The Social Stigma of Divorce

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By Astro Teller and Danielle Teller When asked why all of her marriages had failed, anthropologist Margaret Mead is said to have replied “I beg your pardon; I have had three marriages and none of them was a failure.” This statement (apocryphal or not) highlights our social tendency to equate divorce with failure. Culturally, we believe that divorce reflects weakness and selfishness, and the … [Continue reading...]

Wisdom From Divorce: Was My Marriage A Lie?

When your marriage ends because you discover your spouse has been deceiving you since the very beginning, you ask yourself, "Was my marriage a lie?": The fact that he was cross-dressing behind my back is, to me, a betrayal on the worst level. It's like my whole marriage was a lie. I feel honestly, that he stole twelve and a half years of my life. ~ Andrea Andrea and her husband married after a … [Continue reading...]

Separation vs. Divorce: Finances

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What You Can Learn From Your Divorce

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Nobody chooses divorce because it will be "a good experience" but without a doubt you can learn from your divorce. And that applies to everyone. In this last segment with my current guest, Bill he reflects on what he feels is his most significant accomplishment since getting divorced. Here's Bill: I think it’s probably different between men and women, because men spend a lot of time … [Continue reading...]

Dating After Divorce: You Never Forget How To Date

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We're hard-wired for companionship so it's only natural at some point to start thinking about dating after divorce. Depending on how long it's been since you dated or even how competent you felt dating, you could well be asking your friends for advice on how to date. My current guest, Bill was in his early fifties when his marriage ended about two years ago. He didn't find dating after divorce … [Continue reading...]

Wisdom From Divorce: I’m Afraid Of Being Alone

Have you ever asked someone whose marriage is clearly troubled why they stay? Ever heard, "I'm afraid of being alone?" or "I'd rather stay married than be alone?" Coming out of marriage at thirty-six I felt fear and loneliness, the fear that I would never find a match that I would really love, ultimately on a primeal level, that I would die alone. ~ Sally Sally and her husband were married for … [Continue reading...]

Denial About Divorce

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