When Your Husband Does Drugs

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My current guest is Antonia Ragozzino , author of Taking Out The Trash, a fictional tale based on Antonia's journey after divorce. Antonia is thirty-nine years old now and since the age of twenty-four she's been married twice and divorced twice. Both her husbands became drug users. Here's Antonia: I had lived such a sheltered life, I had never even seen drugs before. So I was clueless for two … [Continue reading...]

Taking out the trash – meet the author

Taking Out The Trash

My next guest is Antonia Ragozzino who has just published her first novel, Taking Out The Trash. The book is fiction although Antonia has based the main character, Ella on herself and on her journey after divorce. Here's Antonia: I am 39 years old. I was married at twenty four and divorced the first time at twenty-eight. It was a very trying time. It was basically a rough time with … [Continue reading...]

Going back to school as a single mom

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Once Jen realized she was going to have to support herself and her children financially, quite possibly forever, she knew that low-paying jobs weren't the answer. If you're already working as many hours as you can, the only way to grow your income is to increase your pay rate. For Jen, that meant going back to school to gain a teaching qualification. Although that makes a lot of sense, time spent … [Continue reading...]

The Marital Home – Should You Stay Or Go?

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My last guest, Jen lost her marital home because of her husband's gambling addiction. So when it came to divorce there was no decision to make about the marital home. It was already gone. For many couples however, the marital home represents their largest financial asset and so the decision about what happens to the home tends to be one of the earliest decisions in the division of assets. It is … [Continue reading...]

Talking about divorce

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I have some staple questions I like to ask my guests such as, "What do you regard as your most significant accomplishment since your divorce? Why is it so significant?" In this final post in Jen's story, Jen responds to another staple, "How has your view about divorce changed?" Here's Jen: [contemplate1] I’ll be honest, I would say I was probably pretty judgmental about other people who had … [Continue reading...]

The power of prayer


I believe that all divorces are traumatic and emotionally difficult but there are some divorces that are especially challenging, like Debbie who found out her husband was a pedophile, like Kay whose husband came out as gay after twenty-five years and like Barbara who was left with virtually nothing when her husband left to be a dealer in Las Vegas. Jen's divorce was devastating - realizing she … [Continue reading...]

Would you consider this dating?


Jen has been separated for some eighteen months now and legally divorced for six. She's got her hands full with working and going to school and raising her three boys but she's getting her life back on track with her parents' help. So is there any room for dating in her life? Here's Jen: [contemplate1] I have dated. Not much. I dated this one guy who I really liked, and it cooled off very fast. … [Continue reading...]