10 Relationship Rules To Follow For Long Term Success

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By Sheila Blagg Romantic chemistry begins relationships, but only by working together can couples sustain that romance for years. Relationships take effort and mutual respect, but if both partners are committed, they can be extremely rewarding. Here are 10 relationship rules to follow for long term success. Follow these 10 rules to build an ideal long-term relationship: 1.    Respect … [Continue reading...]

What Do Wedding Anniversaries Mean After Divorce?

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If I Were Still Married ... By Janna Qualman If I were still married, today would be my 15th anniversary. I would wake hopeful, if cautious, thinking this would be the day it’ll all come together. Romance and gratitude and sentimentality would bring clarity, would fuse into a new level of appreciation for me, recognition of my worth, of my years of love and devotion. Something would be … [Continue reading...]

The Hardest Thing About Getting Divorced

Ending your marriage is never easy but the hardest thing about getting divorced varies from person to person. My interviewee David has been divorced for about seven years now and for him, one of the hardest things has been the disappointment. Here's David: I will certainly say that at the point in time when we were actually sleeping in different rooms in the house and then finally when I … [Continue reading...]

Keeping The Passion Alive

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Are You Prepared To Be A Single Parent?

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Few of us are prepared for parenthood and we're even less prepared to be a single parent. David has three children who are now aged 17, 14 and 10. For the past seven years he's been a single parent and he's the first to admit that he wasn't prepared. Here's David: I think the most common thing I hear from men is that they are not prepared to parent solo for a lot of cultural reasons and … [Continue reading...]

The Realities Of Dating As A Single Parent

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Dating after divorce is a common expectation but the realities of dating as a single parent is that it isn't easy or straightforward. David was married for over twelve years and has now been divorced for about seven years. With three children who are with him much of the time, his focus is on being a parent and dating is less of a priority. Here's David: Doubtless single moms definitely … [Continue reading...]

Schools Don’t make It Easy For Single Parents

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Considering how common divorce is and how many of the adult population experienced divorce as a child, it's surprising that schools don't make it easier for single parents. David has been divorced for about seven years now and has three children who are now aged 17, 14 and 10 so he has lots of experience dealing with different schools, different teachers and it hasn't always been easy. Here's … [Continue reading...]