Being your own divorce attorney

Wrapping up this series on Katrina, topping off all of Katrina's issues is that fact that she has no divorce attorney to represent her in her child custody battle and divorce and her unemployed status means she's not able to afford an attorney either. Here's Katrina: [contemplate1] I don’t have a divorce attorney right now. I’m representing myself. My last attorney committed ethical violations … [Continue reading...]

Down and Out of Work

We all know how strong a mother's love for her child is and Katrina's determination to fight for shared custody of her daughter demonstrates that. But how does a court look at someone who is unable to find employment? If you can't find employment and have few financial resources, how do you find stable, safe living accommodations and how do you get food? Katrina's an educated, smart woman and yet … [Continue reading...]

When child custody gets ugly

Today starts a new series with Katrina. This is a little different from the stories I usually feature in that when I met with Katrina her divorce was not yet final. She's still in the thick of things and in an ugly child custody battle for her two-and-a-half year old daughter. She hasn't gained the perspective that comes with time and yet there were elements of her story that were compelling for … [Continue reading...]

Week in Review

Wow! Can't believe a whole week's gone by. Some posts that caught my eye this week: Claudia Broome - has a great interview with Michael Thomas and Deesha Philyaw. They are co-founders of SingleMommyhood - I often see interesting discussions around a reader submitted question on this site. Do I have a daddy? covers what to tell a child about an absentee dad who's a drug … [Continue reading...]

Seven Rules for Asking for Help

I’m adding to my list of Universal Truths about Divorce – divorce almost always means having to do more with less. There could be the same amount of tasks and errands to do as before but there’s no partner to share the burden. There could be less time available than before, especially if you’re working full-time and you used to work part-time or of you’ve taken on more parenting responsibilities. … [Continue reading...]

Putting the Joy into Christmas Cards


Yeap .. it's that of time of year again although I expect some of you are way ahead of me and already have your cards ordered or even purchased. Not me ... I'm just beginning to feel the panic of not having even chosen the photo to use this year let alone the card design. This is fairly typical for me and is one of the reasons I stopped sending Christmas cards a few years ago. I do still send … [Continue reading...]

The first divorce

Suzanne's biggest challenge and accomplishment after her divorce was succeeding as a single parent, with everything that entails. Getting married in college at twenty, meant Suzanne had never lived on her own or had sole responsibility for running a household. Yet, even with all that learning, Suzanne still says there was one thing that dominates as the most difficult task - being the first … [Continue reading...]