When there is no co-parenting

Grace's comment about her children never staying with her ex, caught my attention because it's very rare that courts will block a parent from parenting time. So I asked her what their parenting schedule looked like. Here's Grace: [contemplate1] He was supposed to have them every other weekend and half the summer, every other holiday, the standard custody arrangement but he refused to take them. … [Continue reading...]

Could you leave your child?

Practice flirting with a smile

When Grace got divorced her children were aged fifteen, thirteen and ten. Her divorce and it's aftermath was so ugly that four years into it, Grace made the gut-wrenching decision to move to another state. Her two eldest children were no longer living at home, but that decision meant leaving her son with his father and becoming a non-custodial mother. It was not an easy decision but it was a life … [Continue reading...]

The ugly side of divorce

One of my universal truths is that all divorces are painful and the emotional process of dealing with the end of your marriage is often very long. Contrast that to the legal process. For some, it's a quick and easy visit to the courthouse. For others, it involves months of wrangling and haggling over the details but when the divorce is final, it's final. Done. Over. Then there are some for whom … [Continue reading...]

Separated From Your Husband And Your Money

Discovering secrets

When Grace said, "Enough!" and filed for divorce she knew her husband well enough to plan carefully for when he would receive the divorce papers but she didn't anticipate what he did with their money. Here's Grace: The night I knew he was being served, I was out of town, I made sure I would be far, far away because I knew deep down that the divorce process would be very, very hard—and that it … [Continue reading...]

When is enough enough?

Vasectomy Reversal

When I'm interviewing a guest, I usually start by asking them to give the background to their marriage and divorce, just basic details like how long they've been divorced, how old they were when they got divorced, how many children they have and so on. The question that most people struggle with is the length of their marriage. Technically, that would be from the wedding date to the date of the … [Continue reading...]

Telltale signs of a broken marriage

Underwear in strange places

Today, I'd like to introduce you to my next guest, Grace Adams (@GraceAdamsLive) who writes the wonderful blog Looks Great Naked. At the time her divorce was final, Grace had been married for over nineteen years although she says six or seven of those years don't really count as being married. She has three children who are now aged twenty, eighteen and fifteen. Grace's divorce was a bitter one … [Continue reading...]

How domestic violence impacts property division in divorce

Not the divorce you want

This next guest post comes from Laura Monroe, from DoOver.com: [contemplate1] Over the past 15 years, more and more federal and state statutes have been aimed at discouraging and even punishing acts of domestic violence. Congress passed the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) in 1994, which is comprised of numerous federal statutes that enable prosecution of domestic violence offenders in the … [Continue reading...]