Are You Ready To Date?

Dancing makes for a fun date

When I introduced Swati, who writes The Single Mothers Chronicles, I shared that she had just got married on New Year's Eve. So when Swati and I talked, it was natural that we would talk about dating and how she met her now-husband. Here's what Swati had to say about being ready to date and her early forays into dating: The funny thing is that when you get divorced, you feel like you’ve just … [Continue reading...]

Adjusting to life as a single parent

A shared parenting schedule can mean lots of car time for kids

For some people, divorce is the culmination of a slow, gradual move apart and they will tell you that divorce didn't have a huge impact on their daily life. For others, divorce is a dramatic, sudden change creating a seismic shift in daily life. Being a single parent, with full custody of a very young child makes that shift even more challenging and as Swati's shares here, we do nothing to prepare … [Continue reading...]

I just want full custody

Divorce Italian Style

Swati was in her early thirties when she got divorced about seven years ago. After accepting her husband's infidelity, she filed for divorce, at which point he started to harass her. The only way she could put an end to the harassment was to move out taking her young child with her. She knew her husband was a fighter, she knew she wanted full custody and she knew that negotiating their divorce was … [Continue reading...]

Ending the harassment

Once Swati saw the divorce red flags, accepted that her marriage could not be saved and filed for divorce, her husband started to harass her. They were still living together in the same house, Swati having been led to believe they were required to do so by the laws of Illinois until the divorce was final. Her husband was a fighter and there seemed to be no end to the negotiations. Then Swati's … [Continue reading...]

Red flags for a divorce

Today, I'm starting a new series and I'd like you to meet Swati. Swati is a fellow blogger and writes The Single Mothers Chronicles where she posts about life after divorce and now life as a blended family, since Swati got married again on New Year's Eve! Swati was divorced about seven years ago when she was in her early thirties and her daughter was under two.  Even before she was pregnant, … [Continue reading...]

Becoming a single SAHM

Megan was a SAHM to her three children before divorce and for the eighteen months since she and her husband separated, she's been able to continue as a stay-at-home mom. However, as a single mom now, that has meant making some changes to her activities recognizing that when there's only one parent at home, you simply can't keep doing it all. Here's Megan: [contemplate1] People used to ask me if … [Continue reading...]

A child of divorce

While Megan feels her children have adapted well to her divorce, she knows she has to be alert to emotions hiding below the surface. She knows that because she is a child of divorce. Here's Megan: [contemplate1] I was three when my parents divorced. My mom was married less than a year later and has been married for twenty-five years now. And I have no memories, no resentment, so I do wonder how … [Continue reading...]