Podcast: Who Will Get Custody Of The Family Dog?

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Will you miss your daily walks with your dog?

Are you wondering who will get custody of the family dog in your divorce?

You’re not alone. With over 63 percent of American households owning pets, including more than 44 million dogs, it’s a question that more and more couples are facing and it’s  a question that can become every bit as contentious as issues around shared parenting time.

As a lawyer, mediator and education, Karen Covy is familiar with the arguments that often surround pets and divorce. She joins me for this lively and informative episode of Conversations About Divorce.

Listen to discover:

  • Whether pets are property or companions in the eyes of the law
  • How creativity may help you resolve your differences
  • Why any pet sharing agreement needs to be in writing
  • What situations a pet sharing agreement needs to cover
  • Why you need to be tuned into your pet’s emotions

Is fear of losing your pets keeping you in your marriage? Did you come up with a creative sharing arrangement? Would love to hear about your experience.

Photo Credit: While not involved in a custody dispute, Bauer is happy to lend his cuteness to this story. Follow Bauer on Instagram @lifeofbauer for more cuteness.

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