Boundaries help with stepparenting

Knowing your children are safe and well-cared for when they are with your ex puts co-parenting on a different level. For starters, it's easier to build trust and communication.  Bringing new partners into the circle also adds another dimension that many of us have no experience dealing with. When Terry realized her former friend was going to be her children's stepmother, she and her ex talked … [Continue reading...]

When Your Friend Becomes Stepmom To Your Kids

One reason why divorce is painful is the feeling of rejection, rejection by your partner who's chosen to pay more attention to something else. That something else can be a multitude of things, drugs, alcohol, a sport or pastime, work, even your children. When there are third parties involved, I believe the rejection can be more painful because the choice appears more blatant. My current guest, … [Continue reading...]

Disciplining your children with your ex

Mom's Timeout

We all know that setting the rules for your children is just one side of the coin. The other side is what happens when they don't follow the rules. Again, this is an area were even happily married partners can disagree so what happens when you're co-parenting with your ex? Here's Terry: [contemplate1] It might be that it’s their dad's weekend, so Thursday night they’re with me. Let’s say my son … [Continue reading...]

Two homes, two sets of rules

House rules

One of the questions that inevitably comes up about co-parenting is how to deal with two homes, two rules. One of the benefits of a healthy co-parenting relationship with your ex is that it keeps the communication channels open for discussions about this. Here's Terry talking about how she and her ex work this out: My ex and I try to have the same rules at home and occasionally it can be … [Continue reading...]

Supporting each other in coparenting

My current guest is Terry who writes the blog, Scribblings of a Soccer Mom. It only took a few visits to her blog for me to sense that Terry is doing an awesome job of co-parenting with her ex. Terry says that moving past the anger and hurt of her divorce has helped her to co-parent successfully but above that is a philosophy to do what is best for the children. Here's Terry: We talk almost … [Continue reading...]

Moving past the anger and hurt

At the playground

In the first post of this series, Terry, described how she'd become complacent about her health, struggling with depression, restless leg syndrome and fibromyalgia while all the time knowing her marriage was also in trouble. After her husband moved out, Terry was committed to taking better care of herself and today leads a much more active life. I asked her to talk about the impact being healthier … [Continue reading...]

Being healthy after divorce

Softball for fun

Today, I'd like to introduce you to Terry who writes the blog, Scribblings of a Soccer Mom. Terry's first marriage ended more than three years ago after she and her husband had been together for fifteen years. She was thirty-five then and their two children - a girl and a boy - were eleven and nine. Both Terry and her ex are remarried now. At age twenty-seven, Terry was diagnosed with … [Continue reading...]