I Wish My Husband Would Die

Going through divorce is hard, traumatic. The thought of it can be so intimidating that people fantasize about alternatives like, “I wish my husband would die.”

Yesterday, I introduced you to Pippi (@runpippirun) who felt no chemistry in her marriage. She was very unhappy but wasn’t able to communicate that to her spouse because she was an “accommodater” – she was so good at putting on the happy face, she thinks she should have won an Oscar. Inside she was miserable and couldn’t see a way out. Here’s what she was thinking:

Wishing your spouse was dead|divorce support|Since My Divorce
Would your spouse dying be easier than getting divorced?

It got to a point where I just couldn’t imagine spending the rest of my life with him. At some point, I wished that he would die because I felt how am I going to get out of this marriage? There’s no way I’m going to be able to divorce him. Maybe he’ll be killed in a car accident.

I would fantasize about that  but I would feel such awful guilt thinking about it. I was a stay-at-home mom at the time and I had no means to leave the marriage. I created a fantasy world of what it would be like if I was not married to him but I just kept thinking, that’s never going to happen unless maybe if he were killed, if there were some type of accident. That would give me an out.

The Divorce Coach Says

You do read about wives who plot to kill their husbands and vice versa. Sometimes, they go through with the murder. It’s hard for me to understand what would drive someone to commit murder unless abuse is involved.  You always imagine it to be a very extreme situation or some mental illness involved. So when you hear a regular person like Pippi, say she wished her husband would die, it can be shocking.

It might be shocking but I’m guessing it’s not uncommon. It’s shocking because we don’t talk about it and we don’t talk about it because we’re not supposed to wish someone dead, because we feel guilty thinking it. It’s not Christian, it’s immoral, it’s not part of our values.

In the months before my husband and I separated, there were many times I thought it would just be so much easier if he died in a car accident. It wasn’t that I truly wanted him dead – I just didn’t want to have to confront the issue of wanting our marriage to be over. It would mean an end to the endless discussions we seemed to have each evening going over the same issues again and again. It would mean not having to wrangle over dividing our financial assets or a custody agreement. It would mean not having to tell the children. It would mean an end to this thing that was suffocating me.

It was a very superficial imagining because I never thought through any of the consequences such as how the children would feel. And sitting here today, it seems rather foolish and pathetic because the consequences of him dying would have been far, far worse than the divorce and would have created so much more hurt.

Wishing your spouse was dead is one of the modules in the Is Divorce Right For Me track in my online divorce coaching program, My Divorce Pal. There are over 50 modules in the program all designed to support you through divorce so you don’t have to do this alone, so you can understand your options and so you can feel confident about the decisions you’re making. It’s a monthly membership program so you can join for as long or as short as you want and it’s super-affordable – join today and you won’t regret it!

Photo Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ianhampton/ / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

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  • http://lianaandmason.com/dollhouse Liana

    I think the saddest part of the whole thing is that a great deal of her issues about leaving were financial. The idea of being stuck in a marriage for financial reasons (being unable to support oneself) is a terrible fallout of the choice to be a SAHP. I would never want to have to rely on someone else being what stands between me and fiscal disaster. How do we prepare our kids (mostly daughters) to avoid such income traps?

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/SinceMyDivorce SinceMyDivorce

      Very observant Liana and in tomorrow's post Pippi talks more about the financial issues. How do we prepare our kids? I remember my mom telling me "never be dependent on anyone" and she may have meant financially but I think my brain dropped that part and I was, to an extent, emotionally unavailable myself. This is quite a recent realization for me so I'm still sorting that one out and I don't know what to tell my 17 YO daughter. Thanks for visiting!

  • http://thedivorceencouragist.wordpress.com divorceencouragist

    The agony- for someone to feel so trapped that they almost wish for the death of their spouse! Gives new meaning to "a marriage shouldn't survive at the expense of its participants" I'm so glad she got out.

