Your Ex: Not The Parent You Want Them To Be

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Shared parenting is pretty much the expectation for divorcing parents in the U.S. and for most parents that inevitably means a degree of disagreement. It's especially hard when your ex is not the parent you want them to be. My current guest, Liv left her marriage while she was pregnant with her second child. Shared parenting time with an infant comes with its own set of challenges but it's not … [Continue reading...]

Not Wanting Your Husband In The Delivery Room

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Most dads here in the U.S. now expect to be present at the birth of their child but what if you and your husband are splitting up? You could be giving birth and not wanting your husband in the delivery room. My present guest Liv, left her marriage of ten years while she was pregnant with their second child. When it came time to giving birth she knew it was important for baby and dad to bond,yet … [Continue reading...]

Pregnancy Is Sometimes The Catalyst For Leaving

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The stereotypical view of pregnancy, especially for married couples is of a joyous, celebrated milestone but it isn't always like that. Pregnancy is sometimes the catalyst for leaving a marriage. Today I'd like to introduce you to my next guest, Liv whose ten-year marriage ended about seven years ago. When Liv left, her son was just two years old and she was pregnant with her daughter. Here's … [Continue reading...]

Is Getting Divorced Your New Year’s Resolution?

By Maria Schwartz, Esq for DivorcedMoms I know first hand what it's like to go through the Holidays knowing your marriage is over but waiting until the New Year to get divorced. We'd told our children before Thanksgiving, had told close friends and family and had fortuitously spent Christmas apart as the kids and I were stranded in England by a blizzard back in Colorado. I thought my STBX was … [Continue reading...]

Your Estate Planning Checklist For Divorce

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By: D. W. Craig Dreyer, Esq. Almost everyone who has been divorced or is ending their marriage needs an estate planning checklist for divorce. It's imperative they revisit their estate planning documents to avoid inadvertently giving their ex control over their estate.   While the divorce process attempts to equitably divide assets, it usually falls short of addressing the estate planning … [Continue reading...]

Understanding the relationship

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Are You Ready To Trash Your Dress?

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Guest post by Joelle Caputa I trashed my wedding dress to celebrate my divorce, but dress trashing actually originated with newlyweds! Let me explain. “Trash the dress” is a style of post-wedding photography. Typically, newlyweds re-create their elegant wedding day look and pose for photos in a contrasting environment. For example, a husband and wife may choose to “trash the dress” … [Continue reading...]