Discovering God After Divorce

Keep your faith through divorce

We often hear how different religions don't support divorce yet many people turn to their faith during the end of their marriage and afterwards for much-needed support and guidance. When I was setting up this interview with my current guest Carol Round, she said that she would not be able to do the interview without talking about her faith and her relationship with God and if that was OK with … [Continue reading...]

Fly Away Book Review And A $100 Giveaway

Fly Away by Kristin Hannah

When BlogHer approached me about reviewing Fly Away, the latest novel from best-selling author Kristin Hannah, I was intrigued by the novel's central theme of three women who had lost their way. So many of my interviewees have described a feeling of being lost when their marriage ended, of not knowing who they were, of walking in the shadow of who they used to be.I also experienced that ... I felt … [Continue reading...]

Forgiveness Is For You Not The Other Person

Forgiving your ex will benefit you

Feeling resentment towards your ex is very typical and for some people that resentment continues for many years after the divorce. The alternative path is forgiving your ex and although that's not easy, it comes with very real emotional and physical benefits. My current guest, Carol Round has forgiven her ex and even prays for him but it's not for his benefit. She believes that forgiving her ex … [Continue reading...]

Wisdom From Divorce: The World Is A Scary Place After Divorce

Divorce often means living by yourself afterwards and if you've never done this before or it's been a long time, then learning to take care of yourself can be quite intimidating: I was one of those people who moved out of their parents' house and into their husband's. I didn't learn to take care of myself. I was in school the whole time. I had a job during summers but it wasn't a necessity. If I … [Continue reading...]

When Your In-Laws Become Your Ex’s Parents

032914 InLaws

[Continue reading...]

Do You Just Want Out From Your Marriage?

Ending your marriage is easier when you're willing to walk away

Negotiating your financial settlement with your STBX can be stressful, upsetting and just plain difficult but there's one thing you can do that may make it easier. Ask yourself, what is it that you're willing to walk away from? Regardless of the law, regardless of what you might be 'entitled' to, what is it that truly matters to you? My current guest, Carol Round got divorced after 28 years of … [Continue reading...]

What Will You Learn From A Separation?

Sometimes leaving your marriage means leaving a note

Deciding to end your marriage is a difficult decision often fraught with what-ifs and doubts. This is when a separation can be helpful. My current guest, Carol Round was married for twenty-eight years. During that time, her husband had repeatedly talked about divorce. In fact, it seemed like a seven-year cycle but he never pursued it. Carol wanted the marriage to work. Eventually, it was Carol … [Continue reading...]