How To Avoid Overeating This Holiday Season

You don't have to overeat during the HolidaysLots of people lose weight during divorce because they don’t take care of themselves. Similarly lots of people (like me!) gain weight and the reason is the same … we don’t take care of ourselves. Here’s an opportunity to change that:

With the holiday season fast approaching many of us are already worrying about how we’ll maintain our health and fitness in the face of all the goodies and temptations. In fact, the average American gains 5-7 pounds between Halloween and Valentines Day!

This doesn’t have to happen, if you have the right information and a solid plan to help you get through the holidays. And that’s why I was excited to hear about a free training from my good friend, Michelle Leath.

Join Michelle for this all-NEW 8-week teleseminar series starting on Monday, November 19 and discover how to survive the season without throwing your body under the bus!

Your Season to Break Free: How to Survive (and THRIVE) this Holiday Season, and Love What You See in the Mirror in January

For more information and to reserve your spot, visit

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