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  • http://intensedebate.com/people/SinceMyDivorce SinceMyDivorce

    Wishing your spouse was dead sounds awful but I don't think it's that uncommon and as I tried to say, I think it's more of a fantasy, a dream than a genuine desire. I also want point out that in our interview Pippi did say her ex is a wonderful father and that she didn't feel she was emotionally abused, rather it was a bad dynamic

  • nicole 86

    I wish i could write my answer in French. But, i will try in English. Yes, during many years, i have been dreaming to be a widow as the only possble escape. I am a teacher so money is not the main issue, but I feared to be the first one in my family to get divorced, I knew nobody would back me up. I could not even think about it.
    Two years ago my husband told me he wanted to break our marriage. I felt devastated because I knew what it meant : it was not a divorce , it was a repudiation. My parents keep asking how I managed not to be able to "keep" that wonderful husband. My daughters are adults and live far from me. I teach and in a small town where many places are forbidden because my ex is very well known and asked me to avoid where he is supposed to be.

    Yes, if i compare my situation to that of my ex mother in law wo is a widow, i am jealous. The family helps her, the friends phone. I am the one who failed and i feel rejected.

    Sorry for the mistakes, it's so hard to aknowledge that !

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/SinceMyDivorce SinceMyDivorce

      Hi Nicole 86 – thank you for commenting even when you have to do it English. I was just chatting to another lady who lives in a small town and said her divorce was difficult because everyone knew it was going on. Her parents were opposed and still are opposed to divorce. Are there places in town you'd like to visit but don't because of your ex? Are you feeling rejected because you've accepted the restrictions your husband has placed on you? What would happen if you went there anyway? Do you have a friend who would go with you? Don't you have as much right to go there as he does?

      I would encourage you not to think of yourself as having failed – you and your husband got married for good reasons and for whatever reasons, your relationship ran its course. Not having the support of your parents is hard but there are only two people who truly know what your marriage was like so don't let them judge you. You didn't fail. Be proud of yourself and what you are doing. You are your own person.

      Hopefully, Pippi's and the other stories here will inspire you.

  • Shari Hodges

    I just can’t resist. I used to lay in bed and stare at my ex husband and wish he was dead. Then I figured it was better to divorce him. He was an abusive drunk who drank up our savings, and later, he skipped out on support.

    This jerk got a job at the NSA in Washington DC, and of course, he had to lie on his security clearance. He also had to make sure that I never found out about it, or he would be in jail. I saw out here for 30 years never knowing he had a Federal job and Federal benefits for our daughter.

    This deadbeat spent his salary on his wife’s kids instead, just so he didn’t have to tell investigators he had skipped out on child support.

    When I found out, I picked up a phone, and I was going to say something like “well, thanks a lot” – but for some reason, I said “Aren’t you dead yet?”

    He sounded shocked, and he said “who is this?” I said, “This is your ex-wife, aren’t you dead yet?”

    He got all upset, then I said “well, you used to threaten to kill yourself if I ever left you, so I thought you would be dead by now.”

    He hung up the phone. Pretty funny stuff. ha ha ha ha ha ha

    The FBI actually came over to ask me about what I said. They couldn’t believe he was that dumb. he didn’t even get the joke. ha ha ha ha ha ha

    • Mandy

      I’m glad you can laugh at this now. Did he ever make good on the child support?

  • Anonymous

    I wish my husband would die every day. I am leaving him in August as I cannot take anymore.

    • Anonymous

      @JohnnaCal – feeling this way means it is absolutely time for to separate. Why August? Are you making your preparations now? Does your husband know?

      • Anonymous

        Yep preparing for taking back my life. I do not care if he knows or not. I moved to a foreign country for him only to be treated like cattle. I can taste the sweetness of stepping on the plane for the last time never to return.

        • mary

          been there got that t-shirt. And every once in awhile, you’ll still hope he drops dead, even though you do not have to put up with him every day. If you have had a kid with him and can’t just put it behind you, you’ll wish his death every day since you were dumb enough to have that kid with him and have to still deal with him. Been there. Still living it.

          • http://sincemydivorce.com Mandy Walker

            Hi Mary,
            Are you dealing with a difficult ex? I’m not – my ex and I have a very civil relationship. There were many times before our divorce that I fantasized about him dying – I know that was because it seemed like it would be easier than having the hard conversation. Now I’m through all that, I no longer have those thoughts. We chose each other for a reason at the time and we have two wonderful children. I wouldn’t change that. But as I said … he’s not difficult and that I understand makes a huge difference.

          • Ludy

            Ludy Sokol,
            I’ve been married for 30 years to Narcissist. I passed the feeling of hatred long time ago. Marriage Counselling DOES NOT WORK , especially if husband doesn’t want to participate. His death would definitely be of a great help, since divorce is out of option; I refuse to become homeless. How can you talk to someone who manipulate and twist your words, never really listens, refuses to see a problem, acts as the victim, than lashes out. This excuse of the husband is very good actor, outsiders would never believe what a true piece of work he is in reality. He is one heavy smoker, unfortunately cancer statistics not working for him. I pray to God to shaw me way out of this sexless loveless co-existence.

