Parents to the rescue

Family Dinner

Jen was in her early thirties when her marriage ended. Realizing that she couldn't rely on her ex, she knew that supporting their three young boys would be up to her. With no college education however, her job opportunities were limited so she turned to her parents for help. Here's Jen: [contemplate1] I accomplished so many things this year, but I am stronger than I ever, ever thought possible. … [Continue reading...]

Don’t rely on your ex

Knowing the story behind Jen's divorce ... discovering her husband was a serious gambler and a pathological liar ... it should come as no surprise that he wasn't going to be someone to rely on after the divorce. There were somethings Jen knew right from the very beginning she was on her own and other things she's seen slowly slide during the two years they've been separated. Here's … [Continue reading...]

Telling your children about your divorce


Once Jen knew she want to end her marriage and she'd told her husband, they still had to tell their children. However, with some helpful guidance, it wasn't as bad as Jen thought it would be. Here's Jen: Our mediator gave us some what I thought was good advice. He said, Your children are going to mirror how you react, so if you sit down and have this ‘woe to me, my family is breaking up’ … [Continue reading...]

Deciding To End Your Marriage

Feeling safe

Jen's husband was diagnosed with cancer at about the same time she was coming to the realization that her marriage was over but between juggling work, her children and her husband's treatment, she needed time to think about the future. Here's Jen: I waited. I didn’t even know what I was going to do when he was sick. I was so occupied with trying to move my house and making sure my kids were … [Continue reading...]

Cancer won’t save a marriage


Jen had been married for fourteen years when her life was crumbling into financial ruin. Her husband was no longer employed although Jen wasn't sure when he actually lost his job because he'd told so many lies. She'd found out he'd been borrowing money to cover gambling debts and meanwhile she was working a low-paying job trying to keep the family afloat. Then came the devastating news that he had … [Continue reading...]

Pushing for the truth

Urgent Care

Yesterday, I introduced Jen who after almost ten years of marriage started to realize that her husband was a pathological liar, lying to her on multiple fronts, where he was working, their health insurance and how much money he'd borrowed. Much of what he was telling her wasn't making sense but there was always an element of plausibility. She started to push harder for answers. Here's … [Continue reading...]

Lies, Lies And More Lies

Can you trust a liar?

Today, I'd like to introduce you to my next guest, Jen who's been divorced now for just six months and separated for two years. In her words, this is not your average divorce story.  Jen had been married for about fourteen years when her husband was diagnosed with cancer. That's also when they separated. Hearing about someone getting divorced when their spouse has cancer is shocking but I think … [Continue reading...]