Developing A New Career After Divorce

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There is inevitably less money after divorce and that means adjusting your lifestyle and/or increasing your income. It can also mean developing a new career after divorce. Wendi was a nurse when she met her husband who was a physician. After their marriage she helped run the medical practice for much of their 22-year marriage. Given the hostility of their divorce and the small town where they … [Continue reading...]

Helping Your Child Accept Their Other Parent

Helping your child accept their other parent | parenting after divorce | Since My Divorce

The process of getting divorced often puts parents in opposing corners and that can bring out the worst behavior in any of us. What may have been hidden during the marriage is now exposed. However, you and your ex are both still parents and it's your responsibility to help your child accept their other parent. Wendi was married for about 22 years and while she has very little contact with her … [Continue reading...]

Changing Your Child’s Last Name

Changing child's last name | divorce support | Since My Divorce

The question of your last name is a common one for many women and even some men these days. But it doesn't stop there. You may also have to consider changing your child's last name. Wendi had been married for about 22 years when she and her husband divorced. During the divorce her children started to open up to her about their relationship with their father. That resulted in her seeking … [Continue reading...]

Time To Create Your Own Thanksgiving Traditions

The Holidays are often challenging for families with divorced parents especially in the early years following the end of the marriage. It's like learning a new dance. You have to figure out how to share parenting time and celebrations with your ex, which may mean adjusting your own traditions and rituals while taking into consideration your children's expressed needs and wishes. You likely … [Continue reading...]

What (or Who) Completes You?

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    … [Continue reading...]

Sometimes Parenting Time Has To Be Restricted

Your child may feel many of the same emotions about divorce as you.

In the majority of situations, children of divorced parents do best when both parents remain actively involved but there are times when that isn't advisable. Sometimes parenting time has to be restricted. When Wendi and her husband divorced their two sons were aged about 13 and 16. For her, 50/50 parenting was never an option and her children had very limited time with their father. Here's … [Continue reading...]

Collaborative Divorce Ensures Your Privacy

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Many of the documents filed as part of the legal divorce process are available to the public and that can be a concern on many levels. One option then is to use the Collaborative Divorce process because a Collaborative Divorce ensures your privacy. Wendi and her husband were married for about 22 years. Wendi says they got married for the wrong reasons and it was a difficult relationship from … [Continue reading...]