Divorce and uncertainty

Facelift surgery

Nancy's efforts to understand her husband's fetish and to save her marriage, led her to a career as a model for some adult-theme websites. Along the way, she traveled to Orlando for a photo shoot. It was after that trip that her husband said he wanted a divorce. That's where we join Nancy's story: [contemplate1] I was shocked when he said he wanted a divorce and I didn't think he'd really go … [Continue reading...]

Playing At Your Husband’s Game

Hermes scarf

After Nancy confronted her husband about his secret fetish, she was feeling hurt and rejected. She couldn't understand why he would prefer to look at women on the internet over being intimate with her. She was angry, she wanted to teach him a lesson. I think she was also trying to save her marriage. Here's what she did: He had this website where he was a member. It was just ladies wearing sexy … [Continue reading...]

Confronting your husband


In the first post with my current guest, Nancy, she talks about how she discovered her husband's sexual fetish, something he had kept hidden from her during their long marriage. It was a startling discovery for Nancy who was left feeling it was her fault. She knew the standard advice for saving your marriage but if they were going to try counseling, she would have to confront him. Here's … [Continue reading...]

Discovering your husband’s secret fetish

I'm starting a new series today and would like to introduce you to Nancy. Nancy lives in England although she's originally from Brazil. She went to England for a couple of months back in 1988 and ended up staying after she met the man who would become her husband. Officially, she's been married for twenty years now although her divorce started about three years ago following her discovery of his … [Continue reading...]

When There Simply Isn’t Enough

The emergency fund

When I asked readers recently for suggestions for money-related topics, one reader asked what do you do when there simply isn't enough? She's tired of hearing the standard advice on cutting back on expenses - she already tracks her expenses and she knows where her money is going. The lattes went long ago. She's working full-time in a decent paying job but she is the sole provider for her two … [Continue reading...]

Does Child Support Count When Applying For A Mortgage?

Suzanne Cramer

Today, I'm excited to share a guest post from Suzanne Cramer with CareOne Debt Relief Services where she blogs about divorce and finance. As a single mother, Suzanne has experienced many of the financial challenges of divorce first-hand. She's also been a guest on Since My Divorce a few months ago and you can read her story here. Time has passed, the scars from divorce are starting to heal and … [Continue reading...]

Week in review

First up, congratulations to Lee Block from The Post-divorce Chronicles. She wins the copy of Healed Without Scars by Carlos Phillips. Thanks again to Carlos for sharing his story and for giving away a copy of his book. This week has not been a great week in my reading around the web. Don't get me wrong, there's lots of well-written material. It's just that what caught my eye was not very … [Continue reading...]