When Divorce Is Not An Option

Wedding vows are a central part of most wedding ceremonies. Perhaps more than the legalities, it is these vows and our beliefs in marriage that make ending a marriage so hard. They're what make us believe that divorce is not an option. Today I'd like to introduce you to Molly who writes the blog, Postcards from a Peaceful Divorce. Don't be fooled by the blog title. Molly would be the first to … [Continue reading...]

Adding new partners to the coparenting mix

This is the last post in this series with author and marriage and family therapist, Judy Osborne about her book, Wisdom for Separated Parents. The interviewees in the book have all been through divorce but unlike most of my guests, there's been a significant passage of time since the end of their marriages. For some, it's ten years while others it's over thirty years. Inevitably, there are stories … [Continue reading...]

Bound to your ex through commitment and events

For my current series, I talked to author and marriage and family therapist, Judy Osborne about her book, Wisdom for Separated Parents. The book is a collection of stories from divorced parents, about how they've stayed connected over the years and seeks to create a new model for families after divorce, a model on continuing kinship. In my interview with Judy, I asked her what it took for former … [Continue reading...]

Still Connected To Your Ex After Thirty-Six Years

Wisdom for Separated Parents

When you get divorced and you have children together with your STBX, chances are you'll stay in touch. You could even still be connected with your ex after thirty-six years of living apart. Continuing with this series about my interview with author and marriage and family therapist, Judy Osborne, Judy talks about her own separation and some of the transitions in her relationship with her ex. … [Continue reading...]

Separations shape your relationship with your ex

When author and marriage and family therapist, Judy Osborne and I talked, she introduced me to the idea that there can be many separations in a marriage. In her guest post about separations she talked mainly about those that happen during parenting. Those aren't the only ones. A job promotion or a new job that requires more hours away from home, a new pastime such as bicycling or fishing, perhaps … [Continue reading...]

Wisdom for Separated Parents

College Move-in Day - a family affair

Today begins a new series with author Judy Osborne. As a marriage and family therapist, Judy has seen many former partners effectively reinvent themselves, expanding and reclaiming the family circle as kin. She's seen them successfully navigate family life post-divorce, breaking societal norms of how divorced partners are supposed to behave. Her book, Wisdom for Separated Parents is a collection … [Continue reading...]

How to Use Credit Wisely After a Divorce


It's the beginning of the month and that means it's time for another great post from guest money blogger Suzanne Cramer. This month's focus is on credit. Here's Suzanne: [contemplate1]If you are in the throws of a divorce, balancing a checkbook, paying bills, and applying for credit are furthest from your mind. But, if you are going to be on your own you will need a crash course on all … [Continue reading...]