Losing weight after divorce

When Julia made the decision to end her seven-year marriage, she was making a decision to reclaim her life. That meant rebuilding her self-esteem by going back to teaching and furthering her career by going back to school.  It also meant undergoing gastric bypass. I asked Julia to talk about why that was important to her. Here's Julia: [contemplate1]To be thin was something I had always wanted … [Continue reading...]

Getting your children to support you

After Julia's husband said he wanted a divorce and moved out, Julia recognized she needed to rebuild her self-esteem. For Julia, that meant going back to teaching. She found the perfect opportunity and soon it wasn't only her students who recognized her excellent teaching skills.  Being a self-admitted over-achiever, Julia wanted more but the path forward was blocked. Enlisting the support of her … [Continue reading...]

Rebuilding your self-esteem after divorce


Julia had been married for seven years when she decided being a single parent would be better than staying married. Being an over-achiever, Julia had tried her hardest to keep all the "rules" her husband set out but there was no way she could and ultimately she didn't feel very good about herself. Julia knew that needed to change. She knew she needed to rebuild her self-esteem and almost as soon … [Continue reading...]

When being a single parent is better than marriage


At first when Julia's husband told her he wasn't going to counseling anymore and he wanted a divorce, she begged him to stay. He left and five months later when he said he wanted to be with her, Julia said no, she'd rather be a single parent. I asked her why she changed her mind. Here's Julia: I had a lot of time to review what life had been like married to him and even dating him. There was … [Continue reading...]

Counseling doesn’t come with a guarantee

Today, I'd like to introduce you to Julia, a lady whose story reminds me of the role played by Julia Roberts in the 1991 thriller, Sleeping With the Enemy. Her story starts out like a fairy-tale. Julia and her husband met when they were toddlers together in a summer daycare program. They went to the same high school but didn't start dating until she was a junior in college and he was a senior. … [Continue reading...]

Wildflower Women’s Foundation

In my last post, I introduced you to Leslie Matthews who explained why she believes it's imperative to use a divorce attorney in certain situations, and especially Katrina's child custody battle.The dilemma of course, is coming up with the money for a retainer which may be as much as $5,000. Today, I'd like to introduce you to a remarkable lady, Joan Rogliano who's working on a solution to that … [Continue reading...]

When an attorney is imperative

Katrina's situation really bothers me. How is that when a person seems to be most in need of help, there is no help? Could/should she be representing herself in this custody battle? Was she being realistic being her own divorce attorney? I called Leslie Matthews, managing partner with the Denver-based law firm of Matthews & Matthews which specializes in family law and I outlined Katrina's … [Continue reading...]