          • http://sincemydivorce.com Mandy Walker

            Ludy – You’re absolutely right – it takes commitment from both partners to make marriage counseling work. Have you consulted an attorney about your legal rights in the event that you did divorce?

          • Sue

            You are married to a passive aggressive by the sound of things. I was with a passive aggressive man for 27 years, he walked out of the marital home on 30th October 2013, and it was the best thing he could have done for me. Order the book Living with the Passive Aggressive Man ( sorry I can’t remember the American psychologists authors name). It was a
            real eye opener, it was the story of my life…. and maybe yours too. Good luck! You can live without him!

          • http://sincemydivorce.com Mandy Walker

            Thanks for sharing that resource Sue!

          • Mary

            Are you married to my husband?

        • cee

          Me too moved too a foreign country left all my freinds and family for my husband who has put us in debt and left me in a financial mess

          • JJ

            Contact your friends and family and get out. People will help you.

          • http://sincemydivorce.com Mandy Walker

            I agree with JJ – reach out to the people you trust and ask them to help you. Open up to them about the reality of your situation and you will find your path forward. It would also be smart to have a consult with an attorney both in your country of origin and where you are now.

            Wishing you strength and courage.

  • JustWantOut

    I’m so interested in reading the next blog on this subject. I feel exactly like you as the blogger…simply suffocating and eager to find my way out. Thank you for writing.

  • Anonymous

    I am leaving my husband in three weeks. But I still wish he would die for all the things he did to cause me to want to leave.

    • Anonymous

      @JohnnaCal – My two cents – try to let go of the bitterness you have towards your soon-to-be-ex; it’ll be easier for you to move forward. Have courage. I hope leaving works out for you. I think you commented before and I think you’ve been working on this for sometime. Take care of yourself.

  • Casilu63

    I too, was getting ready to leave my husband. I told him I wanted to separate and he convinced me to stay and try a little longer. He has been verbally abusive, non-supportive and even mentioned divorce a few years ago, but quickly recanted when he realized how much he would lose when I wasn’t there to literally handle everything from keeping the house up to paying the bills, while he plays golf, computer games or goes fishing. Now, I am sorry that I just didn’t leave him when I wanted to. Although he has made some minor changes, like not playing online poker every minute he is home, he still makes back-handed remarks and small insults.We cannot have even the most simple conversation that he doesn’t dominate and make me feel stupid, therefore, I try to avoid conversations, just making small talk. I am not a young woman, I am 63 and we have been married for 30 years. I cannot imagine living like this for the rest of my life, so yes, I have wished that he would die, because I do not see any other way out of this marriage. Testing my feelings, I find that I do not love him the way I once did, to much has happened while I was trying to be the good Christian wife. There is no intimacy from him towards me, he does not touch me, but wants me to touch him only. I feel like I am living the life of a servant, not a wife. I totally understand Pippa’s feelings. I am glad she was able to get out of her marriage. I just wish I could, now I feel trapped.

    • Anonymous

      @casilu63 – If you can’t imagine living your life the way it is now for the rest of your life, it’s time to make some changes. Would your husband go to counseling with you? Does he realize how unhappy you are? What is stopping you from separating now? What is your greatest fear?

    • Lupita

      I also understand u I have been almost thur the sane things but now I’m trying not to think about those bad thoughts and trying my best to work out things with partner

      • http://sincemydivorce.com Mandy Walker

        @Lupita – it always worth the time and effort to try to work out the difficulties in your relationship although it’s not easy. I hope you have a good counselor. Best.

  • Being Me

    I’ve thought this too, many times but have never aired it.. life would be simpler.

    • http://sincemydivorce.com Mandy Walker

      It can certainly seem simpler than the conflict in divorce. Does it help to air it? Most people feel guilty about these feelings.

