Red flags for a divorce

Today, I'm starting a new series and I'd like you to meet Swati. Swati is a fellow blogger and writes The Single Mothers Chronicles where she posts about life after divorce and now life as a blended family, since Swati got married again on New Year's Eve! Swati was divorced about seven years ago when she was in her early thirties and her daughter was under two.  Even before she was pregnant, … [Continue reading...]

Becoming a single SAHM

Megan was a SAHM to her three children before divorce and for the eighteen months since she and her husband separated, she's been able to continue as a stay-at-home mom. However, as a single mom now, that has meant making some changes to her activities recognizing that when there's only one parent at home, you simply can't keep doing it all. Here's Megan: [contemplate1] People used to ask me if … [Continue reading...]

A child of divorce

While Megan feels her children have adapted well to her divorce, she knows she has to be alert to emotions hiding below the surface. She knows that because she is a child of divorce. Here's Megan: [contemplate1] I was three when my parents divorced. My mom was married less than a year later and has been married for twenty-five years now. And I have no memories, no resentment, so I do wonder how … [Continue reading...]

Children may adapt to divorce better than you

Megan has been divorced for six months and separated for about a year previous to that. Her three children are young - eight, five and three. How children cope with a divorce is always a concern, no matter how old they are - Evvy's children were adults when her divorce caused them to reassess their childhood. Two influencing factors are the amount of change and how the parents handle the change. … [Continue reading...]

Being alone after divorce

As a twenty-eight-year-old recently divorced mom to three young children, Megan is finding her feet. She's trying to figure out how she can be at home with her children while making sure she has the income to pay the bills. Adjusting from a comfortable, financially-secure married life is scary and for Megan what's been even harder is being on her own. Here's Megan: [contemplate1] I think one of … [Continue reading...]

Stay at home or work?

Megan has been a stay-at-home mom to her three children aged eight, five and three for about four years now but with her alimony running out in six months she needs to think about going back to work. With no college degree, her earning power is limited and she weighs that against the cost of daycare and wonders if it's worth it. Here's Megan: [contemplate1] In the state of Florida, unless … [Continue reading...]

Living up to expectations

In the first post in Megan's story - Should never have got married - Megan said she'd got married because she was pregnant and then stayed because of the financial stability. She was a stay-at-home mom during her five-year marriage and so far, through a combination of savings, financial support from her parents and alimony she has managed to continue as a stay-at-home mom to her three children … [Continue reading...]