How To Reduce Post-Divorce Conflict

Post-divorce conflict | divorce support |Since My Divorce

The amount of post-divorce conflict is a major determinant in how well children cope with their parents' divorce. Fact. Knowing how to reduce post-divorce conflict should therefore be a priority for any parent whose marriage is ending. Psychologist and family therapist, Antonio Borello has been divorced for three years. His two children are now aged ten and eight. Antonio says that the … [Continue reading...]

Even Marriage Counselors Go To Marriage Counseling

Marriage counseling | divorce support | Since My Divorce

Getting couples or marriage therapy is a standard recommendation for anyone experiencing marital difficulties. It might seem surprising but even therapists go to marriage counseling and even marriage counselors get divorced. My guest, Antonio Borello is a psychologist and relationship therapist. He was married for about ten years and divorced almost four years ago and he and his wife did go … [Continue reading...]

Celebrating Valentine’s Day With Your Kids

Valentine's Day After Divorce | Divorce Support | Since My Divorce

Valentine's Day used to be a day for lovers but these days V-Day celebrations with your children are the norm with classroom parties and art projects to make Valentine Day cards. Being a family with two homes and especially, if you're in transition, can make this occasion particularly hard but celebrating Valentine's Day with your kids after divorce is a great opportunity to reinforce that are … [Continue reading...]

Who Needs A Handyman After Divorce?

Judy Nelson

Guest Post by Judy Nelson In every marriage there's a division of labor, certain tasks you take on, certain tasks your spouse does. Living alone after divorce means there is no longer someone to share those tasks. You're responsible for them all and that can be intimidating. You might not know how to do them but that doesn't make you stupid. It just means you haven't had the experience. When it … [Continue reading...]

Should I Blog About My Divorce?

Blogging about your divorce | divorce support |Since My Divorce

Therapists and coaches often encourage clients to write about the end of their marriage to help process their emotions. Given how wired our world is now, the logical question then is, "Should I blog about my divorce?" My current guest Liv writes a blog Live By Surprise - she started blogging after her divorce and after she had remarried. While much of her blog is about life after divorce and … [Continue reading...]

Finding Love Again After Divorce

dating after divorce | Divorce support | Since My Divorce

Not finding love again after divorce is a common fear among people ending their marriages. While dating again may be intimidating and feel strange, there are many options today that make meeting new people easy. Liv was in her early 30's and pregnant when she left her marriage. With a toddler and an infant, adjusting to living alone and co-parenting with a difficult ex, dating was important to … [Continue reading...]

Dating After Divorce Will Help You Get To Know Yourself

dating after divorce | divorce support | Since My Divorce

Dating after divorce is complicated. For one thing it can be hard to choose dates when you're not sure what you're looking for. However, dating after divorce will help you get to know yourself. Liv was in her early 30's when she left her marriage. That was seven years ago and since then she's remarried and had another child. In between leaving and get remarried, Liv learned much about dating … [Continue reading...]