Trading a man for a cat

Judy's divorce cat

Through talking to so many women about divorce for my blog, I've come to understand that almost every aspect of divorce is highly individual. There are so many variations, no standard one way and that's a good thing. For me, once my husband had accepted that our marriage was over, I wanted to move ahead with the legal process, to resolve the loose ends. I felt that until that was done, I would be … [Continue reading...]

The divorce was not about me

When Judy talked about coming home to an empty house after twenty-eight years of marriage, she said she knew all along it wasn't about her. She always felt that her husband's decision to leave was related to his mental illness, issues that he needed to work on but chose not to. Here's Judy: [contemplate1] My husband had gone through many stressful job situations, was diagnosed with lymphoma and … [Continue reading...]

Coming Home To An Empty House

I'm starting a new series today featuring Judy but before I introduce you I just want to give a plug to my book giveaway  - you could be the lucky winner of a copy of a Lisa Scottoline book - the two that I have to give away are very lighthearted and entertainment. Please take a few moments to enter here. Entries close at midnight (MT) on Sunday December 12. Now, please meet Judy,  a remarkable … [Continue reading...]

Putting divorce on hold for the holidays

I'm working on an article about couples who held off or who are holding off on divorce until the Holidays are over and am looking to interview men or women in this situation. Questions might include why the decision to hold off, whether you've made any change to your usual Holiday plans and how you're coping emotionally. You would be able to use a pseudonym in the article to protect your privacy. … [Continue reading...]

Making life good after divorce


This is my last post in Julia's series and talking about her greatest accomplishment seems like a good way to wrap up. For a woman who's overcome emotional control/abuse, obtained her master's and school principal's license and undergone weight loss surgery while raising two children, just a year apart in age, Julia has accomplished much. When I asked her the question though, she said none of … [Continue reading...]

Give the gift of a picnic


Browsing 1001 Picnic for ideas for Christmas gifts, I came across this wine case: Called the Escape from the Platinum Collection, this case has a hard outer shell which I like - it'll help protect that special bottle of wine from knocks and you can be sure that you'll arrive at your destination with your wine intact. The section for the wine is also insulated so that nicely cooled … [Continue reading...]

Sticking with Mrs after divorce

Julia has been divorced for nine years now and along with having child custody issues to contend with, she still wonders about changing her name. At the time of the divorce, she decided to keep her married name. Now she's not so sure. Here's Julia: [contemplate1]  I stuck with Mrs. for three or four years after our divorce and then I finally moved to Ms. still with my married name though. The … [Continue reading...]