Give the gift of a picnic


Browsing 1001 Picnic for ideas for Christmas gifts, I came across this wine case: Called the Escape from the Platinum Collection, this case has a hard outer shell which I like - it'll help protect that special bottle of wine from knocks and you can be sure that you'll arrive at your destination with your wine intact. The section for the wine is also insulated so that nicely cooled … [Continue reading...]

Sticking with Mrs after divorce

Julia has been divorced for nine years now and along with having child custody issues to contend with, she still wonders about changing her name. At the time of the divorce, she decided to keep her married name. Now she's not so sure. Here's Julia: [contemplate1]  I stuck with Mrs. for three or four years after our divorce and then I finally moved to Ms. still with my married name though. The … [Continue reading...]

Book giveaway: Why My Third Husband Will Be A Dog


Update: This giveaway is now closed. Catchy title for a book, isn't it? It's just one of two books from New York Times bestselling author, Lisa Scottoline, that I have to give away. Why My Third Husband Will Be a Dog is a collection of short, witty vignettes about everyday life quite possibly on topics you've never really thought about such as how many times to use a disposal razor before … [Continue reading...]

What to do with that wedding ring


One question that confronts newly divorced people is what to do with all the wedding memorabilia. If you get rid of everything and make like the marriage never happened, it's like creating a void. I still have a whole box of stuff to do with wedding tucked away in the basement along with my dress. I still have my wedding album and although I don't have any photos hanging around the house, I won't … [Continue reading...]

Is this custodial parent being impossible?

With the last few posts in Julia's story being about child custody issues, here's a timely question from a reader who needs your help: [contemplate1] It has been six months since I decided to end my 15 years marriage. The choice to divorce was mine, I wasn't happy. I already had two affairs that were both work related. My husband never forgave me and I don't blame him. Our relationship went … [Continue reading...]

Why custody negotiations are scary

I've just read an article on Huffington Post's divorce section, 'The Biggest Divorce Don't of All' which argues for couples sticking together and not divorcing. There are a number of points that I disagree with but one that I do concur on is that often times people approach divorce thinking that it'll all be over once the divorce is final. What they don't have is a true understanding of what life … [Continue reading...]

Negotiating parenting time

After our little Thanksgiving break, I'd like to pick up Julia's story again. You'll recall that Julia had been married for seven years when her husband said he wanted a divorce. He changed his mind a few months later but by then Julia had come to realize that life as a single parent would be better than the emotionally abusive marriage. A divorce may mean the end of the marriage but when … [Continue reading...]