  • KacyDaugherty78

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  • RenascentRose

    I have been married for three long years, that seems to never have an ending. I got married at eighteen, and am soon to be twenty-two. I have a two year old son now. I married my husband two weeks after meeting him. A month into our marriage, the verbal abuse had already started on a non-stop basis. I left him several times, but had nowhere to turn, to live. So of course, after he begged and promised he’d change, I came back. And of course, he never changed…never did… Nothing. I grew up in an abusive household myself. I watched my step-dad beat on my mother, my siblings, and myself for years. She is still married to him til this day. I have nothing to do with any of my family, and am stuck in a state, an area, a life, without any way out. This time last year, Social Services intervened and took my child away. He was only 8 months old at the time. Everyone kept telling me, “the environment is not safe for your child, the verbal abuse, the emotional abuse, it’s affecting your child. If you would just leave we will give you your little boy back.” Of course, I never left my husband. But we got our child back three months ago. He will be 2 in February. I sometimes wonder if I did the right thing to fight for him, my marriage, and to get him back. There was a couple that wanted to adopt my little boy, but they had only been married as long as my husband and I. Plus, that was not my only reasoning. I loved my son. I wanted to raise him, to be there for him. But now, even three months after he is back in the home, everything dismissed. My husband is a cruel, dark hearted person. He stated in front of everyone on Thanksgiving, that he hates being a dad, hates being married. And cannot wait for his son to be eighteen so he doesn’t have to deal with him. The thing is, my husband doesn’t even take care of my little boy, at any given moment. I do everything. From 5am-7pm at night. I do everything. My husband is unemployed, and is thirty-one years old. He plays video games all night from 6pm-6am. He goes to bed every morning by the time I am getting up. And when he wakes up at night, there is only two hours before I go to bed, and he is already on the computer again, with barely anything to say to me. Obviously, the smart thing to do would be to leave. I’m too scared. Of change, the unknown, taking care of myself, being a single mother. I am so stressed out all the time, that its once again beginning to affect my son. And I feel helpless, like there is no way out. I myself am at home twenty four seven. My husband and I live in government housing and pay no rent. We have food stamps and WIC. Everything…but nothing. I want so much more in life. I know there is more, but I feel so buried in my hole, that I feel it’s too far to the top. I am not sure what to do anymore. But I want a way out.

    • http://sincemydivorce.com Mandy Walker

      Dear Guest,
      I would urge you to contact your local domestic violence/women’s shelter. They will be able to help you formulate a plan for leaving safely. I know you say you’re scared of taking care of yourself or being a single mother but honestly from how you describe your present situation, how would it be so different? I’m encouraged, excited to hear you say you want more in life and it may seem out of your reach but dramatic changes don’t ever happen overnight. They come with planning, thinking through and then just taking one step after another and that’s where the people at your local shelter should be able to help you. Have courage … *hugs*

    • Sue

      Been there!!!! Don’t give up, but I will tell you this, you and only you can change this. You haven’t had enough or you’d already be taking the steps to get out. Start by trying to get a job, don’t care if it’s a minimum wage job, go get one. There are many many many programs out there that can & will help you. You stated you get food stamps and WIC already. There are programs out there that will pay or help pay your rent, get transportation, furnish a home etc. you won’t live in the lap of luxury but it’s a start. Yes it’s hard but certainly do-able, trust me I had 2 babies who were 2 days away from being 11 months apart. I did it and so can you. Nothing nicer than coming home to your own home and being able to do what you want when you want, and the only one you must answer to it yourself ( and your child) I can’t stress enough this is hard but can be done. How bad do you want it?

      • http://sincemydivorce.com Mandy Walker

        Thank you for sharing your story Sue, and your encouragement. I talk to so many people who took a long time to end their marriage and then with hindsight, say, although it was hard, they wished they’d done it sooner.

    • Mary

      Good Lord, that is heartbreaking. :(

      • http://sincemydivorce.com Mandy Walker

        If your husband and you are not willing to work on your relationship then you need to find a way to end your marriage and separate. Do you have friends or family members you can stay with temporarily? Check with your local court house for free clinics on handling your own divorce. You can also check with your local women’s shelter to see if they can assist you with formulating a plan.

        Wishing you strength and courage.

