Podcast: How To Overcome Your Fears About Divorce

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Are you letting fears about divorce drive your decisions?

Divorce may be seen with hindsight as one of life’s great self-growth adventures but nobody volunteers for the experience. Even the thought of it is enough to keep many people away and for others, it brings a flood of dread and anguish rooted in fear. When we allow our fears to drive our decisions, those decisions are rarely the best or healthiest so it’s important to learn how to overcome your fears about divorce.

Joining me for this episode of Conversations About Divorce is Gerian Rose, author and survivor of a harrowing divorce.

During the course of Gerian’s divorce, she realized that the key to preserving some consistent happiness in her life was in finding practical, creative and spiritual ways of overcoming the various fear responses that frequently arose. Through some trial and error, and a great deal of truth-seeking and meditative practice, Gerian was able to allow miracles and joy into her days while still in the midst of the struggle. She now offers coaching and workshops for divorcing individuals to work through their fears and move into a joyful new beginning.

Listen in as Gerian and I talk about overcoming your fears and give you three strategies you can use to guide you to better decisions.

One of my key strategies for overcoming fear is finding out more information and my online divorce coaching program, My Divorce Pal will help you do just that. It’s loaded with practical information from others who’ve survived and thrived divorce and its online format makes it accessible from anywhere, convenient and affordable.

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