How Do I Heal From Divorce?

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Many people going through divorce ask, "How do I feel from divorce?" They started to realize they've lost touch with who they truly are and feel lost. My current guest, Bill was married for twenty-three years and has three daughters. When his marriage was falling apart he started to realize that he and his wife were really at cross-purposes. Their personalities were fundamentally different and … [Continue reading...]

Wisdom From Divorce: Divorce Makes You Face The Truth

Divorce is scary. It's scary because it's unfamiliar to most of us. It's also scary because it has a way of stripping away all our protective layers. Divorce makes you face the truth about yourself: I feel that's a great thing divorce does - it makes you really face truth, whatever that truth is for you. I had to face my own demons. I had a ton of fear, a ton of insecurity, very low self-esteem, … [Continue reading...]

Sharing Loved Ones With Your Ex


  … [Continue reading...]

When Your Wife Says I Want A Divorce

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When your spouse says, "I want a divorce" it can be shocking and painful even if you've been talking with each other about ending your marriage or if you've been quietly considering it. My current guest Bill was married for twenty-three years. With the strain of the failure of his wife's business, her bad money decisions and her mental health problems, Bill had been weighing divorce but … [Continue reading...]

Is Your Spouse Getting Into Debt?

Is your spouse getting into debt?

Differences over money management styles are a common factor in many divorces and it's not unusual to discover your spouse getting into debt without your knowledge. My current guest, Bill was married for twenty-three years and money troubles definitely factored into their divorce. His wife had started her own business but when that needed more financing she borrowed a significant amount in his … [Continue reading...]

Whose Fault Is Divorce?

Whose fault is divorce

When you're trying to make sense of the end of your marriage, you might ask, "Whose fault is divorce?" but it really isn't that simple. Today, I'd like to introduce you to my next guest, Bill who is a longtime supporter of this blog. Bill and his wife were married for 23 years and had three daughters who were all in their teens when Bill and his wife separated. With hindsight, Bill sees many of … [Continue reading...]

Wisdom From Divorce: Is It Too Painful To See Your Ex?

Parenting is hard work and it's even harder when it's important to partner with your child's other partner but it's too painful to see your ex or for your ex to see you: The only time my ex and I had trouble was in the first two years after our divorce. I was devastated, he was devastated in a way he couldn't even look at me. He couldn't be around me. It was so hard. I never would have expected … [Continue reading...]