  • shawn

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  • unknown

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  • angelica

    My man died 6 weeks ago after 12 month illness where he required increasing amounts of oxygen. I was told 6 months previously that he was about to die and we moved heaven and earth to get him home from hospital.
    My wonderful strong man carried on for 6 months despite what everyone said. I stopped work and we spent nights and days together mostly with me watching him almost suffocate to death every day. one day in September when there was no one else around I lay down beside him and fell asleep, when I woke up he had gone. I never believe that my husband death was natural..cos i know those that did not want his progress, every night and day i always cry i fill like killing my self because things where hard on my side, my husband family throw us out of the house me and my children where on the street begging for food and water..cos no money any more. one of my friend that i have not see for a very long time saw my on a street and she called my name, when i turn i was an old friend of mine, i explain every thing that happen she gave us accommodation and told me my husband death was not natural she told me i should not worry she is going to help me, will contact Dr Opingo who salve family problems i explain every thing about my husband to him and he said he will help me know about the death of my husband i was very happy that very day…cos i no something was behind my husband death and i see who is going to help me out, Dr ask me to send my husband picture, surname, and his name i did every thing immediately. After Dr Opingo have use the information i send him, two weeks later my husband step mum confess that she was the one that kill my husband through sickness…i am so happy i am free because the family believe that i kill my husband to take over the properties. thank you once again HELEN my best friend for introducing me to Dr Opingo you can contact his email if you still need his help alterofcandletemple@gmail.com

  • Rob

    You sick fucks! Fucking c**ts

  • Miserable trophy

    My husband is a lazy bastard. Trying to get me to throw my son out of my home not his. He brought over $80k in debt to the marriage and is now retired trying to be the boss of my home. I have no debt. I hope every day when the lazy ass gets outta bed that before I find him in my lazy boy dead. A shame since he spent so much time dedicated to the community saving others. Maybe he should have started at home.

    • http://sincemydivorce.com Mandy Walker

      So Miserable trophy … what’s keeping you in your marriage?

    • Chrissy Caduceus

      I well understand the pain of having a husband who despises your children and of one who can’t be moved to do anything but sit on their ass all day long disturbing as much as possible. Every night when I lie beside him I hope that his breath will cease.

      • http://sincemydivorce.com Mandy Walker

        Chrissy – this is no way to live your life. What is keeping you in your marriage? What country do live in?

  • Miserable trophy

    Sick of lazy self serving men. When I was preparing myself for having something to offer a “real” man, apparently the real man was preparing to be the same ass he always was. Just some other chicks problem.

  • mavis

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  • Art

    Well, I think you should never wish any ones death how bad they may be. I am guilty of this and felt very bad. Sometimes anger over takes and you don’t use your commonsense and let the emotion take control, though in reality it’s you who has the control. My ex-wife did some very bad things to me and i sometimes can’t let go of the pain she caused. Though in time i come to realize its better to let the person live her life and respect each other. Well never wish someone death. I think if you have morale’s and a strong conscience you will feel bad wishing someones passing. It’s just not right. Life can be very difficult and sometimes we have to think clearly before we speak. Its difficult. Very.

    • http://sincemydivorce.com Mandy Walker

      @Art – I’m no longer surprised by the number of people who admit to thinking about the death of their spouse. I do know that if you are having these thoughts then your marriage is in serious trouble and it’s time to get competent help.

  • gracie

    It was when I started praying and hoping he would die, I realized, even though as a Christian I was not pro-divorce, that I had to end the marriage. I have other friends who have thought the same thing. Not so unusual I think.

    • http://sincemydivorce.com Mandy Walker

      Hi Gracie – I think you’re right – thoughts like this are not so unusual but people don’t talk about it. And yes, once you start thinking this, it’s definitely time to work on your relationship.

  • jenny

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  • tiredofmess

    I want to terminate my parental rights but I can’t, I’m stuck paying support for children I no longer want. no lawyer will.even consider my case because he receives state benefits. the only way my rights will be terminated is if I kill him. so thanks to the state for nothing. I would rather spend my life in jail than stay tied to kids I don’t want.

    • http://sincemydivorce.com Mandy Walker

      Dear tiredofmess – I have to say that I’m struggling to empathize with you. In all my interviews I’ve never spoken with someone who said they no longer wanted their children – it makes it hard for me to understand where you’re coming from. It seems like a very drastic step to take. Is it simply that you no longer want to financially support them or that you want to have nothing whatsoever to do them? How long have you felt this way? Are you contemplating harm to your ex?

    • Honestly!!!

      Seriously leave your kids out of it, please call a help line so that they are safe!!

  • maria de los angeles

    Definitely think theres nothing wrong with wishing your husband dies. I wish it everyday and I dont feel an ounce of guilt. My husband is an alcoholic idiot and I hate everything about him. I moved to a foreign country and now im stuck. I can’t work. Have young children and can’t go home. There’s no justice. If I leave ill basically will live in shit and can’t do that to my kids. Ive no escape. So if he dies life will be much better.

