When no child support is a relief

Suzanne and her husband split up when their son was just a toddler. Suzanne has primary custody and her son is with her about ninety percent of the time. Aside from balancing motherhood and work over the seven years since her divorce,  Suzanne regards her most significant accomplishment as being able to support herself and her son, on her own, without any help. Here's Suzanne: [contemplate1] I … [Continue reading...]

Week In Review

I am unashamedly stealing an idea from fellow blogger Buck$some Boomer (@Bucksome). Each week, she writes a "week-in-review" post and I especially like the Editor's Picks section where she lists posts from other blogs that have caught her eye that week. I follow quite a number of blogs - probably not as regularly as I would like but when I find a post that seems particularly relevant to divorce … [Continue reading...]

Balancing motherhood and work after divorce

Workign from home is very appealing.

When Suzanne realized her marriage was over, she was working part-time. She knew that if she was going to support herself and her child who was just two-years-old at the time, that would have to change. Here's Suzanne: [contemplate1] Putting my son in daycare was hard. I've always been kind of a neurotic mother, so it was difficult for me to leave him with anyone other than his grandma, which … [Continue reading...]

Unclogging the toilet

A broken toilet is no fun

In my last post, Suzanne (@ADivorcedMom)explained that never having lived on her own meant acquiring new skills, such as learning to cook. I had lived on my own for about ten years before I got married and I knew how to cook but there were plenty of new skills around home maintenance that I had to learn. When Suzanne listed unclogging the toilet as one her new skills, I laughed. Here's … [Continue reading...]

Is it hurtful to want a divorce?

From time to time, I get readers contact me and ask me for my opinion on their situation, if I think they should get divorced. While I believe the decision to divorce is a very personal one and one that only the people involved should make, the perspective and guidance of others can be helpful. So typically I will respond with my thoughts. I'm in a correspondence with a reader currently and I … [Continue reading...]

Divorce means learning how to cook


Suzanne was still in college when she got married. That meant she went from living with her parents, to college life to living with her husband. She says that although she knew how to do lots of general things, like buying a house, there were simple things she'd never learned to do and getting divorced meant it was time to learn. Here's Suzanne: [contemplate1] I never learned to cook. My mom … [Continue reading...]

Five minutes to change a marriage

Today, I'd like to introduce you to Suzanne who goes by @ADivorcedMom on Twitter and blogs about divorce, debt and finances at Care One Credit. Suzanne was just 20 when she got married. After six years, she felt she was thinking about divorce but wasn't sure if it was the right decision. Then, as her son's second birthday approached, she filed for divorce. I asked how she knew it was time, what … [Continue reading...]