My Ex Is Playing Financial Games

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Divorce can be an ugly business even when couples are trying to be reasonable over dividing their assets and figuring out parenting time. It gets much, much worse though when a party is intent on revenge and for example, your ex is playing financial games. My current guest, Lisa Thomson was married for 18 years. Her now ex is a very controlling person so it was never likely to be an easy … [Continue reading...]

Wisdom From Divorce: Discovering What Life’s Really About

There are no guarantees in life. We all know that and that 's perhaps why sometimes we cling so hard to what we know. Yet, sometimes it's letting go of everything that leads to discovering what life's really about: On a good note, I'm now happily in love which I never knew what that felt like. The contrast is like "Oh my God, now I'm living." I'm not stressed, I laugh easily and I sleep at night. … [Continue reading...]

Getting Back On Track

On The Right Track After Divorce

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Are You Wondering How Does Shared Parenting Work?

Parenting After Divorce | Divorce Support | Since My Divorce

One of the top concerns for parents getting divorced is how does shared parenting work. The good news is that there is no rigid plan or formula that you have to follow for shared parenting. That does mean it's up to you and your STBX to figure out what works for your family which always takes work and effort and it always involves disagreements and disappointments. Many couples are able to … [Continue reading...]

What To Expect In Divorce When Your Spouse Is A Controlling Person

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People are often hesitant to research divorce before they've made the decision to end their marriage and yet, the more realistic you are in understanding what divorce means both from a legal and a practical standpoint, the better positioned you are to make that decision about your marriage. You especially need to know what to expect when your spouse is a controlling person. My current guest, … [Continue reading...]

You May Get Less Support When You Initiate Divorce

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When you go public with your divorce, don't be surprised when friends ask who wanted it or who chose it and then be prepared. You may get less support when you initiate divorce. Today, I'd like to introduce you to Lisa Thomson who was married for 18 years. Although Lisa was divorced in 2005, she was involved in litigation for a number of years giving her great insight into the divorce process. … [Continue reading...]

Wisdom From Divorce: Are You Miserable In Your Marriage?

Nobody expects a marriage to be awesome all the time. We've all been told you have to work at your marriage and that there are good times and bad but what happens when you realize you're miserable in your marriage? The thought of being like my mom and being miserable in a marriage and being a miserable, mean mother outweighed facing motherhood as a single parent. ~ Ann Ann and her husband had … [Continue reading...]