Honoring my feelings

Hindsight by Maryanne Comaroto

One of the questions I typically ask when I interview women is, "What do you regard as your most significant accomplishment since your divorce?" I phrase it this way because I want to hear about an accomplishment that is meaningful to that person and that may be very different from what our society regards as an accomplishment. What's hard for me may not be hard for you - an accomplishment … [Continue reading...]

Trusting my intuition

A few months ago, blogger Swati from The Singe Mothers Chronicles invited me to write a guest post about something positive I'd learned from my divorce. My post was about how my divorce had taught me to trust my gut or my intuition. For those of you who missed it, here it is: [contemplate1] Divorce, for me, was and continues to be a learning opportunity, mostly about me. One of my most valuable … [Continue reading...]

A future of endless possibilities

Although Jenni has been divorced for less than a year, her healing began some years earlier when she was in rehab for drug and a possible sex addiction. She's continue with therapy off and on over the years and that has helped her to develop what I think is pretty healthy perspective on her past. Here's Jenni: [contemplate1] The counseling I’ve done over the years has helped me understand why I … [Continue reading...]

A Better Mom After Divorce


Jenni has been divorced for less than a year and for most of the women I've interviewed, it takes much longer than a year to adjust to being single especially if there are children involved. Jenni knows she's on a journey with lots of uphills however, she's learned that setting boundaries helps her and her children. Here's Jenni: Boundaries have always been an issue for me. When we first … [Continue reading...]

A DIY divorce

Jenni and her husband were married for almost 15 years and had two children who were aged twelve and seven, when Jenni decided to end the marriage. Moving out was a courageous move - after a series of extramarital affairs, a sexual assault and some time in rehab, Jenni had decided to go to college full-time, despite being made to feel stupid. With her background, and a limited income as a … [Continue reading...]

He made me feel I was stupid

After her two catalytic moments, Jenni knew it was time to leave. She was a long way from being certain that everything would work out but like the tea box said, she was pretty sure that she if she leaped, the net would appear. For about as long as she'd been thinking about leaving, she'd been thinking of finishing her education and committing to that was the opportunity she … [Continue reading...]

Talalay Pillow Giveaway


THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED This past week, I’ve been testing a Leggett & Platt Talalay Latex pillow and although it’s been an adjustment I am now a big fan. Before I tell you about the pillow, let me explain that Leggett & Platt is to mattresses what Intel is to PCs. It manufactures mattress springs and has just introduced a new innerspring, the VertiCoil Edge. I know that doesn't … [Continue reading...]