Media Kit

Advertising and PR with Since My Divorce

Welcome to Since My Divorce – a divorce support website destination for women, including a blog, newsletter and social media presence. The topics covered on Since My Divorce include legal, financial, parenting, emotional, and spiritual. Founder and owner, Mandy Walker is happy to consider proposals for advertising and PR for any products or services that are related to divorce and life after divorce.

Blog Statistics

Since My Divorce is over three years old and enjoys a growing readership with almost 15,000 visitors, more than 27,000 pageviews per month and 13,000 unique visitors per month.

Ranked in the top 300,000 sites worldwide in Alexa Traffic rankings, top 70,000 in U.S.

Google Pagerank: 4

Twitter followers: approx. 2,200

Since My Divorce is updated three to five times a week.

Ad Network

Since My Divorce is a member of the BlogHer Ad network, one of the top women’s blogging sites. As such, it is subject to the terms and conditions dictated by the network. Specifically BlogHer advertisements must appear above all other advertisements on a page.

Sponsored Posts

Mandy accepts sponsored posts for material that is directly relevant to Since My Divorce readers. If you are providing the content, the rate is $175 per post for 12 months. After 12 months, you may renew at the then applicable for a further 12 months to keep the post live. Since My Divorce reserves the right not to renew, to un-publish the post after 12 months or to keep the post live.

Mandy is also available on an hourly or project basis to write posts. Rates will vary depending on the project specifics.

Sponsored posts will be clearly identified as such and will appear without the BlogHer ads. Sidebar advertising other than the BlogHer ads will still appear.

Banner Advertising at End of Post

Are you interested in running a banner ad at the end of posts? The current rate is $100 per 12 months. Your ad will appear in rotation with other advertisements. The best size of ads for placement at the end of post is 468 x 60. End of posts advertisers are also mentioned in my email blog updates and periodic newsletters.

Here’s an example of a 468 x 60 ad:

Sidebar Advertising

Sidebar advertisements are accepted on a first come-first served basis and will appear on every page of the blog except for the Community page and the Resources page. Other than the BlogHer ads taking precedent, placement is negotiable. Three ad sizes are available: 300 x 250 ($60 p.m.); 250 x 250 ($50 p. m.); and 125 x 125 ($25 p.m.) Rates are negotiable if you are willing to commit for longer.

This ad is 300 x 250.

This ad is 250 x 250.

 This ad is 150 x 150.

Reviews and Giveaways

Mandy offers readers giveaways for divorce-related products or services and these programs can tailored for specific needs and goals. Generally, a giveaway runs for about a week with a minimum of two tweets a day. The giveaway will be also promoted with a “pinned” post on Since My Divorce Facebook page and a “sticky” post on this blog. Currently, there is no charge for giveaways.

If you would like your product or service reviewed, you would need to provide a copy of the product or access to your service and there may be a fee associated with review depending on the specifics of the review. The review will be Mandy’s honest assessment of your product/service and Mandy retains sole editorial control over the review. If your product/service is not a good match for readers then Mandy reserves the right not to publish the review. In this case, products you provided for the review will be returned at your expense.

Resource Directory

Since My Divorce also has a Resource Directory listing quality divorce-related products and services here. A listing is included for products/services offered in a giveaway, a review or as paid advertisement. Products/services/blogs are also listed in appreciation for a reciprocal listing.


If you think your product or service is a good fit for Since My Divorce readers and you’re interested in working with Since My Divorce, please contact via Mandy via email at or web contact form.

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