Starting Divorce With A Note

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Telling your spouse you want a divorce is a hard conversation but sometimes, having a conversation doesn't happen. Sometimes, people choose to start divorce with a note. Wendi was married for about 22 years. She has two boys who were aged about 13 and 16 at the time of divorce. She husband left her a note to say he was leaving. After the initial shock, she was relieved. Here's … [Continue reading...]

Parenting is a Full-Time Job, Even After Divorce

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Could You Be At Risk Of Financial Abuse?

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Like domestic abuse, economic or financial abuse is not confined by socio-economic class or race or religion and that means you could be at risk of financial abuse. And like domestic abuse, victims aren't always female. It happens to men too. My current guest, Wendi is smart, educated and played an integral role in her husband's medical practice. Yet during her divorce she found herself without … [Continue reading...]

Why Did You Stay In Your Marriage?

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When you finally open up and tell friends and family the truth about your marriage, one reaction you may get is people asking, "Why did you stay in your marriage?"  They might also add, " ... for so long?" particularly if you say your marriage has been troubled from the start or for many years. Even though Wendi had doubts about her marriage on her wedding day, her marriage lasted about 22 … [Continue reading...]

Getting Married For The Wrong Reasons

Getting married for the wrong reasons | divorce support | Since My Divorce

The groom gets cold feet, the bride gets wedding day jitters and well-meaning friends and family members say the doubts and second-thoughts are just nerves. But sometimes it's more than nerves, sometimes those fears are well-founded and going ahead means getting married for the wrong reasons. Today, I'd like to introduce you to my next guest, Wendi Schuller. Wendi and her husband were married … [Continue reading...]

Waiting to Start Dating Again

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8 Divorce Cliches You Need To Be Prepared For

By Mikalee Byerman for Going public with your divorce is a major milestone. It's loaded with stress and anxiety and can result in hours of lost sleep. On hearing your news, many people will respond with one of these 8 divorce cliches you need to be prepared for. Knowing what to expect ahead of time gives you the opportunity to plan how you'll respond. You'll be less likely to … [Continue reading...]