Wisdom From Divorce: Were You Meant To Be Single?

When some people get divorced it makes them question the whole concept of marriage. It might even have you wondering if you were always meant to be single: I know blended families work for some people but I look at the problems they have and I don't want to ever deal with that. I feel like I was meant to be single. ~ April April was with her ex for seven years although they didn't get married … [Continue reading...]

Divorce As A Fresh Start

Fresh Start

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Are You Thinking Of Writing A Book About Your Divorce?

Writing About Your Divorce | divorce support | Since My Divorce

Changes in the publishing world such as blogging, self-publishing, and ebooks all make writing a book about your divorce much more possible and feasible than it was even five years ago. That doesn't mean everyone who experiences divorce ends up writing publicly about it but Lisa Thomson did. Here's Lisa I started writing my book because I really felt like when I started my divorce I couldn’t … [Continue reading...]

You Will Need New Friends After Divorce

new friends after divorce | divorce support | Since My Divorce

Getting divorced is like throwing a rock into pond ... there are always ripple effects. Divorce doesn't just impact you and your spouse. It will impact you and your friends and you will need new friends after divorce. Lisa Thomson was married for 18 years. She'd been at stay-at-home mom and divorce meant going back to work. Her change in lifestyle meant continuing to socialize with much of the … [Continue reading...]

How Do You Go From Stay-At-Home Mom To Working Single Mom?

going back to school | divorce support | Since My Divorce

For stay-at-home moms, divorce often means a return to work and while it may be unexpected, even undesired, it doesn't have to mean returning to the work you were doing before. So how do you go from stay-at-home-mom to working single mom? Lisa Thomson was a stay-at-home mom when she got divorced after 18 years of marriage. At the time, her two children were about 11 and 13. While Lisa was … [Continue reading...]

Wisdom From Divorce: Having The Best Stuff Is Not What’s Important

There's always less money after divorce. Adjusting to the new reality is not just about cutting back on your spending. It's about embracing that having the best stuff is not what' s important in life: Financially, it was very tight but that was OK. What's more important is authenticity and putting that value on living your best life, not having the best stuff. ~ Suzy Divorce for Suzy meant a … [Continue reading...]

Choosing Happiness Over Being Right

Divorce and Pride

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