Not the primary parent anymore


My current guest is Carlos Phillips, author of Healed Without Scars and founder of the Healed Without Scars Ministries. Carlos was married for seven years when his marriage ended. He's father to two boys who were just six and two at the time. For the past nine years or so under their parenting plan, he's been their primary custodial parent. That changed in August last year when his ex became the … [Continue reading...]

Being The Rock Star Dad

Ten years ago Carlos and his wife of seven years ended their marriage. Their two boys were just six and two. Carlos became the primary custodial parent, an arrangement that even today is unusual. I asked Carlos to talk about what it meant as a father. Here's Carlos: Our very first run at the splitting of the schedule, the boys were there at their mom’s house one school week, then with me, but … [Continue reading...]

The honesty to forgive


In the first segment about Carlos he talked about the importance of forgiving your ex AND yourself after divorce and I agreed that it is key to finding that inner calm and happiness. I think forgiveness is a process, it takes time. It's not like getting a new job or buying a car which you can cross of the to do list and say that's done. Realizing what it is that needs to be forgiven also takes … [Continue reading...]

Forgive your ex and forgive yourself


Today I'm starting a very special series. Why is it special? It's special because my guest is a gentleman called Carlos Phillips. This is only the second interview I've done with a man about life after divorce but when Carlos contacted me, I knew I had to grab this opportunity. Following his divorce, Carlos wrote a book, Healed Without Scars because as he says there are lots of books about life … [Continue reading...]

A happy life after divorce

Creating a happy life after divorce

Today, I'm wrapping up Swati's series and for this final segment, I asked Swati what she considered to be her greatest accomplishment. It wasn't having the courage to end her marriage and it wasn't committing to a new love. It was creating a happy life. Here's Swati: I think creating a really positive and happy life and household for myself and my daughter is my greatest accomplishment, because … [Continue reading...]

Creating a happy blended family


Swati's daughter is about ten now and Swati's new husband has a sixteen-year-old and a twenty-two-year-old. Swati's daughter lives with them almost all the time while her husband's youngest comes to stay every two or three weeks. His eldest daughter is away at college. I asked Swati what tips she and her husband had for creating a happy blended family. Here's Swati: [contemplate1] I have a … [Continue reading...]

Making online dating work for you


We left Swati in Are you ready to date? at 11:30 at night about to swoop into action in online dating. You already know she was married this past New Year's Eve, so exactly how did she find her new partner? Here's Swati: [contemplate1] Match looked like I had to do too much writing myself, and I was getting tired, so I picked eHarmony. I have to say the surveys were much longer than I thought … [Continue reading...]