Podcast: How Do You Tell Your Children About Your Divorce?

Telling your children that your marriage is over is a conversation most of us dread. Do it well and in years to come they likely won’t remember the details; do it badly will make it a defining moment. So how do you tell your children about your divorce?

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How do you tell your child about your divorce?

In this episode of Conversations About Divorce psychologist Dr. Azmaira Maker joins Mandy to discuss:

  • The best time for this conversation
  • What you need to say and what you don’t
  • How to support your child after the initial conversation
  • The reactions you can expect from your child, and
  • If avoiding saying ‘divorce’ helps take the fear out of the conversation

Dr. Maker is the author of the newly published children’s book Family Changes: Explaining Divorce To Children. Featuring a colorful cast of fuzzy characters, Family Changes is aimed at children aged four through eight, helping them better identify, process and understand their own feelings, concerns and questions about divorce.

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