    • http://sincemydivorce.com Mandy Walker

      Maria – this is no way to live your life. If you have these thoughts on a daily basis then you need to find a way to leave. Have you had an initial consult with an attorney? You may be eligible for spousal support which would help you get to the position of being able to support yourself. If you’re able to work because of your immigration status, what would it take to change your status and how could you get started on that?

  • Dinae

    I’ve been married for 22 years and most of those years have been happy. 6 years ago my husband was in a car crash that left him permenantly injured. He works hard to support us but he is in agonizing pain every day. This pain will be life long and there is nothing that can be done medically to ease or remove it. We have 2 teenage children and one adult child. Because of his pain he lashes out almost daily and it gotten to the point that my children tell me in tears that when they’re out of school they’re leaving and never coming back. The thought of that crushes me. I hate being his whipping boy- verbally only, he’s never hit me. I hate what he’s putting me and my children through. When he’s kind he’s amazing but when he’s not he’s horrible. I’ve begun asking God to release him from his suffering, to take him out if this life. My life and the lives of my children would be so much better without him and he wouldn’t be suffering anymore.

    Is it wrong of me to ask God for this?

    • http://sincemydivorce.com Mandy Walker

      Dinae, you are in a very difficult position. While I understand his behavior may be a result of his pain it doesn’t mean that you or your children have to accept the behavior. Is there pain management therapy he could go to that would give him coping strategies? Have you been to counselling with him? You could also consider living separately … would that be an option?

      • Dinae

        Heelling because he thinks we’re fine. He won’t even go to church with me anymore because sitting in the pews hurts him. Pain management was tried and was ineffective because of the nature of his injuries. Living apart is out of the question because our finances simply won’t allow it. His doctors say the pain is something he’ll have to endure the rest of his life. In the meantime I pray constantly that God will take him out of all of our misery. I’ve never been more unhappy than I have been the last few years. I still love him- I truly do- and before this accident he was such a patient and fun guy. It changed him and he’s miserable physically and my kids and I are miserable mentally. Financially we’re in a very deep hole and I feel trapped and lost and I don’t know what to do.

        • http://sincemydivorce.com Mandy Walker

          I was wondering if there was more a therapist could do giving you all behavioral strategies for dealing with his pain rather than medication? I have no expertise in this area but maybe more about getting him to recognize when he’s taking his pain out on you and helping you draw boundaries around his unacceptable behavior, such as leaving the room or the house when he directs his anger at you.

          Is living separately within the same house possible? Drawing some physical boundaries so you have a place to retreat may help you.

          You might think in terms of renegotiating how you live together – if you ever had roommates you probably had to have a few sit down meetings and say what was bothering you all? It’s the same with your husband … make a list of what he does that upsets you and how you would like to deal with that, recognizing that you can’t make the pain go away. He can make his own list. You could consider using a third party mediator to facilitate the discussion.

          Have you sought debt counseling?

  • Uptown

    A lot of psychopathic women posting here. If you’re so insecure that you would rather wish someone dead then take control of your own life you’re pathetic.

  • just me alone

    I am glad my husband is dead!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mary

      me too!!!!

      • Nicole Comer

        I really wish mine would so I could be glad too lol

    • Cherlyn Solie


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  • just me alone

    My husband was not there for me in my hour of need! I took care of him through his illness and death of ALS Lou Gerigs disease. He was never there for me, and did not help me with my problems. Now I am going to commit suicide….

    • http://sincemydivorce.com Mandy Walker

      Just me alone – I don’t your circumstances so it’s hard for me to comment on your husband not being there for you in the past. I’m urging you to seek professional help urgently. Please call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline – 1-800-273-8255. It offers assistance 24/7. You can also contact them via the internet at http://www.suicidepreventionlifeline.org/.

      Wishing you strength and courage,


  • Ex

    I hate mine so much I wish he would f’n die EVERYDAY , I hate him so much , really he is a piece of sh*t!

    • http://sincemydivorce.com Mandy Walker

      Ex – Are you still married? Living together? If you are, then it’s absolutely time to consider divorce.

