Book Review: Nothing To Wear

Nothing To Wear

A couple of months ago, I was the lucky winner of a copy of Nothing to Wear? A 5-Step Cure for the Common Closet by Jesse Garza and Joe Lupo From Visual Therapy. I didn't know at the time what the book was about and I'd never heard of the authors but flipping through it made me interested enough to take it on vacation. I devoured it before we even reached Thailand and now I'm just itching to … [Continue reading...]

The family vacation

Family dining in Bangkok

I'm happy to say I'm back from vacation and trying desperately to adjust back into my work/blogging routine but this jetlag is very challenging. I've been back for four days now and I'm still waking up at 3 a.m. My boss told me today that the guideline is one day for every hour of time difference. Thailand was thirteen hours ahead of Colorado so does that mean I'm going to be feeling like this for … [Continue reading...]

Finding Your Pilot Light Lover After Divorce

Cathy was another lady I interviewed very early on in this project and I wanted to share her story again because it is another story of hope. Cathy was with her husband for twenty-nine years and says it was a troubled marriage from the start. Over the years, she built a protective cocoon around herself and shut herself down both emotionally and sexually. When we spoke, Cathy described … [Continue reading...]

When a child says life after divorce is better

I like to think that a big discussion in any divorce is how the children will react. What impact will divorce have on them? What can you do to insulate the children from the pain? It’s a question I always like to ask my interviewees. Kathleen Christensen’s daughter was seven when Kathleen and her husband decided to end their marriage. When I asked Kathleen about her daughter, what she said was a … [Continue reading...]

Transforming your relationship with your ex

A gift

It’s been over four years since Kathleen Christensen and her ex separated. Their divorce was challenging, fraught and exhausting. Using the collaborative divorce process, however, they were able to build a foundation for their new relationship as co-parents. Now, unlike with many traditional divorces, Kathleen is able to see the positives in her ex. In the final segment of Kathleen’s story, here’s … [Continue reading...]

Getting to a settlement through your child

When I was getting divorced, I remember being very close to having a final financial agreement but my ex was balking on a final point. At the same time, my attorney was telling me she would have to start preparing to go to court if he didn’t sign soon. I really hoped to avoid the expense associated with a court hearing. So when Kathleen Christensen, who was using the collaborative divorce process, … [Continue reading...]

Safety And Flexibility In A Detailed Parenting Plan

In the previous post about developing a parenting plan around your child, Kathleen Christensen shared that the relationship between her and her ex had gotten so bad at one point that Kathleen would only talk about substantive issues if they were meeting with their lawyers or their psychologist. Amazingly, Kathleen says, now, after three years of living apart they are able to talk to each other and … [Continue reading...]