Discovering Your Husband’s Secret Fetish

Husband's secret fetish | Divorce Support | Since My Divorce

Marriage comes with many assumptions. One of them is that you're one of the people who knows your spouse the best but that's not always true. Discovering your husband's secret fetish can be a shocking and startling revelation. Your spouse is not the person you thought they were. I'm starting a new series today and would like to introduce you to Nancy. Nancy lives in England although she's … [Continue reading...]

When There Simply Isn’t Enough

The emergency fund

When I asked readers recently for suggestions for money-related topics, one reader asked what do you do when there simply isn't enough? She's tired of hearing the standard advice on cutting back on expenses - she already tracks her expenses and she knows where her money is going. The lattes went long ago. She's working full-time in a decent paying job but she is the sole provider for her two … [Continue reading...]

Does Child Support Count When Applying For A Mortgage?

Suzanne Cramer

Today, I'm excited to share a guest post from Suzanne Cramer with CareOne Debt Relief Services where she blogs about divorce and finance. As a single mother, Suzanne has experienced many of the financial challenges of divorce first-hand. She's also been a guest on Since My Divorce a few months ago and you can read her story here. Time has passed, the scars from divorce are starting to heal and … [Continue reading...]

When do you need a financial adviser?

10 Keys: A Woman's Guide to a Successful Financial Divorce

When confronted with divorce, I think most of us know enough to look at the different legal processes (traditional, mediation, collaborative). We know to consider couples therapy or even therapy for ourselves. My sense is that using a divorce coach is becoming more usual but when do you need a financial advisor? My guest today is Meredith Bromfield, author of 10 Keys: A Woman's Guide for … [Continue reading...]

Marriage does work

Wedding band

I've mentioned a couple of times during this series that my guest, Carlos has now remarried and will be celebrating his fourth anniversary in June. Clearly, Carlos still believes in marriage though his divorce, something he never thought would happened to him, gave him the key to a successful marriage. Here's Carlos: [contemplate1] Never in a million years did I think I would get divorced. … [Continue reading...]

Guiding Others Through Divorce

Carlos Phillips

I have two more posts in the series with my guest, Carlos Phillips who's been divorced now for about ten years. During that time he's learned to forgive himself and his ex, to be the rock star dad and to fall in love again. He's taken all that experience and turned it into a book, Healed Without Scars and into the Healed Without Scars Ministry to help others with divorce recovery. Here's Carlos to … [Continue reading...]

Using a family activity to test your new love

Monopoly in the park

Carlos Phillips, author of Healed Without Scars and founder of the Healed Without Scars Ministries has been married for the second time for over three years now to Clarissa. Carlos has two boys from his first marriage, they are sixteen and thirteen now. Accepting his family was one of Carlos's important make it or break it dating criteria so he had to find out if Clarissa, who had no children of … [Continue reading...]