What Will You Learn From Your Spouse’s Infidelity?

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There is always learning in the end of a marriage provided you're interested in understanding what happened, why it happened and your role. So what will you learn from your spouse's infidelity?  Gregory Smith was 26 years-old when he divorced following his wife's affair. His marriage had lasted just over two years. Experiencing infidelity had a profound effect on Gregory, changing him … [Continue reading...]

Were You Surprised By Your Spouse’s Infidelity?

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It's a sad reality that infidelity is pretty commonplace - one of both spouses admit to either a physical or an emotional affair in some 41 percent of marriages.* Despite it's high occurrence, when it happens you may still be surprised by your spouse's infidelity. Gregory Smith's marriage lasted just two years. His divorce was triggered by his wife's infidelity which blindsided Gregory. He says … [Continue reading...]

Some Marriages Are Not Meant To Last

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Almost 73 percent of divorces are among men under the age of 30 and over 80 percent are among women under the age of 30 and while the average length of a first marriage is around seven years, that is an average. Among this age group, the upper limit is probably around 12 years and the lower limit could be just months. Gregory Smith was 26 years old when he got divorced. His marriage lasted a … [Continue reading...]

Engaging in Conflict: Marriage & Divorce

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Thanksgiving After Divorce: Being Thankful For What You No Longer Have

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Rachel Gladstone for DivorcedMoms.com I arrived in this country in my late-twenties and within a few years I'd embraced Thanksgiving as my favorite holiday. Having children of my own helped me learn more about the origins of the festival. Their art projects, their writing assignments and classroom parties came with a heavy emphasis on being thankful for what we have. That's hugely helpful after … [Continue reading...]

Taking The Fear And Stigma Out Of Online Dating

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Getting back to dating after divorce is a big step. These easy-to-follow take the fear and stigma out of online dating. By Ian Oliver It’s understandable to find online dating intimidating, desperate, and even scary especially if you have been out of the dating pool for a while. Like most things, it's the lack of familiarity and understanding that has probably created the uncertainty and … [Continue reading...]

Verbal Abuse in Marriage & Divorce

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