Divorce Ceremonies – why they matter

Celebrant Michele Davidson

Early on in February, I ran into Vancouver-based celebrant, Michele Davidson through Twitter. It was one of those completely by accident online meetings but one that you get the sense was meant to be. Along with celebrating all the usual major events in life, Michele creates divorce ceremonies. The very name struck a chord bringing to mind something spiritual, intentional, honorable - a way to … [Continue reading...]

Freedom with a GPS


This is the last segment in Nancy's series - this has been a challenging series because despite having been separated for three years, Nancy still has a long healing journey ahead of her. Her story is not without its victories though - Nancy has learned to drive herself. It might not sound like much, but I'll leave Nancy to explain... [contemplate1] While I was married, I didn't need to know … [Continue reading...]

Reader Question: What’s the etiquette with grandparents?

A reader recently wrote and asked this question: For the last couple years, I have sent two cards with pictures of the kids to their grandparents on my ex's side. He emailed me recently and is very angry that I have sent pictures and has asked me to discontinue this odd behavior. What is the etiquette regarding grandparents? Seems like they would still want contact with the … [Continue reading...]

When your ex starts dating

Online dating

Continuing Nancy's story, she was married for about seventeen years when she discovered that her husband had been secretly storing her unwanted clothes for years. He would wear her clothes in secret while viewing adult websites. While she tried playing his game, she couldn't light the fire on their intimacy and their marriage ended. That was almost three years ago and unfortunately the legal … [Continue reading...]

Divorce and uncertainty

Facelift surgery

Nancy's efforts to understand her husband's fetish and to save her marriage, led her to a career as a model for some adult-theme websites. Along the way, she traveled to Orlando for a photo shoot. It was after that trip that her husband said he wanted a divorce. That's where we join Nancy's story: [contemplate1] I was shocked when he said he wanted a divorce and I didn't think he'd really go … [Continue reading...]

Playing At Your Husband’s Game

Hermes scarf

After Nancy confronted her husband about his secret fetish, she was feeling hurt and rejected. She couldn't understand why he would prefer to look at women on the internet over being intimate with her. She was angry, she wanted to teach him a lesson. I think she was also trying to save her marriage. Here's what she did: He had this website where he was a member. It was just ladies wearing sexy … [Continue reading...]

Confronting your husband


In the first post with my current guest, Nancy, she talks about how she discovered her husband's sexual fetish, something he had kept hidden from her during their long marriage. It was a startling discovery for Nancy who was left feeling it was her fault. She knew the standard advice for saving your marriage but if they were going to try counseling, she would have to confront him. Here's … [Continue reading...]