Going to school is scarier than becoming a parent

Michael Oh

I'm honored to introduce you to my next guest, Carolyn. Carolyn first shared her story in early 2010 and I encourage you to spend a few minutes reading that for background. In a nutshell, Carolyn's husband was cheating with her best friend and when Carolyn confronted them, he wanted them to work out an open marriage. That was not acceptable to Carolyn and she moved out. That was three years … [Continue reading...]

Fit4Love: Unconditional Self Acceptance

Not responsible

I thought I would be writing just one post about my Fit4Love Coaching Program with Sheila Paxton but if I squeezed this week's coaching session into one post, I wouldn't be doing it justice. I also think that the flirting assignment is essentially happy, this one is more serious and more emotional. My online assignment this week was to identify the positive and negative characteristics of my ex … [Continue reading...]

Fit4Love: Keep Flirting


This is the second week in my ten-week Fit4Love coaching program and if you recall from last week, my assignment was to practice flirting. That sounded kind of a big jump, to go from nothing to flirting but then my Fit4Love coach, Sheila Paxton explained all she wanted me to do was to make eye contact and smile. I didn't even have to say a word. I knew I could smile. At some point in my … [Continue reading...]

Grown up dating is different

Art Show

You know how it is when you start a new activity or interest? You start to notice the topic coming up more and more. Maybe you see more reports about "it" on the news or you hear your friends talking about "it." Sometimes it is a true increase in awareness about a particular topic but often times it's you being more attuned to the topic. Well, that's what's been happening to me since I started the … [Continue reading...]

Overcoming Bulimia After Divorce

Michelle Leath

Today I'd like to introduce you to personal coach and blogger Michelle Leath at The Power of Possible. Michelle also has a great Thirsty Thursday series on YouTube. Michelle has been going through divorce and has two children aged twelve and fourteen. She agrees that divorce is challenging but she also found it liberating. Here's Michelle: From bulimia to body image and beyond … [Continue reading...]

Choosing a credit card post-divorce

No matter how well you think you know your spouse, the end of your marriage may bring out some unexpected and unpleasant behaviors. I've had several women tell me their access to marital funds was cutoff by their husband. That happened to Grace and she now tells women that regardless of the state of their marriage, having a bank account and a credit card in their own name are … [Continue reading...]

Fit4Love: The Relationship Scan


In case you missed my news, I'm going through a coaching program called Fit4Love and I'll be blogging about it as I go. The program consists of ten sessions with the ultimate goal of making me feel confident and competent about dating and since it's been almost twenty-four years since I've dated, I really do need help. For each session, I have a homework assignment to be completed 24 hours in … [Continue reading...]