Week in Review

A number of financial-related posts have caught my eye this week:

Bucksome Boomer at My Journey to Retirement has a guest post on keeping your financial health intact after divorce. As I commented on the post, this was a very timely shove for me. I’ve been divorced for three and a half years and my ex and I STILL have a joint bank account. We’d kept the account for our marital home which we had rented out except, that property was sold over a year ago. At that time, I had taken my share of the assets from the account and left it up to my ex to withdraw his and to close the account. Well, I noticed a couple of weeks ago that the account was not only still open but was slightly overdrawn. I called my ex and asked him to see to it and he did make a deposit but the account was remained open. After reading this post I called the bank, had them transfer the balance to my ex’s account and closed it!

This Creating a Separation Agreement article from Divorce Magazine does a very thorough job of detailing what it takes to figure out what life after divorce will look like. If you’re on the fence about divorce this would be worth reading – you’ll be able to envision your life much better for reading this. And if you’ve recently decided to get divorce, this article will help you prepare.

Suzanne, who’s shared her ‘five minutes to change a marriage‘ story with Since My Divorce, writes about debt and finances for CareOneCredit – I enjoyed reading this post about pre-divorce budgets. When I did a guest post for Get Rich Slowly about how my fear of losing my financial security was holding me back from divorce, some commenters thought I was cold and callous. The reality is that fear keeps many of us in relationships that are no longer working and figuring out those fears can help you move to a better place. I basically did what Suzanne is suggesting here and the knowledge that came from creating a budget gave me the confidence to move forward.

For couples in the early stages of divorce at this of year, one question to grapple with is whether to buy your soon-to-be-ex a gift and if so, what. INRIS at It Never Rains In Seattle found the perfect gift to his dilemma. I loved this post – it stirred a lot of memories because I won a ‘husband’ in my very first secret Santa in this country.  I do still buy a gift for my ex usually just something small that I think he will appreciate … this year it might be a panini press since my daughter says she’d really like one at his place but only if I can a decent one for around $35 – $40. What are you planning to do?

Then, this post from Molly at Postcards from a Peaceful Divorce about the lessons learned from divorce caught me eye. Yes, there is always learning to be done from a divorce … you just have to be willing to do the work and to accept that your own behavior was/is part of the puzzle.

This weekend I’m off for a mother/daughter getaway with a friend and her two daughters in downtown Denver. Our daughters are high school seniors and we figured they’d earned a little treat. I’m appreciative of my ex for being flexible with our parenting time to make this happen – both kids are supposed to be with me this weekend but my ex has agreed to have my son and is taking him skiing which is a win for all of us.

Hope you all have a good weekend!


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  • http://www.postcardsfromapeacefuldivorce.com Molly@Postcards from a Peaceful Divorce

    I love your reminder about divorce lessons. No progress will be made if we don’t look within and admit that it took two of us to create the conflict that led to our divorce. I’d like to believe that I would make a much better life partner now that I made certain realizations such as it’s my responsibility to make myself happy.

    Thanks for the mention, Mandy!

  • http://www.bucksomeboomer.com Kay Lynn @ Bucksome Boomer

    Thanks for including my article in your round-up. Hope you had a great weekend away!

    • Mandy

      Thanks Kay Lynn! I did have a fun weekend away (two in a row!) and the best part, which I think you’ll like, is that almost the entire cost of the weekend – hotel, food, shopping – is covered by points I’d accumulated on one of my credit cards. So it feels like a free weekend!