  • just me alone

    If your husband or wife is not there for you in your hour of need, then they are not really there for you at all. I was there through my husband’s many surgeries and his death through ALS. I helped him with every problem in his life! He was never there for me and he abused me. I AM GLAD HE IS DEAD! Now it is my time to die…………..

    • http://sincemydivorce.com Mandy Walker

      Just Me Alone – reading this made me sad. I thought the last sentence was going to say it was your turn to live and you were excited and happy. Are you terminally ill? I hope you have the support of friends and loved ones.

  • Samantha

    Wow i am so glad to see that i am not alone. I create my own fantasy world where he’s not in it either we got into a huge physical incounter that pushed me to leave or he cheated on me or in some cases he dies never horribly or anything but i do go further and can get in touch with the emotions of everyone invilved and then it makes me sad because i don’t want him dead i just want out. I would say i am abused others would but i am not sure if i would he is mean and controlling ect.. But he’s only hit me once a long time ago. I am scared to leave cause i am a stay at home mom with no income and he is vindictive enough to hire a team of lawyers to take my kids and my kids are my life i would never want to lose them so unfortunately it looks like i have to stay with my fantasy cause in reality i am stuck here hope everyone else out there can get out.

    • http://sincemydivorce.com Mandy Walker

      Hi Samantha – It’s very hard to leave in a situation like yours. Sometimes it makes a difference to start thinking about “when” rather than “can’t.” Even if that’s in five years time when say your children are in high school or in college, setting that as a target creates a empowering vision. Is there a way you could get part-time work outside of the home to start creating some income for yourself and building skills for full-time later?

      Wishing you strength and courage,


  • twistedlilgirl83

    as a warning Ladies, I wished my childrens father would die a thousand times. He was just awful at regular activities like working, coming home, and couldn’t cook. Cheated on me a million times, 2 outside kids, you name it, he done it. We haven’t spoke for 3 years and we have 3 kids. I went on with my life and got married the regular stuff. He kept partying and hanging out in the streets. I was so pissed off he was just allowed to go on in his life and forget he had a wife and 3 babies at home. So anyway, I wished him death over and over. I was so mad and angry that 9 years of my life was wasted on a such a shitty man. Then the phone rings in the middle of the night and my new husband turns on the light and just looks at me and says “******’s dead, His mothers on the phone.
    I hated him for just as long as I adored him. I hated that he couldn’t just make the right decisions to be normal. But I wish I could have tried to save him one last time. I wish I wouldn’t have wished that. I feel guilty. and that guilt will never go away. In a way I think it’s just another asshole way of making me suffer since he couldn’t do it by being my life. Another way, I feel my bad thoughts caused the karma ball to get to rolling. It has been and is the worst insatiable grief I have even imagined or experienced. At times in my life he was the monster but at other times he was my king.

    • http://sincemydivorce.com Mandy Walker

      Thank you for sharing this. As I said, when people think this, I don’t think most people truly want it to happen. They’re just looking for an easy way out or looking for the conflict to end.

      I would encourage to seek counseling – you would never have been able to save him and as long you keep thinking that you will have pain.

      Wishing you strength and courage,


  • Nicole Comer

    I left my STILL husband 5 years ago due to physical ,emotional ,and mental abuse . He still controls me through our kids and I wish he would just die. Sometimes, when I’m having to talk to him on the phone the whole time I think… I wish he would die now and I could hear it, just to make sure its true and I would smile and all the weights he’s been piling on me for years will just lift and I wouldn’t have to see a therapist anymore for ptsd and persistent depression, because he never goes away! I have deep rooted hate for him , hate I never thought I could be capable of… it’s hard to forgive and forget when you felt like you were in a hostage situation being tortured and finally released only to have to keep in contact with the monster, because you have kids. I just can’t take it anymore . He’s already drove me to a therapist , what’s next ? A mental hospital…

    • http://sincemydivorce.com Mandy Walker

      I can appreciate and understand why you feel the way you do. It sounds as if your husband still has significant control over your life.

      I’m glad you’re working with a therapist. Have you discussed boundaries?

      Do you think it would make a difference if you were divorced?

  • just me alone

    Still not finding any peace from my dead husband’s mental, physical, and emotional abuse. I helped him with every problem he ever had. His help to me: 0000000000000000000000000000000000000.

    • http://sincemydivorce.com Mandy Walker

      Just me alone – sorry to hear this. It sounds like he hurt you very deeply. Have you done any forgiveness work?

  • Regina Bruce

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