Wisdom From Divorce: There’s No Magic Cure

My guest, Kay shared that after twenty-five years of marriage she and her husband went to Las Vegas for a getaway. She thought they were renewing their vows; he told her he was gay and wanted a divorce:

You don’t know how much you can handle until it’s all put in front of you and you just do it. There’s no magic cure, there’s no magic formula, you just do it.

Kay’s an amazing strong woman. Hope you’ll read more about her trip to Vegas.  If this sounds like your story, please check out Straight Spouse Connection for valuable resources.



  • http://www.facebook.com/nwurtzel Nancy Wurtzel

    Wow, I thought I had some difficult vacations with my former husband. I think sometimes, getting away from the home to a totally different environment somehow allows people to say the truth — which they could not say in the communal home. Even so, what a terrible shock. How does one handle it? I will look forward to reading her story. Thanks, Mandy, for the great posts!

    • http://sincemydivorce.com Mandy Walker

      I know! What a shock! Kay is another strong woman who I have much admiration for. I knew her for several years with no knowledge of her story. Amazing.