Parenting: Normal Differences and Formal Separations

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Judy Osborne, author of Wisdom for Separated Parents:Rearranging Around the Children to Keep Kinship Strong. Through interviews separated parents, Judy uncovers another trait of Baby Boomers: the concept of separated family members as "kin," forever linked by love for, and responsibility to, their children. When Judy and I talked, we chatted about … [Continue reading...]

Budgeting 101: Keeping Track of Your Money

In an on-going series about learning to manage money after divorce, guest blogger Suzanne Cramer guides us through creating a budget: Now more that ever it is important to have a budget in place. As a single person your household relies solely on you to develop a budget and stick to it. Don’t keep yourself in the dark about where your money goes; find out by organizing your finances in a … [Continue reading...]

What women need to know about money

American Express card

Grace knew her husband was not going to react well to her filing for divorce even though he no longer wanted to be married. She did not guess however that he would cut her off from all their money. It was a hard lesson in self-accountability, one that Grace says all women should learn. Here's Grace: [contemplate1] Please tell women, they have got to have at least one credit card in their name … [Continue reading...]

Learning to put yourself first

Grace has been divorced now for over four years and during that time she went back to school and got a degree in English so she could write. She had tried to write during her marriage but her husband would ask her why she couldn't just be happy being a wife and a mother so she'd put her pen down. She now has her Looks Great Naked blog and is working on a book and that's proof that along her … [Continue reading...]


Cleaning the toilet

Grace feels that her children have suffered immeasurably because of her ex's behavior.  Grace's Eviction or Excision post retold the story of when she took the children for a quick getaway to the family condo in Florida before the divorce was final. Once they got there, there was no trace of any family belongings; clothes, toothbrushes and photos had all been hidden away. They found it all hidden … [Continue reading...]

When there is no co-parenting

Grace's comment about her children never staying with her ex, caught my attention because it's very rare that courts will block a parent from parenting time. So I asked her what their parenting schedule looked like. Here's Grace: [contemplate1] He was supposed to have them every other weekend and half the summer, every other holiday, the standard custody arrangement but he refused to take them. … [Continue reading...]

Could you leave your child?

Practice flirting with a smile

When Grace got divorced her children were aged fifteen, thirteen and ten. Her divorce and it's aftermath was so ugly that four years into it, Grace made the gut-wrenching decision to move to another state. Her two eldest children were no longer living at home, but that decision meant leaving her son with his father and becoming a non-custodial mother. It was not an easy decision but it was a life … [Continue reading...]