postings on the internet or even questions on free advice forums by a client that are damaging to the case. A blatant example would be a person who posted in a popular free legal advice forum a question in which she admitted to committing the crime and she was asking if the arrest were legal. While all are not that obvious, the result is the same, don’t do it and if you do, think hard about the details/facts you put out there in the public sphere.

    • http://sincemydivorce.com Mandy Walker

      Great advice and a timely reminder, Roy.