Going Through Divorce

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Is Having No Children Harder To Accept Than Getting Divorced?

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People don't have children broadly from choice, inability, not having met the right partner or when a marriage ends before there are children. Except when having no children is by choice, it can be a devastating disappointment and with the end of a marriage one question people ask is, "Is having no children harder to accept than getting divorced?" Gregory Smith was 26 when he divorced. He and … [Continue reading...]

Do You Worry More About Your Retirement After Divorce?

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It used to be that when I thought about retirement my focus was on how much I was saving, whether I was getting the maximum match I could from my employer and as long as those numbers were good, I didn't give it much more thought. Now I'm in my late fifties my focus has shifted. Now, I think about what retirement will actually mean, what it will look like and what sort of lifestyle my … [Continue reading...]

Are You Waiting Too Long To Start Dating After Divorce?

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One common question about divorce is how long to wait before dating again. Some experts advocate waiting a year, while others, myself included, say it's up to you. Gregory Smith from MidLifeBachelor tells his readers to be careful of waiting too long to start dating after divorce. Gregory Smith was married and divorced in his twenties. Now in his fifties, he has not remarried, has enjoy several … [Continue reading...]

How And When Will You Learn From Your Divorce?

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How Will Your Teenager Be Impacted By Your Divorce?

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Most parents considering divorce are concerned about the reactions of their children. And that's a worry not just for parents with young children. It's important to consider how will your teenager be impacted by your divorce. Gregory Smith was divorced at age 26 but that wasn't his first experience of divorce. His parents' had divorced about ten years earlier. Here, Gregory reflects on the … [Continue reading...]

Men Can Be Victims Of Domestic Violence Too

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People who are struggling to decide if divorce is right for them often do so because they don't feel they have a "legitimate reason." That debate changes when there's domestic abuse but it's still not an easy decision since abuse victims also blame themselves for the abuse and feel it's wrong to end the marriage when the problems are their fault. This isn't a problem just for women. Men are … [Continue reading...]